WASHINGTON, "Save me,hogan outlet online, I was my father chained up." Yesterday around 10:00,spaccio moncler online, Wenzhou shoes are a rented room area Xiahe Takahashi,scarpe hogan scontate,, a 16-year-old girl was a chain locked neck. In desperation,moncler prezzi, she told a friend for help,scarpe hogan on line, call 110 for her friends.

Police rushed to find the girl necks with a length of about 50 cm chains also clasp lock, the other end of the chain are locked in an iron bed. Girl wearing a skirt,scarpe hogan prezzi, there are about 1.58 meters tall,moncler bambini outlet, appears to be mature than their actual age. Police found the chain lock on the relatively strong and sometimes can not open, then called the firefighters to help. Firefighters with large pincers clamp force open the chains,moncler sito ufficiale 2013, the girls considered rescue.

It is understood that the girl named Yang,hogan rebel uomo outlet, a Henan Zhoukou,,moncler prezzi, his parents have been in Wenzhou 11 years, his father sent to paint for a living mainly in peacetime,moncler badia, the mother working in a nearby factory.

Police found Yang's father. Saw the police,hogan donna prezzi,, Young father began sigh. He told the police,moncler milano, in April of this year,, Xiao Yang met a 20-year-old boy,moncler rivenditori, Hubei, and then they live together, and Yang as well as two months pregnant. Two young people to live together,hogan interactive 2013, but they have not yet normal work,, he was very worried about her daughter's future.

They want to go out the night before, was Yang's father blocked. Yesterday morning,hogan outlet roma, Yang said that it would work out,,scarpe hogan donne prezzi, Xiao Yang's father, the child afraid to stir up trouble,moncler outlet, but I do not know what to do,, so in front of their work,woolrich sito ufficiale, with a lock motorcycle lock chains daughter at home.

"It has been suspected of illegal restriction of personal freedom." Police said,, but because he is a father-daughter relationship, the police finally made a lighter treatment,hogan rebel outlet, so Young father wrote guarantee, and its oral education. (Newspaper correspondent Yang Xiaolin told reporters in Wenzhou Sun Yan)