Why do kids go to school 7:40 to Jinjiao

Parents said their children early may affect the evaluation of classes

The school explained that no appraisal requirements, the starting point is for the children safe and adequate sleep

□ reporter Yang Ying

Yesterday, Ms. Lang west in the morning 7:10 to go,hogan 2013 uomo, 6th grade daughter with her car. 15 minutes later, her daughter arrived Wen Third Street Elementary School. Ms. Lang relieved, she arrived at 8:00 and more units have to go to work.

"Mom, you let me arrived early." Daughter is not very happy, she'd be waiting at the school gate. Strangely, Ms. Lang asked why,scarpe hogan outlet, his daughter said the teacher wants everyone to do at 7:40 before the school, otherwise it is a note of the name and class, it will be penalized, the impact of class evaluation. Ms. Lang felt the teacher's guide is wrong, then reflected in the Morning.

Children: school office until 7:40

Ms. Lang daughter Jia (pseudonym) describes the way, the school provides students 7:40 or so to school, do not encourage students to school before this time.

7:40 to the school before students can enter the school, focusing on the first floor classroom at the school study hall. However, there will be on duty early student's class teacher and the names recorded. "The teacher told us that if the students were down early, it may affect the class evaluation." Small Jia said.

Small Jia said that the teacher was not issued the relevant 7:40 to go to school with the relevant requirements of the written material, it is only verbal means "too early to school," Oh, it will be penalized,, but do not know whether there really is a class or students and therefore points.

In just the past five days in class time, little good to say about his own three or four days earlier than 7:40 are assigned to the school,, for fear of being value Chou Jinjiao secret, she and other students looking for a 7:00, etc. 40 points in a good place, near the school office building, "We sat on the lobby couch, reading the paper while waiting."

"Also, some students, in the vicinity of a small rug to buy to buy things, some low-grade children from grandparents carrying bag,woolrich parka, together at the door 7:40."

Ms. Lang lamented the eyes of students, teachers sentence greater than the days. "Sunny bad enough, if it is rainy winter? Heavy bags back to back,scarpe hogan uomo, hands and sometimes had to mention the mouth organ or something, blame the poor."

Parents: passing three schools did this practice

Yesterday afternoon,,scarpe hogan scontate online, the reporter came to the door Wen Third Street Elementary School, just to have a child out from school, on the parents of the car.

Reporters asked: "Some schools allow students to begin Jinjiao?" Child replied: "7:40." Reporter asked: "If the 7:30 assigned how to do?" Child shoulders a shrug: "Wait chant! "

Reporter again asked a parent to lodge security: "If children come earlier than 20 minutes, could be into the school?"

Security A, can come in come in, do not get by sitting in the first floor classroom focus. He also stressed: "it is best not to early to ask the teacher to remember the child too early to school, the teacher who watch less live,, if get lost,hogan italia, what happened, the school must bear responsibility.."

Such views do not agree, Ms. Lang school, she said, on the road to send their daughters to school, she will pass the Qiantang foreign language school,hogan online store, elementary and Xuejun Xingzhi Primary School, have not seen the children in these schools keep "7:40" Direct Jinjiao.

"Let the children early, was upset at home. Kids to school and go to work early peak time is crash, no one knows now what pushed early peak in Hangzhou, a little further by car, car pick kids,, how could pinch points pinch a few seconds, accurate to a fraction of it? "Ms. Lang said.

"As a parent,hogan femminili, who does not want their child to sleep a little? Available every morning if I did not go out 7:10, it is very likely will miss the 8:30 official work, catch up classes are ready to listen to the broadcast day, a little late , the car will work blocked several intersections, not to mention the time to send their children Jinjiao estimated themselves and their children will be blocked to be late. "Ms. Lang added.

Principal: early registration purpose is not to punish students

Man belongs to Third Street Elementary School Education Group surnamed Wen three deputy principals said that for security reasons the child, since the beginning of the year campus security incident, the school security work particularly cautious, as well as to ensure their children adequate sleep,,outlet milano hogan, do not promote child premature to school. Some parents of children due to work reasons, may 7:00 or even 7:00 before went to school, the children of this situation must submit an application, early child together management. The entire text of three education groups are so implemented.

Reporters asked: "? Schools has a child in the group will advance to the school and classroom evaluation linked to the provisions," Professor Chen said: "no."

Man Chus vice president in charge of Third Street Elementary School Principals specific affairs,scarpe hogan saldi, said the advocate 7:40 after the school is there, but did not hook kids early and class evaluation requirements.

Reporters asked: "early students into the school, the teacher must be registered class name, and whether the child class evaluation related?"

President Chu said, remember the name of the class, the students did not mean to punish, but to facilitate the transfer of value Chou,hogan donna outlet, grasp the child to school every day, the early look at the specific reasons.

Does that while some teachers may have conveyed the message to students, to work,hogan elective, to "early," "Hook evaluation" and, to restrain the child? President Chu said that if it's true, you can communicate with your parents, the school reminded teachers,hogan uomo prezzi, there is no change of the mistakes.

"If the child is really early, and we still hope that they Jinjiao." President Chu said, let the children in the school, such as early and not intention.

7:40 assigned to the school to perform if the Pacific plate

Hangzhou many schools are not advocating for students to make early reminder ideal to school time is 7:40 or 50 points.

"In particular, migrant children schools, parents may engage in industry working hours earlier,scarpe hogan outlet,, students in these schools to school time span longer than students in early school staff to work earlier time,moncler outlet, this time management vacuum, to the school Management brings difficulty, insufficient sleep can also lead to the child. "principal Hangzhou schools for the children of a migrant told reporters.

But this many parents such as Ms. Lang feel that some schools over-emphasize to all students, "7:40 assigned to the school",scarpe hogan outlet, the "one size fits all" means. "Unless the kids to get up very early, and that schools do look a reminder. Early ten minutes,hogan interactive 2013,, the traffic in big cities such complicated place,scarpe hogan interactive, it should be entirely normal range,hogan outlet milano, only those who walk to school children,hogan interactive donna, to step point in time like 7:40 then stepped accurate, now whenever a child early, must be '7:40' confused hesitates, schools suspected of evading responsibility. "