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In the list of recipients of vocational students, students horribly wrong address, parents names of mistaken identity ...... This is the newspaper recently received a copy of the complaint. Wang did not understand the people that compiled the list of financial and administrative affairs online publicity of Hongshan District of Wuhan City was so not standardized, do not know what the secret hidden inside?

Wang reflects List "secondary vocational schools state grants" Hongshan District Pai Ridge Vocational High School declaration involving school 2007 and 2006 526 students. Declared funds belonging to the State special funds,http://hadleynet.org/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi,hogan rebel outlet, targeted funding for poor students in vocational.

Home address non-existent

After receiving complaints, the reporter then login Hongshan District Finance and preparation of administrative affairs network, quickly found the list. Clearly show the recipients student's name, school classes, parents name, home address,http://www.njbrz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1146932,moncler outlet, amount and recipients reason recipients on the list.

According to "State grants Interim Measures of Hubei secondary vocational school" Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Education, Provincial Labor and Social Security Department jointly developed, state grants funding target is to obtain a formal enrollment of secondary vocational education in vocational school full-time at the school first and second grade students in all rural and urban hukou students from poor families (including the city of disabled students),hogan prezzi, funding criteria for 1500 yuan per year per student. Declare the list of recipients from the school publicity, reported to superiors education,scarpe hogan in offerta, labor, finance department for approval granted.

Reporters saw this list of 526 people,hogan scarpe outlet, the school's 2006 student Lu-hung home address written as "Enshi 48", people talking.

2006 student Chen Ji crossing the more outrageous the wrong home address,vendita scarpe hogan, fill in the "Guangzhou Chaozhou County constricted six." Reporters learned that the Chaozhou in Guangdong Province, a subsidiary of a prefecture-level city, does not belong to Guangzhou.

Throughout the 526 list,hogan outlet, some students address is unknown, some with only a few simple numeric symbols instead of addresses,hogan saldi, some addresses and even non-existent. After rough statistics, the situation is like this, about a hundred.

Students suddenly become "parents"

In an investigation on the list, the reporter also found a strange thing: the list of all parents and students surname surname no one is the same. Inquiries by the public security departments, these "parents" are not their real parents.

That they who in the end is it? Careful Wang discovered one of the "mystery": These "parents" is actually their classmates,hogan beige,http://bob.s1.xrea.com/imgboard122r6b5/imgboard.cgi, but each tune is all.

Such as school 2007 students Zouya Xiong, their parents names as , who lives in Hongshan Changhongqiao; while is 2007 students Sunpeng Peng parents. The table shows that Wang Xiaoya is the school 2006 students, their parents name as Li, who lives in Huanggang Qichun.

Through the recipients list one by one to check and found that almost all of the "Parent's Name" is used instead of the student's name.

Number of students "no such person,hogan donna 2013,http://bizguide.businessownersideacafe.com/cgi-bin/glinks/search.cgi."

It is understood that, at present,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, the country has established a unified national secondary vocational school student information management system,spaccio hogan, all electronic registration,http://www.scopesys.com/cgi-bin/today2.cgi, uniform implementation of student enrollment registered managed by the education sector.

This is a list of 526 people whether all school students? July 1, the reporter took the list of students came to the Provincial Department of Education be verified. Provincial Department of Education staff conduct random spot checks found that nearly 10 student enrollment is not registered net. Provincial Education Department official said that these students may not be the school's students.

Reporters also learned through the Provincial Public Security Department, there are some students of the household registration information can not be queried. Provincial Public Security Department official explained household, either of these "students" do not exist, are artificially fabricated; either their residence in the province, did not move in Hubei. But reporters found that the vast majority of them to fill in Hubei home address.

Recipients amounted to nearly 400,hogan donna outlet,000 yuan

Reporters learned from Hongshan District Finance Bureau,hogan autlet, the financial sector recipients of these 526 students per semester has been the standard by 750 yuan per person were paid, the entire amount of subsidy has reached 394,500 yuan.

It is understood that City Wuhan Pai Ridge senior vocational schools is a national key vocational schools. On the school website said: "The state implementation grants system for secondary school students, secondary school students who enrolled in my school, Wuhan City, outside accounts, 100% subsidy 1500 yuan per year, Wuhan accounts, 90% subsidy 1500 yuan per year continuous funding for two years. "

July 1,http://bo.tibofa.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=34396, the reporter contacted a student recipients. He told reporters in the list,scarpe hogan donna outlet, does have his classmates,outlet scarpe hogan, but there are a lot of strangers. In the afternoon,http://goobike.com/cgi-bin/search/zaiko_bike.cgi,scarpe hogan uomo 2013, this reporter went to Pai Ridge senior vocational schools,hogan saldi, students want to know what information the situation. In the guard room, a school teacher in charge of admissions, said after reading the list,scarpe da uomo hogan, there are a few people they do not know, does not seem to schools.

The reporter then contact the school office,http://www.lierener.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3188880,outlet hogan originali, a staff member of a tube school teacher is not grounds, declined a reporter's request to verify the student information.