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The evening of October 14,hogan uomo prezzi, only two days to drive to Shanghai, Henan guy grandchildren in the community, cut off his little finger. "The people going to do good free rider, did not think it caught, law enforcement bureau said I soliciting illegal operation." Yesterday afternoon, in Shanghai Sun in the community healing the phone told reporters that he was very sad, under finger in anger prove innocence, "I do not even have the heart to want to die."

Sun in the sector suffered by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other national media attention, Baidu relevant pages on the matter up to more than 1000 pieces. Shanghai municipal government attaches great importance to quickly clear requirements Pudong New Area Government to ascertain the facts, and the findings made public in a timely manner.

□ reporter Wenzhong Hao

Events "good things are framed as anti-black car"

18-year-old Sun in the community did not expect to Shanghai to work only two days, gave the company provoke a disaster.

The evening of October 14, he was driving a company car is Shanghai Pudong New Area Urban Administration Bureau for alleged black car operating on the grounds withheld, as evidence of innocence, he brandished a knife and energetic self-mutilation.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the telephone contact his brother Sun Sun in the community in mind. "Thank you very much media attention this thing home, my brother undergoing another media reporter, I put the phone to him, when you interview, do not let him get too excited, when the doctor said that it would affect the nervous excitement, the recovery is not good."

"I can not figure out, good things will I provoke such a catastrophe." Phone, Sun in the definition, he lives in Shangqiu Zhecheng countryside, brother Sun noted on Haipang source construction machinery engineering company team captain. Introduced by his brother, he came to the company where his brother drove. October 13 was the day before his appointment to drive.

The evening of 14 October,hogan uomo outlet, the Sun in the community's Jinbei van driving along the route from west to east gate of Shanghai travel, ready to pick Hang Town, Nanhui District of Shanghai people.

7:30 Xu, when the Sun in the community into the Pudong area, the line to the gate route and called Tai Road intersection when he saw the middle of the road stood a young man,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi bassi, and frequently waved him to stop.

"I looked at him anxious look, thinking he must have encountered a difficult task,hogan donna prezzi, they stopped the car, he suddenly sat down on the passenger seat Lakaichemen I asked him what's the hurry, he said, not so late Elam To the car, and very cold, he wanted me to take along a ride, "Sun in the community recalled:" I was just on the way, and to see him wearing a T-shirt, a little sympathy for him, he intends to take along a ride on the train. , he said to me by the taxi price to pay, I was busy driving did not pay him any heed. walked four or five minutes later, the man said, and I will slowly stop this time, he took out 10 yuan money, to the right side of my dashboard fling, then you have room to move to slam the brakes and hand pull my car keys this time, I saw my car over the front side of a van, washed down by several plainclothes men on board my car, they claimed to be law enforcement unit,http://bbs.x-av.net/thread-84430-1-1.html, said operating soliciting my black car I hastened to explain,scarpe hogan outlet, and that men just can testify on the car, you can get on the train man has disappeared. "

Sun in the definition, "these people hauled me out of the car, took my driver's license and driving license, and pushed me up the van drove into a nearby alley, the alley parked Iveco, they I pushed again to the car, there are several uniformed man above, I think the police took out the phone, the phone was confiscated them and they interrogated me in the car, a man out of the city of Shanghai Pudong New Area Administration Bureau investigation notice process, that I open the black car,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, illegal trading and I said to each other initiative on the train, I did not ask for money to each other,outlet hogan online, doing things purely psychological. but they insisted that I illegal operations, also let me sign the notice process because of urgency, I can not stand, had signed the above. "

Sun in the definition: "It was a stalemate for about one hour, after I signed, they just let me go, the car was that they drove off."

Why dialogue Henan guy finger table innocence?

Night 9:30 Xu, Sun in the community back to the rental place Luhui town, brandished a knife and cut off the little finger, when hearing the news of his brother coming, fingers have been cut off, leaving only a little skin attached, blood was hands are full. Brothers immediately sent to the hospital.

For law enforcement officers,hogan olympia uomo, said his brother to open the "black car" issue, noted Sun, said: "My brother was at work two days later, he drove dare ask for money, it is simply impossible Enforcement Bureau in the 'fishing', we all know that such a thing. , did not think my brother was hit. "

Haipang source construction of a mechanical engineering company official told reporters on the phone, Sun in the community and Sun noted the two brothers is their company's employees,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, Sun in the community came to Shanghai just two days. Gold Cup car is a car project car, he did not believe the Sun in the private sector will drive trading to earn money.

