Wong Yat

78-year-old retired engineer, living in Shijingshan octagonal ri.

Annual landmark event: March this year,abercrombie and fitch cheap uk abercrombie mens gilet, the 78-year-old retired engineer in the Haidian District, Wong Yat Liulangzhuang a simple rental rent three rooms, launch capsule apartment, to provide shelter for the city vulnerable groups. The average area of ​​about two square meters of "iron capsules" mixed all walks of life, then, the elderly launched the second to the fourth generation capsule apartment, became the focus of media attention and a network of hot words.

Finally, a dream not yet realized

Lian ("ant" author, associate professor of Foreign Trade University): The Huanglao this comfortable old age, but for young people to run around. When I visit a foreign country, he will be very excited to call for the introduction of a new generation of capsules. He's not doing it on a whim, but ongoing, I want to know what the power to let him persevere?

Wong Yat: I'm a man with a dream, and want to do something, they need to do in the end, do succeed. I have a dream action faction. My life has seven dreams, basically realized.

I just want to become an expert working aspects of industrial valves, editor of the 17 million-word "industry-specific valve manual." 1957, I translated "Interior on sewer and storm water channel Handbook" was published, then during the day, at night the others were asleep, my upper berth in the quarters, playing flashlight to see Russian original book, word for word translation, the translation to achieve the dream. As a young man I had Race Walkers, worship times world marathon Nade Zhatuo grams dream that one day to see him. I translated a book about him,air jordan pas cher femme jordan v, after the publication in the country sent him. 1958,http://c.shunxincn.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=58180, when Zhatuo Baker's visit by reporters to find me, we together a video.

Now I am old, and the last one to make home ownership dream house,air max 1 enfant, has not been achieved, it has been doing.

■ We asked

An "ant" book, 78-year-old retired engineer Huang Rixin see tears. He specifically went to TangGuLing, six university graduates crowded into 10 square meters of the small house, the old man again tears.

March of this year, Wong Yat launch capsule apartment in Haidian District Liulangzhuang a simple rented room, less than 10 square meters of rental housing are placed 2-3 about two square meters of "iron capsule", their prices are 250-350 yuan. Vulnerable groups to the city a place of refuge, was the belief that the old man has always been.

Capsule Apartment favorable and unfavorable

"Fabricated small guesthouse between units," Wong Yat is a patented invention. March of this year, he used the invention made the 8 iron "capsule."

A security door, steel concrete panels on three sides do "wall" barbed wire "ceiling" is used to heat, which is the iron "capsule" of the structure.

After the report, produced under high prices background capsule apartment,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, quickly became a hot spot. Wong Yat call every day experience and renters flock. Open the "capsule" security door, first sitting in bed, and then stand up to climb, knocking the computer in bed,air max 1 essential noir basket nike montant femme, eating. "Depressed" is their most personal feelings. Experiencer Zhang said: "The feeling could not move in there, turn around and be able to hit 'the wall'."

However, a small village just graduated from college, "said behind closed doors, at least there is a separate sense of space and privacy."

After the capsule apartment overnight, the network mixed reviews.

Some netizens directed Wong Yat: "You get hold of cage, live their own lives?" Wong Yat's answer was straightforward:. "I tried lived, but I would not live, because I have a pension,http://forum.wbrewsla.pl/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1141053, have their own house."

Removal of the first generation capsule apartment

June 26 Liulangzhuang capsule apartment, Wong Yat with two construction workers, his own single-handedly built the eight capsules all been dismantled.

Make a split decision capsule apartments began in the end of April the Legislative Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government website "decision (draft) on amending " and which provides residential rental sets,http://www.fule.cn/it/news/html/?314260.html, the per capita floor area not less than 10 square meters, or per capita floor area of ​​not less than 7.5 square meters. The capsule apartments just 5.5 square meters per capita use area (between the two) and 3.7 m2 (Triple).

Decided to relocate the more than three months,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, Wong Yat carrying a black shoulder bag worn every day under the scorching sun running around showings. Zhongguancun, Hanjia Chuan, Xibeiwang, where Ann River Bridge north ...... elderly visited no fewer than 20, looking for a place to build a capsule apartment.

Eventually, he saw a cottage in the Shijingshan Ma Yu Street. Following Liulangzhuang capsule apartment, Andingmenwai Deluxe Edition capsule apartments, on August 16 launch of the third generation capsule apartment, expanding the "capsule" space, adding a kitchen, shower room, bathroom, dining room and other public facilities.

To find developers to build "capsule"

Today, Wong Yat another new plan, want to launch "capsule" rental market, the introduction of the fourth generation capsule apartment --- "capsule" room.

May 12, Wong Yat third to the State Intellectual Property Office filed a patent application. The inventions name is --- "brick-style inn little room between units."

