Newspaper Le Dong August 7 electricity (trainee reporter Li Shaofei photo coverage) 6 o'clock this morning, at nine District Ledong a habitat for Long Bay Spa One of the kitchen in the construction site, a few days ago lost The local villagers were cut-throat to death, and afterwards, site workers all disappeared. Currently, the police were at the scene of intense investigation. As of press time reporter, dozens of family members and villagers are still waiting at the site.

The villagers lost their lives on site kitchen

Yang Qing deceased music for the town upstart East Village, a team of nine villagers, 45-year-old. According to his relatives and many villagers confirmed that starting in 2008, Yang Qing was disoriented, afraid of meeting strangers in Sanya determined to a large hospital diagnosis of cerebral atrophy. After treatment, the condition eased, but a month ago,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, Yang sudden onset again, total nonsense to say, the sight of people think others should pay attention to him. 5 August 8 o'clock in the morning, the family discovered Yang Qing missing, then, issued a large number of relatives of missing person flyers posted in Ledong, looking, always to no avail.

Today, 7:30 Xu, Yang Qing Tao Getting brother in the murder of a nine District site. According to rumors describe his brother Yang Qing feeling seems to be out of trouble. To understand the local police station, which confirmed the death of someone in the site. He and some relatives immediately rushed to the scene and found the deceased is his missing brother Yang Qing few days.

At the time, police have cordoned off the scene. Yang Qing site he found lying in a small area of ​​the kitchen, bare feet, "under the head, freezers,giubbotto abercrombie prezzo profumo abercrombie, walls with blood." He said. He never imagined, struggling to find themselves and their relatives and friends for several days, there has been no news,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,abercrombie store mannequin abercrombie, when finally there is news,hogan scarpe donna 2014 nuova collezione hogan 2014, but it is to see her brother's body has been stiff. Subsequently, the sister-in-law arrived at the death of her husband Getting the message immediately limp into a ball. When reporters arrived at the scene at noon, the women face pale, eyes full of tears, dazed.

Subsequently, the reporter entered the kitchen accident, was found dead lying on his side in the kitchen next to a freezer, a freezer and a back wall covered with bloodstains. Under the deceased head is a large dark red blood, there is a long incision on the neck, due to too much blood, almost knife-edge coverage, reporters can not judge its depth. The deceased left hand across their chests,http://c.shunxincn.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=58876, right arm bent, four fingers bent index finger pointing to his mouth, legs outstretched, body slightly twisted. In the feet, there is a kitchen knife, a little above the blood has dried. The house a little crowded, filled with mineral water. Pots and pans and other kitchen utensils, placed quite neatly. Just stop for a moment, the reporter would be police "invited" out.

Suicide or homicide?

After reporters rushed to the scene, the site has been around the kitchen full of family of the deceased and local villagers. Meanwhile, the local police also deployed a large number of police at the scene to maintain order.

Since the first alarm people "disappeared", the reporter making inquiries, he was unable to contact. Since then, the reporter tried to find a night at the site of an old man on duty, he was the first to discover one of the deceased person. According to him, this morning 5:37, he closed the tower chandelier site,adidas adinova chaussures de foot enfant, turn off the lights soon, I heard someone outside shouting "kill." He immediately ran from the house and found the kitchen in charge of cooking at the site of the couple, shouting in the kitchen. "Woman has scared silly." Watch the old man said, "The man told me that the kitchen someone died, he had reported to the police."

The old man on duty, said police told him that they saw the deceased holding a knife to cut his own neck, and then it fell not move,basket nike soldes air max skyline, they both did not dare go. "I was watching from the window to watch, do not go."

However, the old man's words aroused strong dissatisfaction of the deceased relatives, they do not believe that the deceased was suicide. "It must be killed, how could commit suicide,http://bbs.weilifes.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=44458, why come here to commit suicide?" A cousin of the deceased said angrily. He said that his brother is no reason to commit suicide. In his view, his brother must have been people killed. He also gives his own logic: brother disappeared for several days,abercrombie usa us abercrombie, his head there is a problem, and certainly hungry, estimated to be the site of the kitchen wanted to get something to eat as a result, by others as a thief killed. For this reason most of the villagers quite agree.

To prove his point of view, they are proof that there is a bowl of rice on the table scene, which put a little soy sauce, seems to have eaten at the scene.

Meanwhile,http://www.mydiyclub.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the family of the deceased to commit suicide,http://www.gegesebb.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=426402, there are many doubts that the most important thing is that the deceased is no reason to commit suicide,chaussure de foot homme adidas rom, "although his head there is a problem, you can not commit suicide, this disease is not a day for two days, and how it happens to go suicide ? "The dead one close relatives said. In addition, on-site large freezer and the wall of blood, does not comply with the law of suicide.

In addition,hogan blu hogan borse, a claim to enter through the first scene of the local security team told reporters that he found the deceased lying on the ground, have on hand a knife, but the above does not blood. However,http://www.sussexscene.com/escorts/item/create_form/13, reporters at the scene did not find this to no bloody knife,chaussure nike tn pas cher france chaussures nike pas cher femme, a knife at the feet of the deceased,mulberry york outlet mulberry emmy handbag, there is blood on it.

Site workers "evaporate"

There is one thing that angry relatives of the deceased, that is, after the incident, site workers, including police who disappeared once and for all, can not find the person in charge,woolrich modelli woolrich bambina, do not even know what was the name. Reporters in the kitchen next to the dormitory area found that all workers dormitory doors and windows closed, on a clothesline outside the dormitory, and some did not take away the clothes. Reporter searching through the entire site, the staff did not find the site.

According to billboards at the site entrance, the reporter learned that the project is by a company called Bo Yuan Construction Development Co.,http://www.autodefentsa.info/index.php?option=com_blog&view=comments&pid=1149724&Itemid=0, based in Zhejiang. Reporters who watch the old man to understand the situation, he said,adresse magasin abercrombie paris abercrombie et fitch kids, only know the boss surnamed Xu, living in Sanya, do not know who to contact. He also said an official in charge of the morning had been to assist the police investigation.

Later, the reporter called the phone company's office, but the staff said, do not understand the situation, "I'll help you find out about." But since then, no audio.

Reporter contacted the police to understand the situation, nine Wu, head of a police station as "under investigation, to disclose" the grounds declined an interview.