Mid-Autumn Festival, Changsha City 37 students have three days holiday,http://www.postyourflasher.com, and school junior middle school students Ningning (a pseudonym) says he "forced" to stay in the dorm this three days. September 21 evening around 7:00,moncler outlet italy, the 37 students in the bedroom door was locked, and junior middle school students Nene at this time was still the fifth floor dorm, dorm staff he was facing away downstairs shouting,moncler ufficiale, but dorm staff did not hear. In the next two days, Ningning students leave with a bag of potato chips to eat apples and a half, with a small bottle of water to quench their thirst in the left during the day to do the English title,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, clutching his blanket at night listening to the wind, but there is no attempt to outside help. September 24 7:00 am, the dormitory door was finally opened, Ningning can not wait to be moved to the cafeteria to eat a meal returning to lunch,hogan prezzo, then saw his mother in the school building, they cry a heap.

Said it is highly concerned about the matter currently and will carefully investigate what reason schools. Nene has been in the hospital for a check,http://www.weilaikejicheng.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the physical condition of being harmless.

Our reporter Wu can Changsha reported

Fan Shen get clothes,hogan da donna, find out when the door closed quarters

September 21 evening around 7:00, Nene and classmates out of school, he suddenly remembered his mother had asked him prior to his bedroom a few pieces of clothing to take home. So, back to school Ningning, the security at the gate said, "I went to get something, and it would come out." Security to let him go. Nene went to the dormitory door, but this time he did not greet with dorm staff, but directly onto the floor.

Nene took the clothes down to the quarters on the second floor, but found the door locked. He ran back to the fifth floor balcony and found the dorm staff are riding the electric car to leave, he shouted, but the other did not hear, and left. Ningning layers have looked at the building and found no one, and pushed the door to the second floor, the door motionless. Nene returned to the bedroom, 8:50 that night he went to bed. Since then, Ningning began a 60 hours a lonely life.

Had heard the sound of a car engine, but did not call for help

The next day is the Mid-Autumn Festival,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, Nene drinking a bottle of milk that comes down the stairs and found the second floor there is a large door seam, just enough body by himself,hogan store, he happily climb out, or be on the first floor large iron gate stopped. Every door and looked out,http://www.ugou580.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=8070, the campus was empty, Ningning failed.

In the 5th floor doing English homework until noon, Nene rolled students closet, find an apple. After Apple, he pulls out his own chess with his "chess", he does not remember how long the next, just remember that when looked up and found it was already dark.

That night north wind whistling sound, Ningning sit still, they can not sleep, down to the second floor looking out the gates, he hopes to open the door when someone came, but it can only be disappointed. September 23 morning,sito ufficiale moncler outlet, Nene could not find any food in the bedroom,prezzi scarpe hogan, he drank hungry little water left in the kettle, sitting in a daze. At noon, he came downstairs to hear the sound of a car engine, Proton up lying on the balcony looking down: a car turned into a distant parking lots. Ningning Gang want to shout to dispel the idea that he believes "Anyway, he can not hear shouting."

September 24, Ningning noon only to climb up,saldi hogan, the body felt weak when he came downstairs to hear the sound of rushing to pull iron, Nene went downstairs,scarpe online hogan, no one noticed him, and he holds rice Card walked into the cafeteria to eat lunch returning. After dinner went to the second floor of the school building, the vision appeared the figure of the mother, crying out loud.

Dorm staff told the parents: the child is not in the dormitory

The evening of September 21,http://okhsw.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=118355,spaccio moncler milano, Nene's mother She has a child can not wait to go home,hogan scontate, feeling anxious, small children not with the phone, could not be contacted. She led the school dorm of a telephone call, reported on the child's name, class and other information, please dorm staff looking for.

Soon,scarpe hogan uomo 2013, dorm staff responded: child did in the dormitory. She has thus ruled out the possibility of children being held in the dorm, so go to school looking to dispel the idea.

September 23, She did not wait until the child's message, she called the police,modelli hogan, the police told her to 48 hours but not considered missing. Around at 15:00 on September 24th,prezzo hogan, She finally decided to go to school to find their children in school buildings and Ningning happened to run into, and she cried the child said, "Where are you these days, ah?" Nene said : "I have three days off in the bedroom floor,moncler bambina,http://coalition.movementcamp.org/circle/content/tim-rayners-shout-out-invite-movementcamp#comment-22250684, starved to death."

The school said they would carefully investigate

18:00 yesterday, the reporter came to the Changsha City 37 high school students dormitory. Hostel is located next to the school deepest track and field, close to the school walls, the wall is farmland. A total of five layers quarters, each room is equipped with a tap and toilet. A student living in the 5th floor,hogan online outlet, told reporters in front of the gate shut,hogan vendita on line, dorm staff does not look at each room.

Reporter then went to the school office,http://www.0377nz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=107186,Piumini Moncler,http://www.mycoolboy.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, teacher headmaster had said the day school is checked every floor, but can not find the child's figure, which comes a little bit strange thing, the school is under investigation.

Director Feng said the school dorm leaders,sito ufficiale moncler piumini, school leaders attach great importance to this matter, as to why such things happen, the school must investigate. Director Feng also said: "This student had early will be able to resolve this matter, at 7 o'clock in, shout at 8 o'clock, it should be able to go out."

The lawyer Liujiang Guo believes that if a child shouting, no school should, then there is the school in the management loopholes, parents can claim to schools; If the child did not cry, so kids have some mistakes, but the school also have to bear certain responsibilities.

Currently Ningning in Changsha Central Hospital has received a check, physical condition temporarily harmless.