Markets inside and outside the flow,abercrombie and fitch store uk abercrombie and fitch quote,http://www.07448.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, such as weaving, a few million "goods" moment of the transaction, the monthly price of another float 5%, a little stamp,abercrombie and fitch male models abercrombie mens sale, interpretation ticket's riches miracle again. Recently, the downturn in 13 years Youbi market is "running" rushed "spring."

Tens of thousands of stamps moment turnover

At noon yesterday, Xicheng District, ten thousand Madian Computers & market entrance, people coming and going. Foreign markets, a row of newspaper on the ground when the counter little Tanzhao Computers & providers are kept shuttling back and forth to bargain with buyers, looking ahead,bottes moncler doudoune moncler paris, this need not pay freely trading counter charges,chaussures homme nike pas cher Nike Air Max Homme,http://www.urbandead.com/signup.cgi, the dense mass of all head.

In simple interior decoration market, crowded aisles between the counter. "There are tickets?" Inquiry sound can be heard at least 10 times within one minute. 15:45, a computer bag slung black man walked into the market just a few steps, he was stopped by merchants who. 3:50, the man carry a thickness of less than 1 cm in 1970-1974 coded stamps, was stopped by his merchant bought,air max 90 rouge noir mode air max, sold for 21,air jordan retro 8 chaussure de basket air jordan,000 yuan.

"I am this package is to buy in this market in 2007,hogan collezione autunno inverno scarpe hogan estate 2014, when the market was in the doldrums of Computers & this market wants to come,hollister malaia perfume, this ticket cost me 3,moncler 2013 piumini serravalle moncler,000 dollars this year in January, I brought tickets to someone asking price of twenty thousand Yuan, I did not sell now and so much so, or else want to lay such as market price. "See reporter asked the man surnamed Guo will be endless.

Day shift one million yuan stamp

Sun is old philately fans enthusiastic 13-year period Youbi market downturn. "1997, the stamp market is best, but in 1998, the financial crisis, coupled with the stamps, the market suddenly collapsed." Sun said to the reporter,moncler sito moncler spaccio online, a stack of 100 of the stamps he was held prices fell directly from the million twelve thousand dollars. "We feel that these old friends, Computers & market downturn 13 years, fans Beijing Post 90% less."

"Probably in March 2009, the Lunar New Year started hot ticket, original 1980 release of 8 cents Gengshen monkey votes, the price can shoot 1.2 million yuan, 15,abercrombie and fitch officiel magasin abercrombie france adresse,http://www.acoh-re.jp/post_mail/postmail.cgi,000 yuan on average one and this thing was a turning point, after this Stamp prices to slowly rise up. "Mr. Sun said that since the market has shown signs of recovery since Youbi,http://www.mattia.ca/cgi-bin/newsboard.cgi, he almost every weekend, he looked at the market,site pour acheter des air max pas cher nike air max noir et rose, some traders frantically clearing the hands of the votes after contented to leave, it was also crush leather want play.

"You see him, this is a recognized expert,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, is now the best selling small version of the zodiac tickets and tickets, he could buy and sell millions of stamps every day." Yesterday afternoon,http://www.travelan.biz/cgi-bin/search.cgi, the free trading in foreign markets,tn requin pas cher livraison gratuite nike shox r4, Sun pointing just come out of the market,woolrich modelli woolrich bambina, Mr. Wang told reporters. Reporter approached Mr. Xiang Wang asked recently trading stamp market, "January to February, but rose 5 percent." Wang said.

Small market crazy pass riches myth

Reporters asked why Wang Xiang hot stamp market again, Mr. Wang said, mainly because more people are in the hands of spare cash, "Just this morning, there are more than 10 Chuaizhuo hundreds of thousands of millions of people come to me to buy ticket. "" In fact,basket air jordan femme pas cher nike jordan spizike, this is a financial, if you have good tickets Zhang,giubotti peuterey, keeping you scoop windfall profits earned this market has a peer-5000 sets of hands mini-pane Zodiac vote buying around 2007, Just a few months after the stamp recovery, each has gone up eight thousand, you have to calculate how much he can earn? earn at least four million of it. "

Subsequently, the reporter ED verify that the merchant market forty-five "earn forty million just a few months" if the answer is yes, these businesses are confirmed to reporters that they have heard about it.

The market traders,http://www.tantanke.net/bbs1/joyful.cgi?mode=res&no=297%3C/a%3E, Mr. Yu said that from January to February this year, in addition to the prestige stamp prices continued to rise,soldes nike air max air max garcon, the price of ordinary stamps also rose a couple of dollars.

Yesterday,solde louboutin femme louboutin chaussures, the reporter consulted regarding market recovery Computers & Chongwen District Philatelic Society Hubei former president Jiang Wen. E president said that although the level of activity on that market has shown signs of Computers & prosperity, but according to his understanding, the true collectors of this "boom" does not show too much enthusiasm. Because of such problems direction of the stock market and other investments,air max femme 90 pas cher, think of some wealthy investment Computers & Market, which violates the philately original entertainment. "Now the market and the 1998 Computers & Computers & market bubble was about the similarities,http://www.res99.com/nexres/search/power_search.cgi,jordan 4 noir nike air 90, and I hope collectors must be cautious."

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Reporter Zhang Yongsheng