After the event,hogan online, my brother Sun Sun in the community complained to the media in mind, Shanghai Oriental Morning Post and other media have reported. Report caused an uproar, many local Shanghai Metropolis well as Beijing,scarpe hogan on line, Guangzhou and other places of media have rushed to Shanghai to interview Sun noted. "One day to five or six dial." Yesterday afternoon, Sun in the community, told reporters:. "To give reporters about the situation, I hoarse, very grateful media attention."

Sun in the community why choose this extreme means brandished a knife and self-mutilation? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter conducted a telephone connection.

Reporter: encountered such a thing, you can choose to administrative review, or other legal means to safeguard their rights, why should self-mutilation?

Sun in the community: I'm not angry, to be a good thing but was framed,http://transformationbodybuilding.com/forum/profile.php?id=15636, the company's car also was gone,http://bbs.lusongwang.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=473109, grew more and more useless, I went into the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife to the little finger of my left hand suddenly cut . The reason I did not choose other activists channels, because under the circumstances, really do not know how to do,, depressed desperation was doing, was not even a dead heart, that rely on this to prove his innocence .

Reporter: Do you now how the injury? What are the future plans,scarpe online hogan?

Sun in the community: The doctor said I left little finger tendon rupture,hogan autlet, causing injuries to muscles, bones and nervous system. While doing that night gave me the finger suture surgery. Even doctors say can be connected to the finger, it is not like before so flexible. If law enforcement agencies deal with the Pudong district of injustice, I am going to discuss that on the court.

Reporter: How to prove your innocence?

Sun in the community: how can I prove that? Only Tiandeliangxin know my innocence, I would say yes, I was doing the right thing,http://www.t9pingtai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1913573, I did not want the man's money, leaving the money he framed me. Since the law enforcement bureau said I illegal operations, please come up with audio and video evidence Enforcement Bureau, I am willing to meet their investigation, hoping that they can open their evidence, but also my innocence.

Reporter: The next time someone drove again encounter difficulties hailed for help, but also stop it?

Sun in the community: I would like to help these people, but I could not dare to stop, I have to pay the price for that one finger up.

Pudong law enforcement agencies to respond to deny "phishing" law enforcement

October 16, the Shanghai Pudong New Area Urban Administration Bureau official said when interviewed by the media, at 19:00 on October 14 and more,hogan interactive 2013, there is a squadron of about 12 law enforcement officers involved in the seizure of Sun in the community engaged Illegal operators actions. "According to the masses, namely the illegal operation of a vehicle near Hangtou more, we are in the evening of 14 organizations plan of action." So, including three police, including law enforcement agencies in the vicinity of the incident set up road checkpoints . In the inspection process, the seizure of the Sun in the car industry.

"According to the law enforcement team's report, Sun in the community was a normal emotional reaction." This is the name of the person in charge, said he later learned that, after the Sun in the community home self-mutilation.

This is the name of the responsible person believes that all drivers will not admit to driving a "black car", which is the general reaction in the black car driver after being seized.

As to how the judge is not "black car",scarpe hogan online, the official said, the owners are generally identified with passengers whether a for-profit interests of a relationship, in addition to the driver whether the money, but "we are (through) to passengers asked the law enforcement team judge the scene to determine the relationship between passengers and drivers, and the drivers are engaged in illegal operations. "

For the Sun in the community identity of the man's car, the official said, the passenger traffic is not law enforcement personnel, they do not know. The passenger witness testimony can be judged as a law enforcement officer Sun in the community are engaged in one of the bases of illegal operations.

Question is a coincidence or "phishing" law enforcement?

For this,hogan interactive blu, Shanghai media reporter interviewed the Shanghai Pudong New Area Urban Administration Bureau, responsible person.

Q: Why is parking enforcement to deploy the passenger requirements coincide?

A: If you do not find the spot violations, law enforcement agencies are unable to identify illegal operations. Law enforcement to combat illegal trading with a real-time characteristics.

Q: passenger's side of the story alone, whether it can be identified Sun in the community to engage in illegal operations?

Answer: this matter, the passengers are willing to testify, but did not know he had no recording. The law enforcement agencies in accordance with normal procedures. If you enter this stage of legal proceedings, the testimony of witnesses in court can provide. But usually, in general, does not meet the principles.

Q: Are the enforcement process will be mistaken, and dampen the enthusiasm of the drivers helpful?