Recently, Wong Yat got the State Intellectual Property Office of the "utility model patents granted Notice", started brewing a new idea: he was out of patent and technology cooperation to find developers built "capsule" room. "My dream is to make home ownership housing." He said.

Year Experience

Beijing's growing number of foreign workers, the Government has introduced public rental housing, low-rent housing policy, housing foreign workers to solve difficult problems. I do capsule apartment, by another philosophy and way, the purpose is to let foreign workers, urban vulnerable groups a place to live. - Wong Yat

■ Face to face

Spend 100,000 yuan tuition would like to see, "praised"

Wong Yat said to exit the rental market that developers capsule profitable investment

● Dialogue: Huang Rixin

Beijing News: Capsules apartment building to the present, has invested much money?

Wong Yat: 100,000 yuan, me and his wife of two years pension. In Liulangzhuang rent, build "capsule",moncler pas cher france, and demolition,http://songfenghan.hk16.163ns.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1083156, spent 50,000. Shijingshan Ma Yu rent house to do "capsule", change up and down the water, buy stainless steel sinks, cooker, washing machine these devices, and spent 50,000.

Beijing News: Have you ever thought to recover these inputs?

Wong Yat: get the money, are the dry facts, and thought then back. State pension to my wife, and now when I get it contribute to the country of 100,000 yuan.

Beijing News: Why is the contribution to the country?

Wong Yat: Beijing's growing number of foreign workers,chaussure nike air max, the Government has introduced public rental housing, low-rent housing policy, housing foreign workers to solve difficult problems. I do capsule apartment, by another philosophy and way,chaussures de foot predator crampons vapor, the purpose is to let foreign workers, urban vulnerable groups a place to live.

Beijing News: the future will be put into it?

Wong Yat: I am old, run, and could get no more money. But I have technology and patents, looking for someone to cooperate.

Beijing News: Capsules apartment has been introduced, many people renting, and you did not cooperate, there is no thought of the capsule apartment market unrealistic?

Wong Yat: praised for a reason, and this is what I want to spend 100,000 yuan tuition understand. Developers investment business, business must make a profit, you can build a capsule apartment rental unprofitable, so no one to help me realize the dream of promotion capsule apartment. Now I want to see, to withdraw from the rental market.

Beijing News: Tell me about the idea of ​​"capsule" room.

Wong Yat: My idea of ​​"capsule" Housing is a six-story brick building brick structure or fixed, each 14 "capsules." Each capsule is a small independent apartment buildings, the area between 16-30 square meters, there are windows and security doors, a sofa bed, air conditioning, computer tables and chairs,http://www.vfxjournal.net/blog/item/create_form/1,nike air max femme blanche nike air max 91, wall cabinets and other facilities, with fire, theft and noise insulation effect. There is also a capsule apartment area,basket montant nike nike air max one essential, living area and assisted living fee required service area, as a public facility.

Beijing News: Do you think this house would have the market, people are investing in, someone buy it?

Wong Yat: Chinese traditional philosophy is to live and work, I always believed that home ownership housing. Money to live ward, less money to live a small room. At the current prices, ordinary wage earners want to buy a house in Beijing is almost impossible. I calculated, "capsule" rooms to 7,500 yuan per square meter to sell it, construction area of ​​160,000 square meters of "capsule", the total price of 12 million, 20-year loan, the loan is 660 yuan per month, than renting The price is still low.

Developers to build such housing, profitable. Although the space is small, but the presence of a suitable purchase of the crowd, I was confident.

■ We asked

Fire alarm outset considered

A street Shijingshan District Office staff: Capsule Apartment intention is good, but as a grass-roots government workers, are more worried about base rent brings safety and fire hazards, Huanglao ever considered?

Wong Yat: a start doing "capsule", I use that steel concrete slab, can fire every 450 yuan capsules are installed anti-theft doors,nike baskets femme baskets pas cher femme, for security reasons. Any place,http://www.jabros.com/forums/profile.php?id=11492, any form of base rent has a safety and fire hazard, this is not me an old man,punti vendita scarpe hogan hogan interactive uomo, not a capsule apartment can solve the problem. If the relevant departments have concerns in this regard, I wish to give me a safety standards and fire safety, as long as there is, I will perform as required.

Want to give a child a home break Beijing

Zhang Qi (capsule apartment renters): apartment living in a time capsule, always think this is not a long time, can not achieve things. Huang uncle to do it in the end what is the figure?

Wong Yat: I do not want to name a profit figure,john woolrich woolrich bologna online, just want to let in Beijing into the world of kids have a place to live, can afford it, but also has a separate space. When you have more than wages, stable down, you can leave the capsule apartment, looking for a more comfortable home.

Edition written / reporter Yao Yao