Dalang Street, Baoan District in love righteousness school, a seventh grade student in the computer class discipline chat is also because Nuebu see other students during the operation of the computer teacher left standing,hogan elective, the result was the teacher even fan two ears, causing ear eardrum perforation.

Student beaten:

"At that time my ears buzzing"

Yesterday afternoon,moncler outlet, the reporter received a tip lines quickly went after the incident, the school informed. Reporters saw,scarpe hogan outlet, this was beaten seventh grade four students in the class of small light (a pseudonym) left cheek is still swollen,http://friend.chinatmf.com/site/?action-viewcomment-itemid-22,scarpe hogan scontate online, his face still left finger imprint.

It is a small bright memories, May 19 morning IV is a computer class,http://www.railworks.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3080, the class probably over 20 minutes, he could not help and classmates next chat a few words, is the classroom teacher Wang teacher saw it. Wang teacher called him to the podium left standing. Subsequently, Wang school teachers continue to guide other students. During this period,scarpe hogan saldi, a small light stand up in class and the teacher did not follow the requirements of the podium twice even move from about two meters away from the air conditioner to see other students to operate a computer nearby. Close to the lower class,hogan interactive uomo, the teacher in front of Wang front of their classmates,http://yhnh.com/activity,hogan donna 2013, a little light left cheek fan shot two ears, and questioned him: "Why should we move around?"

After being hit, a small light just felt ears buzzing,moncler outlet, left cheek hot. After the noon recess, he brought home his own thing a teacher at the school was slapped in the face to the parents. Parents then with a small light to Longhua People's Hospital. Small Liang said: "The doctor looked after, I had a small hole in the left ear,hogan prezzo,http://www.9000w.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=511211, but fortunately no injury to the ear bones,http://b2inwaters.net/forums/profile.php?id=7281,hogan scarpe outlet online,http://www.muntzdesigns.com/forums/profile.php?id=10694, there is not much impact on the hearing."

In this regard, a small light at the same table Xiaohui confirmed the small light was beaten issue, was called to the podium and another three students left standing. When the reporter interviewed a small light and Xiaohui, teacher added that three other students punished to stand comparison with the teacher, will soon be allowed to return to their seats.

Beating teacher:

"I was more impulsive."

Under the leadership of the school with a few schools,hogan rebel outlet, the reporter saw the beating Wang teacher. Wang teacher in an interview with reporters admitted that he beat in the class of small bright indeed. "Computer class especially difficult to manage unruly students during the day in class, I have to remind the three or four times,hogan interactive outlet, I am very angry that he (little light) stand for a moment, went to air conditioning to the other side.." Wang teacher said: "Corporal punishment is definitely wrong,scarpe hogan interactive,, I was more impulsive."

Wang teacher said that after this happened,scarpe hogan outlet shop,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, a small bright parents made contact with the teacher, then the teacher found himself communication with parents. He said that the day he had negotiated with parents who are willing to bear all the medical expenses of small bright.

According to the reporter,hogan 2013, Wang teacher at the school for two years,scarpe da uomo hogan, has been on the computer lessons to students.

School Leadership:

"We have always stressed that ethics problems"

Yesterday afternoon,hogan rebel outlet, the reporter on the matter to the big waves of love righteousness school school for further information. Number of elite leaders said the matter is still unaware. After Xuxiao Zhang described the scene to listen to multi-party, he told reporters that he felt that the post was shocked and did not before this happens too.

Xuxiao Zhang said, school leaders in the General Assembly on weekdays small meeting has been emphasizing ethics problems,hogan donne 2013, and attaches great importance to building a harmonious "green interpersonal relationships." Although the students in violation of classroom discipline, teachers should not corporal punishment on students. Corporal punishment of students for such an event, once verified,hogan interactive beige, will make someone's personnel dismissal process.