A: unlikely, if the parties disagree, you can review and other administrative proceedings and administrative means of legal protection.

Background Shanghai "fishing law enforcement" frequent incidents

According to media reports, this year on September 8, the people of Shanghai Zhang suffered a "fishing law enforcement", his "Ford" at the intersection waiting for traffic lights, a more than 30-year-old man over his abdomen, claiming that "stomach" Zhang equipped with one-way request. 7 minutes later,outlet online hogan, the man "did not look like a stomachache," and offered, "I'll give you 10 bucks." Zhang said he was immediately said, "I am a private car, you just upload your stomach, not your money." After two minutes, "Ford" should man asked, turning, stop. The man tried to pull the car keys, and with Zhang twisted into a ball. Seventy-eight wearing a yellow-green uniforms of law enforcement officers outflank up. Zhang then law enforcement officers forcibly pushed into a van, "Ford" was detained, that male passengers disappeared. Minhang city traffic administrative law enforcement unit identified Zhang as "illegal operation" and impose an administrative fine of 10,000 yuan, a fine of 10 days after delivery can retrieve impounded vehicles. Zhang think they are "catch fish" and the Minhang District of Shanghai city traffic administrative law enforcement unit to court, asking them to revoke the administrative penalty and bear the cost of litigation.

Jiang Tao and the other owners have encountered "fishing law enforcement", he had been sure he is "phishing case" victims, there is an important reason. June 21 this year, he was "caught red-handed" post, he worked in the same place, re-encountering a man and a woman two passengers. At the time, they are demanding a Santana "carry." Jiang Tao immediately came to negotiate and found two "passengers" who have recording equipment.

"This is normal, really black car Well, it is difficult caught. Then find a 'hook' to catch you hooked, so you do the black car,http://wap.wxrb.com/supesite/?action-viewnews-itemid-24880, penalty fine myself." In Shanghai, an old driver told reporters that the entire Shanghai City have at least a thousand "hooks." He said that before each law enforcement, law enforcement unit will first determine the grip black car "zone" and then with "hooks" to go check out the location, usually an area of ​​at least five or six set points, a point to catch at least five cars.

Informed sources have revealed that in Minhang District, "hook" every "fishing" to a private car driver, you can get 300 yuan, "fishing head" is extracted 200 yuan. Baoshan District to "hook" out of the price is 200 yuan, 250 yuan, Nanhui District, Fengxian District is 600 yuan. "Hooks" Preparing voice recorder and other instruments using the money. A mature, "hook", the monthly income ranging from two or three thousand, as many as five or six thousand,http://www.emr4u.net/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog,scarpe online hogan, and "fishing head" per month net profit 10000-20000 yuan.

Zhang Hao Jinsong, said the attorney, based on past experience to judge, "hooks" tend to have two characteristics: First,offerte scarpe hogan, the lead driver to ambush area, two are "trying to pull the car keys." In addition, the "hook" often carry recording equipment, since law enforcement official recognition of the existence of the process of recording, "Well, no doubt the car is the 'hook'."

It is reported that Zhang month has joined a dozen "phishing case" victim lawsuit intended to be in the end.

Progress ordered a thorough investigation of the truth of the Pudong New Area

According to Shanghai media reported on October 17th, October 14th place on the road, Pudong brake alleged illegal operation of Air Traffic Administrative Law Enforcement issue, aroused great attention of the Shanghai Municipal Government. Shanghai Municipal Government has explicitly requested Pudong New Area government quickly ascertain the facts, and the findings made public in a timely manner. Shanghai Municipal Government stressed the need to adhere to administration according to law, and civilized law enforcement, according to the law and maintain normal traffic operational order, safeguard the operator, the legitimate interests of consumers. For non-normal behavior of law enforcement forensics tools, once verified, will be severely punished.

Yesterday afternoon, the Sun in the community, told reporters on the 17th,hogan donna 2013, the Pudong New Area Urban Administration Bureau officers took gifts to the hospital to visit him, and said that the matter very seriously, will seriously investigate and deal with the matter. Sun in the definition, if the matter can not be dealt with fairly, he is ready to sue to get justice.

Henan Law Office of days clove said, "fishing law enforcement" Forensics way is illegal, by illegal means evidence is invalid, so the result of the processing is invalid. Sun in the community of experienced people to sympathize, but grief over his way of taking extreme self-mutilation is not appropriate, and this is once again on his own hurt.