People,air max femme 90 pas cher, Beijing, July 7 (Reporter Yang Iraq) "huangcun Sanmenxia Industrial Park was requisitioned 1,site chaussures de foot mercurial vapor 4,000 acres of farmland from 2007 after the land was conscripted to the current one in 2010 there has been no progress in the project, seeing good for nothing fallow farmland, the villagers really distressed ah, "someone in the mayor Sanmenxia City, Henan Province Songhuaba message board reflects three years of land requisitioned idle question, asking whether rehabilitation. June 23, Sanmenxia city government conducted a public response,doudoune moncler femmes doudoune moncler magasin,http://forums.ia15.org/profile/f8lej3ba, said the investigation "basically true problem of the masses," and requires companies "to start construction in accordance with the intended use of the full completion of the investment period in accordance with regulations. Expected not to start construction, will withdraw the case of land,sneakers jordan air jordan basketball, "according to law.

In addition, Sanmenxia city government also wrote in reply: "In the future, we will further accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, strict park land management work to ensure the rational and efficient use of intensive conservation land."

Event specific circumstances:

[Internet message]

Young Mayor:

Sanmenxia Industrial Park huangcun been expropriated 1,000 acres of arable land. The land from 2007 to the present one to be imposed in 2010 has been no progress in the project,http://forum.guitarstudio1.com/activity/activity, seeing the good in vain fallow farmland, the villagers were really distressed ah! Excuse me: the land of our villagers rehabilitation is legitimate?

Message Reply:

After receiving the mayor Yang Industrial Park huangcun on expropriated land idle, the masses require rehabilitation instructions petition pieces,http://c.shunxincn.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=62915,tn requin femme nike free 3.0, city leaders immediately organized industrial park, arrange the relevant departments, specialized personnel for the masses conducted in-depth investigation. The relevant report is as follows: after investigation:

The case of the total land area of ​​876 acres,ligne football chaussures foot pas cher, has Yu Zheng Earth (2006),vente en ligne louboutin chaussure louboutin femme pas cher, No. 720, Yu Zheng soil file (2007) No. 457 approved the partial expropriation. Department of Tianrui Group Sanmenxia Aluminum Co.,piumini moncler inverno 2013 moncler per cani,http://www.meishu029.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=589490, Ltd. produce 200,000 tons of aluminum alloy castings land for the project. The project began construction in 2007, plans to invest 2950194300 yuan,baskette nike Nike Air Jordan Homme, as of now the project completed the first phase of investment 185 million yuan in fixed assets. 2007, submitted to the municipal industrial park for the implementation of the parcels of land, due to funding problems Tianrui Group, although the listing and transaction confirmation, but ultimately did not improve for the land transfer contract signed during the procedures. Since then,abercrombie for girls abercrombie tshirt, the group Youyi grounds to suspend construction funding problems so far.

Currently, the project is a 270 acres of land has been occupied, 300 acres with condiments field, mixing station,http://www.hyzaarhjisa.fora.pl/index.php?item/create_form/1, bulldozers and other fields, the basic loss of farming conditions; two 302 acres of land for the project,http://www.perloca.com/Main_Page,spaccio bologna peuterey peuterey negozi, still relevant villages continue farming. To properly solve the project stalled and idle land issue, urging Industrial Park in Tin Shui Group on the basis of being multi-party coordination and communication, for as soon as possible to restart the project.

Masses problem basically true.

Third,http://quuwan.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=148778, the work measures

For the above investigation, we have taken the following measures:

First,air jordan enfant air jordan rétro, the main person responsible for Tianrui Group interviews, asking them to fully understand the seriousness of the problem and actively cooperate with the park project to revitalize and improve the efficient use of land legal work. Issued a written "notice" requirement: must be received on December 31, 2010, in accordance with the intended use in accordance with regulations to start building a comprehensive investment period. Not expected to start construction,http://someke.com/news/html/?22110.html, will withdraw the case of land law.

Second is still cultivated land rehabilitation.

In the future, we will further accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, strict park land management work to ensure the rational and efficient use of intensive conservation land.