Net Changsha January 14 (Xiaoxiang Morning News rolling news reporter Genghong Ren) "thwarted by escalating alarm does not help, take the hammering, stones, firearms, shooting on together,moncler outlet trebaseleghe, as long as 30 to 40 minutes long! I am willing to give up begging 110 said property and all property, just come out of the predicament we pick attack stopped. "This is the January 12 morning,moncler outlet trebaseleghe, friends" wuhandcba "made a post in the content of the community ,moncler official site, titled "1.7 Wuhan? mouth area firearms eviction truth."

Post said Jan. 7 at 10 am, the family suffered again attacked by unidentified persons,piumini moncler spaccio, was over 60 years old, she a person at home, very fear she repeatedly dialed 110, requiring the police,punti vendita moncler, "the police arrived at the scene later, the group Although the evacuated side,sito moncler ufficiale, but still in front of the police than I cursed, there is one person to attack me with a stick,, police did not take away any suspicious persons,moncler prezzi, after leaving the sentence if the situation hit 110,store moncler, on the left the scene. "

Post says thwarted attack on police officers continue to leave then, but unfortunately the police,, to the post, said nothing,moncler bady, only to ensure his presence does not alarm the alleged incident,, then leave again. So, "I can only think of self-protection method,outlet moncler italia, the gasoline barrels clasped around, attack every time to upgrade, in addition to throwing firecrackers into the room and started shooting around, many of the windows and doors have been left behind the bullet holes. "

Post also described that thwarted while "criminals outside the room loudly clamored to kill us two old X, maimed and killed my son and daughter, and clearly place next to my son and daughter's work unit and address, And I can only retreated to the back room of a single room, everything can be done is to repeatedly dial 110 and the mayor's hotline for help, and strive in the phone's battery runs out before justice can wait until the advent of. "

"What is the smoke, how so much soot (Wuhan dialect),spaccio aziendale moncler," Post said it was the police again to be the first to reflect the relocatees downstairs, because to see the scene,moncler outlet it, "a mess, the smoke has not dissipated "As for the request to be removed from the site, go to the police station to protect the safety requirements,moncler milano outlet, then the answer is" a thousand households in which all the words to the police station, police can sit under it? "and suggested that she" go to headquarters relocation Tan,negozio moncler torino, adding that this is a government project, why do not want to move along with the other residents. "

January 13 afternoon, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporters scroll through available online phone made contact with was evicted, she surnamed Zeng,, that post was evicted, and the call to his son Luo Luo said Mr. according to the evidence they can prove that it should be shot, because Wuhan? mouth area of ​​the Golden Triangle Land Reserve to the demolition of their home requires compensation in accordance with the market price,moncler bimbo outlet, the conditions have to talk properly,, and at the time of signing of the agreement took place differences.

Differences in place for the demolition party, said according to the program,modelli moncler donna, to be evicted to first real estate license,moncler official online shop, land use right handed, then do not write in an amount of compensation plans to sign the agreement on the charge of resettlement housing several other indicators of content on the content of the agreement demolition party to take home to fill, considering this is still no guarantee, Luo family require demolition party to write a pledge to do will be in accordance with the agreed results, unlike demolition party, so broke, "and they left, thwarted incident took place,,moncler outlet torino, I have the names of gun shot glass beads! "Rowe says.

Police said a preliminary investigation should be non-shooting slingshot actions

January 13 afternoon, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter rolling back to Wuhan police called and Shung Yan Street, a staff member said the police did that day out of the police,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, the police are going to adjust, and people may be going to the demolition man, said posts on said heavy,moncler spaccio,, she did not know the specific circumstances of the specific case to ask the police deal with the matter. Subsequently, the Xiaoxiang Morning News rolling news reporter called the police handled the matter, Lee said the day he went to police regulation, the situation is certainly not currently investigating the shooting, the slingshot actions,, other cases currently under investigation, disclose. Red Net - Xiaoxiang Morning News