Father three years after the men's department has been educating two children to their families for help when the girl students was sentenced to 13 years prior to the date 8 months

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12 years old, Li Qianqian (a pseudonym) is only a sixth grade student, but fate has changed in the past year, her classmates were classmates home to play the father of rape. Later, afraid "scandal" being scolded by their parents know, Li Qianqian stole 5,moncler alpin,000 yuan from their homes and raped men elope. The walk is three years, almost desperate in her life, Li Qianqian help messages sent to his father, and when the door to rescue the father and found 15-year-old daughter this time is mother of two children. Recently, the court sentenced the man with rape, rape of 12-year-old girl suffered the tragedy of insider surfaced.

Was the father of the girl students of rape

Li Qianqian parents were migrant workers from Shangrao,prezzi woolrich, rented in a village Qingyunpu area. 2007, living with his parents in Nanchang Li Qianqian, when he was only 12 years old, read a sixth-grade primary school in Nanchang.

Li Qianqian recalled that at that time she had a classmate in the class named Song Junjun (a pseudonym), whose father also rented Mary Lou Song roots in this village, and Lee was next door neighbors. Because both students and neighbors,woolrich giacconi, Li Qianqian often together after school and homework, and a year older Li Qianqian like a big brother to play with.

By the end of July 2007 One afternoon, Song Li Qianqian took my sister went to look for play, see playing computer, Song Li Qianqian took my sister went to the room to watch TV, this time, Mary Lou Song root was lying in bed. Not long after, Li Qianqian sister out of the room to play, then, Mary Lou Song root wake up to see Lee sitting on the bed to watch TV, play bad idea and immediately got the room door, and forcibly raped in bed by Lee.

Man has been sentenced for robbery

For the original rape Qianqian, Lee said it was his mother Mary Lou Song root despise him, he have thoughts of revenge.

Originally,http://photoing.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=276763, who lives in Pine County, Mary Lou Song root New Town, double wall village early in December 1980 on account of the crime of robbery was sentenced to three years in prison Fengcheng Court; few years later, he was released because of Mary Lou Song root of the crime of theft was sentenced 4 years in prison. Since Mary Lou Song root utterly destitute,prezzo moncler, living together before and he gave birth to his son Song Junjun woman left him.

Lee mother believes that Mary Lou Song root is a person in jail many times, not a good person, and had seen her daughter to play when Soong, Mary Lou Song root occasionally adept at his daughter on his shoulders, back with irregular movements, especially those with time I saw Mary Lou Song Li Qianqian root and joking, Mary Lou Song root Lee took the opportunity to put pressure in the body, it is angry. So, Lee Soong mother asked her daughter not allowed to play.

Mary Lou Song root that originally he is out of jail many times, afraid of being looked down on others,logo woolrich, but do not let her mother Lee home to play, he was very angry, so he took the opportunity to swap their daughters raped, but also put her away.

In fact, Mary Lou Song Li Qianqian root when rape is already 43 years old, that is to say, the big 31-year-old Mary Lou Song root Biliqianqian.

Girl eloped with rape man

According to reports, the father classmate Mary Lou Song root after being raped, Li Qianqian home and did not tell their parents. A few days later, Mary Lou Song root privately told Li Qianqian: a sexual relationship would be pregnant,prezzo woolrich, if it is to know your parents will definitely be playing.

Hear these words,woolrich falso, but not the things of Li Qianqian fear unable to speak. Finally, under the instigation of Mary Lou Song root,http://bbs.im1588.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=754944, Song Li Qianqian decided to follow "flight." By this time, Mary Lou Song root had no money, Mary Lou Song Li Qianqian root ED inquire after "your parents money hidden in where, you know?", By Li Qianqian parents' home and stole 5,000 yuan in cash, the two disappeared in the villages .

Lee parents said that in one day in August 2007, they found her daughter missing, looking, I thought that was abducted by traffickers reported the matter, after which the couple are still a number of cities posted notices. But then they found their next rental in Mary Lou Song root is missing the day her daughter moved out, and his son Song Junjun also disappeared. Lee said parents had doubted Mary Lou Song root abducted daughter, but suffer no evidence can not confirm that Song should do.

When the parents for help,http://www.lznight.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=9763,vendita piumini moncler, have two children

Lee parents recalled, her daughter disappeared three years, three years, the family is spent in pain, until May 17 this year, finally have her daughter's message.

"Dad, I miss you,woolrich baby, I miss home ......" at 18:11 on May 17, a message popped up on his father's cell phone Li. "Yes daughter Qianqian,sito ufficiale moncler piumini, Qianqian send a message came." Lee family is pleased to cry. In order to know where her daughter, the father called the number. "Daddy, I want to go home, can my husband will not let me go home, you come to me." Daughter cried on the phone.

"My husband? 15-year-old daughter,woolrich rosso, how will my husband?" Put down the phone,http://bbs.cnw.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Lee has been working in the provinces father time to prepare the car toward her daughter immediately called the new county town of Xishan a brick. Ultimately, this brickworks near a dilapidated shed, Lee saw the long-awaited three-year family's daughter Li Qianqian. Li Qianqian did not look like at this time is a 15-year-old girl, face the vicissitudes of life, rough skin like a middle-aged women. In the scene, there are two young children. "Dad, this is my two children born,vendita woolrich, is your grandson." When you hear her say this,moncler bimbo sito ufficiale, Lee parents stunned.

