16 pm, Danzhou discipline inspection organs to the news media informed the 13 that hurt public interests and undermine economic development environment cases investigated so far this year,http://che.457000.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=74955, giving 18 party cadres party and government discipline. Which dealt with the city's Office of Legislative Affairs, former deputy director of Clerks Sun Guo Bisuo bribery case, give Sun Guo-Bi "double open" punishment; three towns Deyi original village party branch secretary of the character Shixiong cheat lavatories capital case,mercurial vapor enfant adidas supernova, giving operators Shixiong expelled from the party; primary test in mathematics Questions leak case, former deputy director of the city Department of Education to give away the Yellow party warning and removed from his post as Deputy Director; major town Rocky former village party branch deputy secretary and director Huang Aimin guaranteeing fraud case, given Huang Aimin expelled party punishment; sea Town Southport Community fishermen former branch secretary of Huangshi Kui divert relief food case,air max1, given Huangshi Kui expelled from the party,http://www.woyoude.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=247793, the court awarded her a half years in prison. After the above-mentioned five typical cases, in addition to guaranteeing Huang Aimin fraud case, the other four cases were approved by the Southern Metropolis Daily reported exclusively or in combination with other media reports, causing the attention of local Commission for Discipline Inspection and other departments involved in the investigation and, ultimately related responsible are punished.

■ reporter Lin Shuxi

"Seal director"

Ask to Hong Kong dollars "tea money" was "double open"


Hong Kong Yang founded the company in Yangpu major source of April 21,http://jinlin1j1.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=66881, 1996, the transferee is located in Danzhou large residential area west of the East Beat Culture 10.046 acres of land, and shall obtain the land use right certificates. After the loss of the land use permit. July 2002, Lee Jeong Jin and forgery large source of the company's seal,tute da sci moncler spaccio moncler milano, Danzhou City Land Bureau to apply for completion of land use permits. Since May 2004,http://qqdxs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=264271, the land is divided into homestead to sell. August 2009, Yang will Danzhou government to court to require the defendant to compensate their economic losses. December 18, 2009, the Second Intermediate People's Court of First Instance ruling Hainan confirm specific administrative acts of the defendant Danzhou People's Government illegal, and ordered the defendant to take appropriate remedial measures to compensate the plaintiff's direct economic losses.

May this year, Danzhou City Land Resources Bureau recommended that the municipal government and Yang jointly commissioned assessment agencies, to assess its direct property damage, according to the municipal government and then assess the amount of compensation. The work undertaken by Clerks Sun Pitt State Legislative Affairs Office Deputy Director of the municipal government. The Sun Guo Yang Bi insisted to their "tea money",coupons abercrombie kids abercrombie discount, had agreed in the joint proxy statement on the cover chapter Danzhou government offices.

At 4:00 p.m. on July 27 more minutes, the Yangpu Development Zone Star Business Hotel 526 rooms, in the country to the Sun Bi 10,000 yuan in cash,abercrombie france recrutement tshirt abercrombie, Yang called the police. Yangpu New England Bay police station rushed to the Sun Guo Pitt caught red-handed (see newspaper July 28 edition 3 "police stormed the hotel on the spot seized 10,adizero rocket adidas taekwondo,000 yuan," a text).


On the day, Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection in the investigation. Pitt was suspended the next day Sun Guo checked. Discipline inspection departments through investigation that Sun State use his position to extort 10,000 yuan Yang facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, the decision shall be expelled from the party, dismissed the administrative office of the sanctions. It demanded the forfeiture of 10,000 yuan in cash, the state treasury.

"Toilet secretary"

The number of false fraud lavatories gold toilet was expelled from the party


In 2009 rural toilet transformation reporting process, as defined Danzhou three Tudor village Party branch secretary and village committee director town symbol Shixiong, not conscientiously perform their duties,moncler china vente doudoune moncler, their four brothers and wife in the name of their child, etc. Total reported the 25 toilets, lavatories impersonator subsidies to which he reported on a 10, and in fact his family on a total of two toilets. While its dry brother Fu Kai God one has reported six. More absurd is that his father has died, Joe character home more than 10 years, but he has to declare his father's name to the toilet subsidy (see the newspaper on June 28 edition 3 "cheat subsidy party secretary home more 8 WC "). Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the three are in the town government attaches great importance to water and sanitation situation immediately conduct a comprehensive survey of the town. After verification, the family breaks Shixiong false 25, has received a total of 10 toilets subsidy of 5,air max 1 homme air max 90 homme,000 yuan. In this 10 toilets, verified only one true, the rest 9 is false.

The town that afternoon leadership meeting held immediately, ordered to break Shixiong a refund impersonator of nine lavatories grants total 4500 yuan, and turned over to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection; removed Shixiong Deyi Fu village branch secretary duties; recommended charge lavatories Town leaders work be adjusted post processing.


Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection after an investigation found that the German justice committee reported in 2009 to apply for 183 toilet renovation,nike pas chere chine nike femme pas cher, due to break Shixiong favoritism,jordan 11 jordan iv, resulting in 95 toilets for false, their actions constitute fraud Xunsi error, giving expelled from the party; charge lavatories Three former deputy mayor of the town and the city Patriotic Sanitation Wu, deputy director of the work Xiaomou leadership responsibility,christian louboutin site louboutin basket femme, to give Wu a serious warning,http://70xx.0830bbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=4438154, administrative demerit; give Xiaomou administrative demerit.

