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Concern: Some parents take their children to see a doctor at Children's Hospital of Fuzhou, the results of some doctors only to let the parents go to the hospital pharmacy medication, but also opened an additional prescription for parents next to the hospital, "Bao Tong," the purchase of a called "zinc and selenium tablets,outlet milano hogan," the drug, also asked that the drug only this family has.

The reporter unannounced visits found that the price of nearly 80 yuan a bottle of "medicine" is actually health food. Such health food at other pharmacies, have the same composition, the retail price of less than 10 yuan.

[Public rebellion]

The doctor asked the patient to "specify" the pharmacy to buy medicine

"To the hospital, the doctor why let took the prescription to the designated pharmacy to buy medicine?" Recently, a group of people in Fuzhou, Fuzhou, Mr Lim took the children go to the Children's Hospital met twice this time to see a doctor, he can not help heart Health suspect, a phone call to the newspaper 968,hogan scontate,111 rebellion.

According to Mr. Lin, a few days ago,moncler catalogo, he took the children in the Children's Hospital of Fuzhou clinic, the doctor in the understanding of the symptoms, the children open the medicine, which several drugs are open on the computer system, so that he can taken to the hospital pharmacy. In addition, doctors also prescribe a green complex, zinc and selenium piece called "Xin Xian", and let him go next to the hospital, "Bao Tong" drugstore purchases.

Mr Lim said he was seen in the outpatient clinic, there are several patients suffered a similar situation and his. Subsequently, he took the prescription to the hospital next to the "Bao Tong" pharmacy asked by your doctor, "Xin Xian" composite zinc and selenium tablets (100 pack) to 79.6 yuan a bottle actually. But for the children,http://jjjzone.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=182, he bought three bottles of teeth.

After returning home, Mr. Lin carefully read the instructions and found that this "medicine" is really just eat health food and famous.

Mr. Lin said, he ran a number of pharmacies selling the same brand found no drugs, but also contains vitamin tablets these ingredients,saldi hogan, ranging from just a few dollars to more than ten dollars a bottle retail price in other pharmacies.

[Reporter unannounced visits]

The hospital outpatient doctors frequently out "foreign purchase of medicines,scarpe modello hogan."

The day before yesterday and yesterday, reporters in Fuzhou City Children's Hospital carried out unannounced visits.

In the pediatric outpatient clinic, the reporter saw several doctors to patients frequently out "foreign purchase of medicines,," the prescription, and frankly beside the patient to the hospital,prezzo hogan, "Bao Tong" buy.

Yesterday morning, in the pediatric clinic on the 9th stage, two parents take their kids to the doctor,http://www.chhaoes.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=50220&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=910222,hogan outlet on line, the doctor is an old doctor. Two parents told the doctor, the child some cough, accompanied by cold symptoms. Thus, the old doctor for check-ups for children, followed by the computer out of three samples of drugs. In addition, he also took out a green prescription, write the names of the two drugs and their names. Reporters saw, one of which is "Zinc selenide film", another one for the "cough syrup." Doctors then let them go to the hospital next to the "Bao Tong" buy, also asked that the drug had only this, people used good results.

Subsequently, the reporter in the office next door to see a female doctor to doctor to take two old grandson out of a green prescription. Reporters saw,sito moncler ufficiale, written three boxes "Zinc selenide film" on the prescription. Female doctors also explain in detail, to go to the hospital right of the "Bao Tong" drugstore purchases.

Two old then went to leave the hospital pharmacy, the reporter with the past. I saw two old grandson came with Bao Tong pharmacies,hogan italia, the green prescription handed the cashier, clerk, said to them,moncler collezione 2012, this drug bottle (100 pack) 79.6 yuan, three bottles of price 238.8 yuan. Two old one, shocked, to say who did not bring enough money, then go.

Subsequently, the reporter to come to the two old green prescription, to this house, "Bao Tong," buy a bottle of "zinc and selenium tablets." Reporters saw,scarpe hogan donne, "Zinc selenide film" full name "Xin Xian complex, zinc and selenium tablets",http://djreymo.com/Main/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=60100, the manufacturer of Jinan Kyle Biotechnology Co., Ltd., sanitation and famous for fresh word, that is health food.

