When the construction side of the 105,000 yuan in cash before, but did not dare contractors Yan Zexiang sign papers,hogan online, Shenshouqujie --- this is why?

"The money that only men should get half the wages of the workers, I can not cross them!" Finish the sentence,hogan uomo,http://nylonnation.com/activity/p/882367/, Yan Zexiang get a meal fist. Chongqing membership when 46 workers ready to argue,vendita scarpe hogan, but found that there are at least a hundred beside tattoos, flat head man ......

[Readme] migrant workers

From this year on June 21,hogan da donna, Huangxue Zhong, Wu Yong,hogan italia, such as 46 migrant workers from Chongqing, contractors under the leadership and presentation, came to work on the Yancheng District, Luohe City, Henan Province,scarpe donna hogan, a large construction site.

When we completed the conversion layer carpentry,scarpe hogan in offerta, construction side requires checkout,http://www.yunjiliye.com/thread-1050312-1-1.html, the two sides have great differences: the wages of migrant workers are calculated more than 210,http://www.team-kaqb00n.de/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=17169&page=1,000 yuan, the construction side is 19 million yuan, but also to delay the schedule,scarpe hogan prezzo, such as the deduction of which nearly 6 million, withholding advance of 30,000 yuan, the final bill only 105,scarpe hogan donna outlet,http://www.brackettfamilyconnection.info/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=139493,000 yuan.

"We certainly do not 'according teach'!" Wu Yong, who said that the day before yesterday morning, the site after the construction side doors locked, the brought before the workers, asking him to sign papers led away 105,000 yuan, Yan refused,hogan marche, saying he Workers unable to cross, they were punched and kicked. Workers want to came forward to help, but found that the level has been over a hundred young people surrounded the head and tattoos. The other party in accordance with the "3 to 1" ratio, the implementation of man to man "supervision" for each worker.

Announced the construction side: as long as the signature,http://www.xxst0731.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1151957, you can pick up the money left; If you refuse to sign, not only get a penny,woolrich uomo, had to be whisked away.

Because of the side of the "flat head", the workers had to disarray alarm. Local police arrived at the scene twice, so what the Department of labor disputes, nor fight scene,http://bbs.155.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the police can only make it on their own mediation, and then leave. Since then, they have been more tightly stare, even the toilet was also close tight. There are two workers were calling to report to the local labor bureau when he was forced to rob the other phone. "Flat head" who throw away broken after removing the card on the spot, but also repeatedly threatened fiercely: "! Dares to report, let who disappeared in Luohe City."

Was threatened nearly nine hours, the majority of workers are forced to compromise, after signing to get the money sent out of the site,scarpe hogan uomo saldi, "We just received a deserved half the wages." For workers rushed to the Labor Department reported Luohe, but unfortunately the other side has to work,hogan saldi, coupled with nowhere to go, and the fear of local forces, in which 30 people the night went to the bus station, Fan Yu for help.

[Two] to rush to the rescue

Human Resources Director at the City of labor security supervision and Social Security Bureau, said Shek Kong,scarpe uomo hogan, migrant workers who have to send someone to collect good evidence,peuterey outlet, to the local labor department reported. They will also be timely and labor supervision departments Luohe City,offerte scarpe hogan, Henan Province, convergence, trying to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers brothers from harm.

To contact the reporter construction site, to no avail, only with the Yancheng,prezzo scarpe hogan, Luohe City,hogan olympia donna, Henan Province labor monitoring group to verify the matter. Monitoring group Wu captain, said yesterday morning,offerta hogan, the labor department heard of the site workers pay talks,http://www.rjm.co.za/node/10/,spaccio hogan, causing the crowd gathered, and disturb public security scene of the news, and then sent to the scene to visit, but there is no presence of migrant workers in Chongqing,http://www.baojiol.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=45486, Chongqing migrant workers come also no complaints Therefore the investigation trouble. They will immediately investigate the matter.

Qin Shi Zongwei intern reporter Zhu Xin Feng Liying Jiang Wen