□ Evening News reporter Zhu Ling Yu Guo reported

Yesterday, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the road leaves the family home reflects a large number of dead catfish floating on their cell door of the Suzhou River. Staff Environmental Sanitation Bureau,http://butusguards.com/intranet/index.php/forum/suggestion-box/473397-vsly4rdmj4#483263, said the dead fish origin is unclear at present, they have started to clean up the river,hogan outlet, to prevent rotting dead fish contaminated rivers.

To a large number of dead fish floating upstream

At noon yesterday, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the road leaves the family home with a grandson in Baocheng bridge walk. Suddenly, there are a lot of white floating on the original clean Suzhou Creek,http://www.sgjy169.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the original is one of the dead catfish. These catfish about ten centimeters long,hogan elective, most of them have grown up.

Zhang stayed in the river for a quarter of an hour, hundreds of catfish along the water to the downstream journeyman. "Sometimes heavy rain,http://www.corelearningunit.nhs.uk/item/create_form/1, lack of oxygen in the river, will lead to a large number of fish died,scarpe hogan uomo saldi,http://www.foss.lk/comment/profile.php?uid=41, but dead fish for a number of small fish." Mr. Zhang said that the floating dead fish are catfish, no other fish, he does not speculate should be a few days before the storm caused. May be upstream farmers will dump dead fish, it may be illegal poisoning upstream fishing,piumino moncler prezzi, or industrial wastewater discharged into the river caused fish death.

Some downstream fishing nets

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Suzhou River Baocheng bridge, on the bridge, you can clearly see a lot of dead fish,http://www.sirso.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=655865, or small groups, or individually a bar raised white belly float, about 3 pounds each fish heavy. "One morning you see,moncler gamme rouge online, do not know where are coming, day after sun drying, afternoon and some smelly." Crowd of people told reporters that authorities hope to be able to clean up quickly. "There are people fishing too!" One of the public told reporters,hogan olympia donna, at noon, he also saw someone fishing nets these dead fish,luisaviaroma moncler, do not know their own market to get up to eat or sell. But no matter what,http://talktechies.com/2014/10/7oe9aytj44/,hogan interactive blu, unidentified dead fish in the river,moncler quincy, if they are being poisoned,scarpe hogan donne prezzi, to get the market up to sell,scarpe hogan saldi, are innocent people buy to eat, or eat their own,scarpe hogan in offerta, big trouble.

Proceed to clean to prevent contamination

Yesterday,moncler online italia, reporters reflect the matter to the Shanghai Environmental Sanitation Bureau. Relevant staff said they also found a river yesterday morning of dead fish floating up and organized personnel to carry out the salvage of dead fish, an estimated eight hundred number seven,outlet hogan on line, which also has a "slip" flow downstream. They will strengthen the clean-up, and dead fish for centralized treatment.

Staff also reminded the public that it is easy to corrupt dead fish and produce toxins,moncler donna prezzi, especially in the case did not identify the cause of death of fish,moncler torino outlet, people do not pick up this dead fish to eat,moncler lans, to avoid accidents.

Staff Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, said the dead fish float to the Suzhou River appeared concerned,giubbino moncler prezzo, they have not received any news. They have been for industrial enterprises, point source pollution,hogan rebel outlet, such as strict monitoring and management, to prevent sewage into the river,http://bbswk.taozhi8.cn/showtopic-683872.aspx, the current catfish cause of death is not clear, if indeed the pollution caused,outlet milano hogan, will be found in sources of pollution,http://www.postyourbeaver.com, treatment as soon as possible.