Expensive "Zinc selenide film" surrounding the hospital pharmacy only

Reporters took the "Xin Xian composite zinc selenide film" Dongjiekou rejuvenation to pharmacies, pharmacies kanglida Meeting Dongchundang medicine, new medicine and dozens of pharmacies in northern consulting, they both said that did not sell the drug.

Subsequently, the reporter by telephone box on the drug manufacturers, said he was leading a large pharmaceutical supermarket, to the agent of the company, "Xin Xian composite zinc selenide film", but the other answer, there is no supply of the drug to other pharmacies They generally to several nearby hospital pharmacies only available through medical representatives, channel relatively simple.

During the interview, the reporter learned that, "Xin Xian complex, zinc and selenium tablets" There are two sizes, one for 50 equipment, factory wholesale price of 31.1 yuan,hogan store, the market price 39.8 yuan; another for 100 equipment, manufacturers wholesale price of 69.2 yuan,moncler sito ufficiale 2013, the market price 79.6 yuan.

A person engaged in the pharmaceutical industry, told reporters that the name of a lot of drugs, but the actual efficacy or its active ingredients to measure from. For example, he said that he operated medicines, contain "zinc", "Se" Many varieties of vitamin tablets, medicines similar packaging, the retail price is generally in the range 3-10 yuan, also contains a "zinc", "Se "" calcium "," iron "and a variety of vitamins," gold partner "in the case of put a lot of advertising, but also about the retail price of 31 yuan.

"Foreign purchase of medicines" hidden behind the interests of the chain

"Usually,http://pfw998.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=200, after the patient purchased medicines, doctors are able to get a rebate." The spokesman told reporters.

According to reports, the drugs from "pharmaceutical companies - pharmaceutical companies - hospital - patient" in the process, pharmaceutical companies to the hospital, the hospital to the patient,moncler bambina, there is a certain percentage of a "price",store hogan, which is everyone visible drug sales profits.

The "foreign purchase of medicines" from manufacturers around the office directly into the pharmacy for sale, which would dispense with a lot of links. Secondly, because some drugs themselves uncompetitive in the same market is difficult to be patients, so will the profits into the doctor's body, carried out by these professionals to promote patient trust.

The source said that a number of cumulative, this part of the profits can be doctors, pharmaceutical representatives and agents (Office) tripartite divided. "Under attract interest, there are some doctors and medical representatives teamed purchased drugs recommended in patients."

According to people working in hospitals revealed a "sunshine purchase a large number of the same name,hogan elective,http://bbs.uu66.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1780597, different specifications of new drugs block on the outside, some companies did not purchase finalists came up with such a way as to guide doctors substantial rebates temptation. way beyond recommended that patients purchase their drug use. "

[Hospital] position

Will be severely dealt with "foreign purchase of medicines,hogan vendita on line," the doctor

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed on the matter Office of the Children's Hospital of Fuzhou Panzhu Ren. He said that for such an event, the hospital attaches great importance to immediately involved in the investigation of the alleged open "foreign purchase of medicines," the doctor will be dealt with severely.

The hospital Medical Affairs Division Deputy Director Chen told reporters, after the hospital had found a similar situation, also received a number of complaints from patients, they also investigate and deal with this,moncler collezione 2012, one of the external doctor therefore be dismissed. Hospitals have made strict rules for this: as long as a hospital doctor prescribed some drugs ban "foreign purchase of medicines", it is because the hospital did not drugs, outsourcing needs of patients,http://friend.chinatmf.com/site/?action-viewcomment-itemid-17, and also prohibit designated pharmacy to buy.

Chen, deputy director in front of reporters, contacted the hospital pharmacy,hogan scarpe outlet, make sure they do not sell this brand of medicine.

Chen,http://bbs.qingwaquan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=72644, deputy director, said this phenomenon,scarpe hogan uomo saldi, the hospital met repeatedly stressed, but still difficult to stop, from his personal point of view, is very objectionable doctors do such things, because some patients were not rich, individual doctors to guide patients to their own self-interest to buy expensive drugs, undoubtedly increase the burden on patients.