17-year-old boy Wang Jiang (a pseudonym) enrolled in the Electrical Engineering School in Chengdu,adidas f50 prix chaussure foot pro, September 21 afternoon, he said he was going to leave the class teacher in Meishan aunt's house to play. Mid-Autumn Festival holiday until the end, and have not seen him return to school.

September 25, Wang Jiang's parents continued to receive different people use the phone call from the king of the river, while said Wang Jiang had acute appendicitis,, for a moment, said Wang Jiang was kidnapped, in short, to Wang Jiang parents immediately hit 7,000 yuan in the past , or "you do not see your son!."

Wang Jiang's parents were frightened by this sudden the phone, they rushed home from Chinese sources Pi Xipu town where her son's school, find Xipu police station for help.

Xipu multi-station joint police force, along with the king rushed Neijiang river rescue, that he was a cheat Nvwang into the MLM organizations.

Help his son had appendicitis hospital money lifesaving reminder

"Officer, my son had acute appendicitis in Neijiang, hospitals allow immediate hit 7,peuterey bambina piumini peuterey 2013,,000 yuan in the past." September 25 morning, Pi Xipu police station received a couple of help.

Husband named Wang Xiangjun,air max classique nike air max tn requin pas cher, is Hanyuan man, his son studying in Chengdu,abercrombie vêtements doudoune abercrombie homme, Wang Jiang Electrical Engineering School CNC professional, second grade this year.

Wang Xiangjun said,, September 21, Wang Jiang called him, said he was going to play Meishan aunt. Until September 24 evening,mercurial vapor sl chaussure foot solde, Wang Jiang did not return to school.

When his family is anxious, September 25 5:00 am, he received a strange woman with a phone call from the king of the river, the woman said she was a cafe proprietress Neijiang, Wang Jiang in her online, sudden onset ,, and stomach pain whining. The woman asked Wang Xiangjun immediately hit 7,chaussure nike pas chere basket nike discount,000 yuan in the past to Wang Jiang treatment.

Two hours later, they received another woman with a phone call from Wang Jiang, said she was inside Jiangmou hospital doctor,rebel hogan 2014 hogan outlet 2013, Wang Jiang had acute appendicitis, need surgery immediately, the same seven or eight thousand dollars to fight the last moment .

"How the child is sick, they do not say anything else, on the tube to money!" Although there are farmers, but Wang Xiangjun still feel quite right, for insurance purposes, together with his wife and brother immediately rushed rhinoceros from Chinese sources Town and find Xipu to the police station for help.

Police suspect was kidnapped rescue went Neijiang rescue

According to Wang Xiangjun description, police preliminary analysis, the money issue should be a hoax,, Wang Jiang did not get sick, perhaps what is being controlled, the other with his threat of money.

To hold each other, let Wang Jiang hurt, police recommended that Wang Xiangjun hit 200 yuan in the past, and then tell each other, the family had no cash,, is raising money.

Days, the other did not call again later, until September 29, phone again, "do not give money to put your son in Yunnan sell out", "do not see your son play money."

October 3, Wang Xiangjun Jiang and Wang's wife to call, phone the Wang Jiang been crying, "Mom, I'm hungry,nike air max ltd 2 nike air force 1 mid, my mother, save me!" To hear his son's cry for help, Wang Xiangjun wife Xinrudaoge.

To further delay,,felpe moncler moncler mytheresa, Wang Xiangjun fought 800 yuan in the past.

Through the investigation,achat abercrombie, the police should be finalized in Neijiang Wang Jiang was kidnapped. October 7 at night, the panel by the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and Pi Xipu more than 30 civilian police station consisting of eight people went to Neijiang. Through cooperation with local police, the police eventually found in Neijiang Wang Jiang, he and a few older men together, but we are on the phone. Police momentum will rescue Wang Jiang,nike pas chere chine tn france, and brought back to Chengdu.

Truth strayed into MLM organization with other scams

Son finally saved, Wang Xiangjun couple very excited yesterday morning, they also specially made silk banner to the Xipu police station.

Yesterday morning,louboutin shoes discount chaussures louboutin pas cher femme, the WCC reporter saw Wang Jiang rescued, he said he was going to Meishan, but was a Nvwang about to Neijiang. In Neijiang has been listening to what Nvwang cousin brought lectures, followed by those who would use his phone to call his parents to defraud the money. "I knew after the Neijiang cheated."

Police, according to preliminary police investigation, Neijiang,, this is a cosmetics company under the guise of MLM organization, currently the local police are fully investigating the matter.

WCC reporter intern Hou Tingting Niu Li