According to Mary Lou Song root memories, with only 12 years old at the Li Qianqian after elopement, because they do not have survival skills, find the new county town of Xishan a remote brick work, to travel together along with freshman-year-old son Biliqianqian Song Junjun.

"Two homes suddenly become a family of three,http://www.dsws.cn/web/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-16, see my classmate Li Qianqian brought him, and sleep in a bed,woolrich outlet veneto, really do not understand when to live together, call out when Junjun Li Qianqian, or bite 'Qian Qian, Qianqian ', and I am very seriously and he said, not so called,woolrich roma outlet, Qianqian have your mother, and later have to call mom, or you address him by elders name, does not mean you can directly call my name, Junjun that time very depressed. "said Mary Lou Song root.

Turning to the birth of his child with Li Qianqian, Mary Lou Song root is "emotion" when he said: "Because the family is really poor, graduate school has not had time to arrange Junjun is my work outside the home and in the Western Hills cohabitation over two brick work. months later, Qianqian they are pregnant, have children when I have no money can not go to the hospital, found a midwife to help in the shed gave birth to a child. "said Mary Lou Song root,moncler outlet padova, got sick after the child is born, he will be a child money sent to the hospital after treatment, tell the hospital "are you willing to rule on rule, I would not pick up the cure," In the end,moncler veneto, the hospital carried out for humanitarian treatment,http://www.sgjy169.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, can now, Mary Lou Song root still owes the hospital more than 6,000 yuan for medical expenses.

And it gave birth to their first child less than six months in Qianqian, Mary Lou Song Li Qianqian root once again pregnant, second child after Lee came to earth. Mary Lou Song root explanation given is this: in the countryside, one is born students, both also students,outlet serravalle woolrich, more than just a couple. He never considered himself have enough to eat, what to eat newborn child down things.

The girl had asked the police slap the father

Later, Li Qianqian admits, Mary Lou Song root being taken away to the new county of this secluded brick life,http://www.meishu029.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=910285, she also miss home, miss their parents, after giving birth to two children, Mary Lou Song root due to basic money to live,bologna woolrich, she wants to had to leave, but saw two starving children, out of motherly love she could not bear to leave it alone.

According to reports, the police will be Mary Lou Song root when taken in for questioning, Li Qianqian also told the investigators said: he has lived and Mary Lou Song root three years, gave birth to two children, if the song was taken away to jail, which means two children No father, I hope handling units spared.

However, since Mary Lou Song Li Qianqian root knowing only 12 years old, still impose rape, adultery belong to a girl under 14 years of age, according to the law should be punished severely.

This year on May 21, Mary Lou Song root alleged rape Qingyunpu Nanchang Branch of the Public Security Bureau in criminal detention, May 31 through Qingyunpu District People's Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Man jailed for raping girl rape incident did not end

This year September 15, the case in Qingyunpu District People's Court sentenced.

The court held that the defendant Mary Lou Song root adultery a girl under 14 years of age, vile, his behavior constituted the crime of rape and shall be punished severely according to law. Mary Lou Song root defendant has a criminal record, be punished severely, as appropriate; their good attitude, appropriate sentences.

Court, the defendant Mary Lou Song root rape, sentenced to 13 years 8 months.

According to reports, Li Qianqian character now has become silent, asked that scene three years ago and three years to the day, she was always in tears, shaking his head to answer always to everyone's doubts.

Sponsored by the case Qingyunpu District People's Procuratorate prosecutor Zhang illumination in an interview with reporters sighed deeply, the case was sentenced to rape men have also been punished by the law, be it from the harsh nature of the incident did not draw period,http://www.faw-vw-cp3.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=39955, as the only 15-year-old girl living with her two children in the future how, is still a problem.

Reporter's notes

The Who calmly?

12-year-old girl was raped classmate father, even after the parents for fear of being scolded,saldi moncler online, raped man with eloped! 15 years old, many children are still in junior high school, but she is a mother of two. Readers see this news, the hearts ignorance is definitely for girls sigh, shameless rape of men and indignation.

Yes, rape men subject to legal sanctions for granted, even should also sentenced to more heavier. But if we look back on this case, the need to think long list of problems: migrant workers' children safety issues; released issue of migrant workers; awareness of the protection of minors, and so on.

Difficult to find in rural areas, because their parents work outside the home, stay at home in case the young girl suffered sexual abuse is increasing year by year, often extended to these young girls evil manipulator, not just those who can do their middle-aged parents , there are those who can do their grandfather's old people.

The clock-back to three years ago, Li Qianqian if you learn to protect themselves, would not suffer rape; parents soon discover if her daughter Li wrong, it will not appear daughter and rape men elope event; residents know if the surrounding brick that law, someone can report to the police and young girls living together and have children, then things have children does not appear during the girl eloped; if a few more if we see today may no longer be the tragedy.

So, today we are here to appeal. Parents, relatives, teachers and others, to be more concerned about the girl's mood, personality, habits change, if unusual circumstances, we should seriously and carefully to understand, to take timely and effective measures; family and society be sensible to treat sexual abuse of young girls To maximize the care given to them, love and comfort, do not unwarranted accusations, ridicule, insults and a new light; victimized young girls should be guided correctly understand and treat what has happened, instead of the traditional, secular misconceptions and establish normal confidence and courage to live.

Text / Zhang light, reporter YE