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Sports Network (AFP) (intern reporter Chen Xi Wu Weiwei) 74-year-old Huang helping dad wanted to catch the thieves,hogan scarpe donna, thieves rampant unexpectedly out a knife,hogan interactive uomo, stabbed twice toward the yellow dad bloodbath of in ...... Yesterday, the full treatment, Huang dad has been out of danger.

Yesterday,,hogan uomo outlet, the reporter in Wuhan City West Hospital Cape Ai Hospital,hogan offerta, saw Huang dad lying on the bed, his wife is bedside care of him (pictured).

Yellow dad said: "thought of that two thieves so hard,moncler sito ufficiale 2013, but I do not regret it!"

Huang dad live in? Mouth area waterworks Third Street, where one after another,,hogan maschili, private houses are currently being demolished,hogan scarpe outlet, many residents have moved away. September 26 at 7 pm, yellow dad saw two more than 40-year-old middle-aged man ran into the next five layers in private houses. The neighbors have already moved out,hogan scarpe outlet online,, leaving the house windows and doors,hogan italia,, and that the two men began Daoge Aluminium windows neighbor's.

Wong dad found immediately to reflect the relocation office nearby. Two staff members to do the demolition went upstairs to catch a thief,, let dad help yellow door.

Soon,scarpe hogan online, the two thieves carrying two bags of cut aluminum ran down. Just one out,woolrich outlet, Huang dad immediately mop stick to two thieves stumble to the ground. One thief said: "? You get older,hogan uomo 2013, and also so nosy,hogan stivali,," At this time, two staff members also chase over,scarpe hogan online, is preparing to work together to catch the thief,hogan scarpe uomo, the thief suddenly one of them pulled out a knife,hogan originali,, Daddy's right shoulder toward the yellow and abdominal knife stabbed each, in turn arm scratches a staff member, they fell in a pool of blood. After Huang dad's son came to catch two thieves,hogan marche, has been tracked Jianghan Bridge, but they still ran away.

Huang dad after being taken to hospital,hogan stivali,, underwent surgery,woolrich parka, his spleen was removed, the right shoulder was stitches, fortunately out of danger. "I hope the police can catch the two thieves as soon as possible!" Huang dad said.