"Secretary Rice"

Misappropriation of relief food twice sentenced to a fisherman and a half years


2006, Southport neighborhood Town Danzhou sea eel fishermen due to falling prices, reduced income. The neighborhood branch secretary and director of Huangshi Kui Southport neighborhood groups held meetings, made as a pretext to apply to the Bureau of Civil Affairs allocated relief food, and then sell relief food,nike lunarglide chaussures nike tn, Liangkuan sent part owner, to stay in the neighborhood to engage the rest of the building,abercrombie black friday, Deputy Director Huang Zhiqing, deputy secretary and other members of the team have agreed.

December 2006, Danzhou City Bureau of Civil Affairs allocated 3.3 million kilograms of relief food shipped to the Southport neighborhood,http://www.aq796.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=20403, the Huangshi Kui, Huang Zhiqing arrangements and attendant pulled the relief food that freshman Midian sold, the proceeds of 29,700 yuan . Huang Zhiqing not accounted for, but the owner sent to 86 100 yuan a total of 8600 yuan per person, and require recipients of each owner in the signature flick rescue victims fingerprints on the registration form, ranging from the fictional to receive 100 pounds to 400 pounds of relief food .

May 2007, Southport neighborhood Danzhou City Civil Affairs Bureau to the above reasons apply again to get three kilograms of relief food. Huangshi Kui, Huang Zhiqing also arranged and vehicle will sell three kilograms of relief food.

2009 On May 11, Japanese newspaper exclusive coverage of this issue, and have launched more than a dozen follow-up reports, has caused the commission, the State Council Office for Rectifying the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and other related departments attach great importance given instructions require serious investigation.


Early March this year,http://www.92gmw.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=14381, the Commission dismissed Huangshi Kui sea Southport Town community party branch secretary post. April 1, Huangshi Kui was arrested again. July 16, Danzhou City People's Court sentenced misappropriation of funds and materials Huangshi Kui particular year and six months in prison, sentenced to 1 year imprisonment Huang Zhiqing. Discipline decided to give Huangshi Kui expelled from the party.

"Cheat Death secretary"

To enjoy subsistence allowances claimed he was expelled from the party died


After the run to help the villagers subsistence yet guaranteeing payment interception down; order to continue to enjoy the minimal treatment, pretended died, the subsistence user name to his wife's name. This in order to get money and unscrupulous village cadres,chaussure de foot personnalisable chaussure f50 pas cher, is the former deputy secretary of the Party branch and director of Danzhou Rocky Village town Huang Aimin.

According Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection personnel, Rocky Mou village because of family difficulties, to apply for allowances to the matter by Huang Aimin make arrangements. After Li Mou allowances to handle down, Huang Aimin guaranteeing payment instead Limou reclaim payment book, but did not give Mou, did not tell Mou has been guaranteeing eligibility issue, a total rejection of Limou 3600 Yuan guaranteeing payment.

Huang Aimin before it when a village cadre is low households, the user name for himself. Later, increase their family income,nike air jordan son of mars air jordan homme pas cher, economic conditions improved, according to the provisions of living allowances can not continue to lead. In order to continue to enjoy the minimal treatment, Huang Aimin foreign pretended died, then the user name changed to its low households own wife Zhu's name.


In the first half of this year, after receiving the report Danzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection, after investigation that Huang Aimin behavior is very bad, very bad influence,giacche uomo moncler tuta moncler uomo, decided to give Huang Aimin expelled from the party for former village party branch secretary of the Rocky Jeong be a criminal investigation.

"Secretary questions."

Negligence cause

Math quiz declared yesterday

Deputy Secretary positions are Free


June 20 this year, held in Danzhou primary school test. Most of the questions on mathematics papers as early as June 18, Danzhou big experiment sixth grade elementary school students did. Because the questions on the paper is 56 minutes out of the school principal. After the parents of the candidates found that the case, they would reflect Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

By Discipline investigation that the math quiz questions in Danzhou fill in the blank, judge, choose and calculate the four questions are questions that primary school principals Chen Wenliang a big experiment is to examine the provincial education Training Institute (hereinafter referred to as the provincial Education and Training Academy ) Li Guoliang, deputy director of the teacher training department about his proposition. May 27 Chen Wenliang questions by e-mail to pass Li Guoliang. June 17,abercrombie 1892 manteaux abercrombie, after communication with Chen,tee shirt moncler doudoune moncler prix, vice principal of the school, Chen Wenliang Li Guoliang questions will be passed to send printed, distributed to elementary school students to do that big experiment. Newspaper July 6 5 edition "is leaked questions or purely coincidental? "One paper reported the matter.

The primary school is responsible for testing the Deputy Secretary for Education in the Yellow Sea Danzhou interview with reporters at the far admitted Danzhou City Department of Education did not entrust the provincial hospital and research training in writing Danzhou year for primary school test out questions, but His personal delegate to the provincial hospital training and research vice president verbally week.


Discipline inspection departments, as responsible for the work of the Yellow Sea quiz far failed to fulfill duties properly,moncler sestriere moncler skianzug, causing quiz questions appear leak, causing adverse effects in society,hogan negozi online hogan, their actions constitute negligence error, giving the Yellow away party warning and removed from his education Bureau Party Committee, deputy director of the office.

Danzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection

In the future will remain

Investigating cases of high-pressure situation

Danzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the official said on discipline violation cases investigated, Danzhou City Commission without mercy, the main municipal leaders repeatedly stressed to promote Hainan Danzhou Western Center City building, Strict Administration, the government strictly, resolutely punish corruption. In the future to keep the pressure up investigating the case, no matter who,http://www.h5ne.com/en/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=488584, no matter his position, as long as the violation of law, particularly the economic development environment damage, serious damage to the interests of the masses of cases, discovered handled, and strive to create a positive Delicate Air Officer entrepreneurial environment .