Suzhou City, a defeat because the entrance of young autistic home for eight years,outlet hogan originali, did not take the door step. Parents earnest persuasion in return is his merciless beatings, forced its parents had separated. What is the reason for an otherwise vibrant, academic excellence, parents and teachers in the eyes of the "good guys" will lock themselves in the house for eight years do not want to see the light? Eight years of his life and how to spend? Recently,hogan scarpe outlet, the reporter interviewed to explore in the end is Who He shut "the door"?

Hospital food thrown over the coping

Recently, the reporter went to the places the city near the river found a small hillock attached East (a pseudonym) home. In the narrow alleys, the reporter saw a small hillock mother Zhong Xuexia. A reference to his son, she cried out: "My son is too poor ah, all eight years,hogan scarpe prezzi, how to persuade him not come out ah!."

According to Zhong Xuexia introduced her son in the room Xiaogang has since closed for eight years, has been reluctant to come out to see people. Now in a manic state, even his own mother are playing, in order to avoid being hit, the parents had moved to live more than 200 meters away from a small hillock place.

Under the guidance of ,woolrich prezzi, the reporter came to the small hillock of residence, I saw a very old small courtyard doors locked. How to knock, nobody promised Xiaogang's mother shed tears again. She said the yard has two rooms,http://www.weilaikejicheng.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, where his son lived in a house, we used to live with him, although he behind closed doors,scarpe hogan saldi, whatever the outcome, I can cook for him, but now different, we move out After living, and he put the entire courtyard were shut. I now give him a meal every day, only to go into the ditch or under thrown go through the coping. Do not know if he ate eat ah.

"Xiaogang is sick, there is mental illness ah! Hope you can save him ah!" Xiaogang's mother issued a distress to the media. Think of his son, poor mother every night can not sleep a wink, lean became skinny, but also anxious had a heart attack. Father also kept a sigh ......

Once a day only know how to countersink hard study

Xiaogang's parents brought pictures of his kid, reporters found a small hillock very handsome,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, big eyes, sweet smile, youthful and energetic. According to the parents of a small hillock introduction, there is a small hillock sister was born in 1982, 3 years younger than the small hillock. Because of the small hillock was the only grandson, elders grew much love,hogan outlet italia, personally brought up by her grandmother. Xiaogang childhood clever and lively, self-esteem is also very strong, learn more conscious, results are excellent. 1998 with honors admitted Suzhou City, a key middle school,prezzo scarpe hogan, they can become introverted since the start up. Home every day they buried learning, no longer communicate with their parents.

According introduction, just past 2001 years,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi,http://bbs.anjian.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the third year sprint stage began, as often stays up late,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, tired Xiaogang, one day early study hall, he was five minutes late and was left standing teacher a lesson, after school also severely criticized by the teacher, "You just go home to review, do not come." This is the first time a small hillock been so severely punished,hogan rebel outlet, do not want to go home from school after school.

A few days later,hogan uomo outlet, the teacher came Xiaogang Xiaogang Xiaogang persuaded to go back home, you can anyway, a small hillock in a fit of anger,scarpe hogan online, a tendon adhere to no longer go back to school. Xiaogang persuade parents and relatives, may have not been successful, the small hillock still not behind closed doors. Seeing the entrance is coming, the parents of a small hillock eyes red from crying, shouting broke throat, failed to reverse the son of thinking, a small hillock and then missed the entrance.

Later, a small hillock some regret. Then early August, a small hillock also went to school, many students are looking at the propaganda column admitted to the university, is not too happy. Returned home after a few days without food or drink and fell asleep. After he kept nagging "I am not a college, how to see people ah" and other words. Xiaogang parents Quanguo son repeat, but he worried about being a joke, unwilling to return to school, they were reluctant to go out.

Refused to heal even the parents scolding

Later, a small hillock sister was admitted to the graduate Anhui Agricultural University, about my small hillock seemed to crash,http://www.weilaikejicheng.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,hogan online outlet, I felt sad to see her sister, emotions become more restless. And locked himself in the house let others enter. To give a small hillock to see a doctor, a small hillock grandfather also from Li invited a psychiatrist, but unfortunately not to open the door a small hillock, advice can not be.

This year, the small hillock became more agitated up, not only do not want to eat with their parents, but also quick to parents hands. Once, his mother put him in front of meal ended,hogan uomo 2013, he grabbed his mother's hand hair, kicked his mother, which makes the mother Zhong Xuexia very sad.

Was very frightened of strangers

Understand the situation, the reporter linked to the provincial director Psychological Association, the national secondary counselors, Suzhou Mission City 12355 hotline host, City Youth Crime Research counselors, counselors City Hospital, and was recently visited the small Gang home.

Know counselors to come, Xiaogang's father and mother Zhong Xuexia high rincao very early and so at home. In high rincao Xiaogang's father led, reporters and doctors came Tao Xiaogang's residence, but the small hillock has been reluctant to open the door. Xiaogang's father, anxious and hammer and beat at the door, which finally heard a burst of sound. High rincao lying immediately on the door, through the door, to the inside shouted:. "Small hillock, a small hillock,hogan prezzi, Dad here, psychologists come, you have saved, Open the door,interactive hogan, boy,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, I beg of you." and excited to tears.

Upon seeing this, Tao doctors lying on the door of a small hillock patiently to persuade, but Dr. Tao persuaded more than 20 minutes, a small hillock still could not get out the door. Dr. Tao's father had to make a small hillock continue to do ideological work son.

Dr. Tao told reporters, just through the door, she saw the emaciated little hillock,hogan olympia, a pair of big eyes seemed dispirited panic,hogan interactive beige,http://www.kuangyipm.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1287588, "small hillock pale,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, may be seen sunlight for a long time due,hogan stivali, he sat behind the door one on the bench, I communicate with him, he stood up and walked towards the door, but I do not know why,hogan da donna, just in front of his outstretched hand and then put it down,http://www.emr4u.net/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, but this has been very psychological meaning. "( Anhui Market News)