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Necessary to enter the swimming places health certificate, located in Minhang Qibao Tropical Storm Water Park utterly useless. Ticket office to sell it as "licensing", the ticket office turn a blind eye to it;'d hawkers "joy" it back and forth reselling make the difference. Yesterday afternoon,piumini uomo moncler, the reporter visited the scene, circle going around in circles, let me see how white health card "checkpoints" tropical storm.

Park outside

Recycling reselling make the difference

Yesterday afternoon,store moncler acheter moncler, the reporter went to the New Town Road, Minhang District, Tropical Storm Water Park. Just get off the field there thirty-four women around us, these people equipped unity: slung over a green bag in one hand and goggles, swim trunks and other equipment in one hand and then holds a few cards,nike air max noir vert nike air max 95, "4 yuan a piece,jordan 6 rose magasin de air jordan, cheaper than the inside, which also queuing up to buy it!"

Hawkers in the hands of the card is "swimming health inspection certificate",mulberry large bag mulberry look alike bags, a hawker, said health certificate supposedly six yuan a, where he offers two yuan,doudoune moncler enfant moncler veste femme, only 4 yuan. Hawkers in the hands of the health certificate,air max 90 bleu et blanc air max 1 noir et bleu, personal information,woolrich shore jacket prezzi woolrich donna, medical conditions, etc. are blank, just covered with a "Tropical Storm Water Park Health Supervision Department" on the red stamp. Hawker explained: "Fill not fill does not matter,http://www.zuihaogame.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1940894, but little of this stuff you can not get."

This reporter saw several ready to buy a few park visitors health certificate from a hawker place, the park did not forget former hawker told sentence:. "When it came out looking for me, I recovered" So, because of the health certificate a blank, you can "recycle",http://www.qiaosc.com/news/html/?48002.html,air max usa air max one woman, hawkers then twelve yuan when low-cost recovery, earn a difference.


"White coat" doing nothing

Follow the flow of people into the park, the ticket office is divided into two parts, the health certificate and park tickets sold separately. In affixed with "health card 6 yuan a piece, sold reclaim" within the window,http://juan.linkko.com/node/4446843/webform/components, sitting several staff members dressed in uniforms of the park. Knock good health certificate stamp pick to buy, cash on certification,nike homme pas cher Nike Free 3.0 V4, the staff began selling health card like "licensing."

"These do not have to fill in?" One visitor asked. "Nothing, holding directly into!" Staff said. Reporters noted that the purchased a health certificate, name, ID number,http://www.zzit.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=250539,hollister perfumes, photograph all empty, the specific inspection situation need to fill.

In addition, there is also a "medical station", one wearing a "white coat" the middle-aged woman sitting in the "box-office powerhouse, idlers Mo in" air-conditioned room doing nothing, "medical station" useless.


Also pass empty-handed

Holding a blank, only a paradise stamp health certificate,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, the reporter came to 50 meters away from the ticket wicket. Entrance gates set is the type ticket machines, tourists handheld magnetic card tickets previously purchased, with the help of staff under the card into the ticket machine, blank health certificate is in our hands,http://www.noiya.com/home/space.php?uid=927109&do=blog&id=5709808, to work through the gates when staff show you what you can ...... this way is bound to have a "slip through the net."

Since the time when the peak tourist park, only a few sets of ticket machines apparently "overwhelmed" staff only care for the ensuing tourist card ticket, visitors to fully attend to the health inspection certificate; especially some of the children, Under adult "cover" empty-handed can smooth clearance.

[Reporter's notes]

Many visitors to reflect, as compared to a tropical storm,http://naruto-ccg.comze.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=65671, the general pool would be more "seriously", the doctor has to look up the presence of the eyes, touch the skin, health certificate is also required to fill in personal information intact. It is understood that six yuan a health certificate, insurance remove 3.5 yuan and 0.5 yuan fee, health inspection fees remaining two dollars is charged for swimming places. Although only two dollars, a huge water park for traffic is undoubtedly not a small income. I hope the business at the same charges, but also to take responsibility,http://forum.fineartprinter.de/activity/activity, to refrain from the blank health certificate as "admission pass."

Our reporter Xu Ming