August 11th,vendita piumini moncler, the 12th,sito moncler, the newspaper reported continuously will be demolished, and another next to the reservoir illegal construction workers reservoir tip Kong apartment no movement.

Yesterday, Jiangang reservoir workers began to dismantle part of the housing apartment windows, today will be communicated to the demolition plans. The Lake Holiday residential property owners compensation payments received, but it is the town government open check.

Public housing

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Reservoir has begun dismantling apartment windows

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the reservoir tip Kong apartment workers. Compared with Lake Holiday residential demolition scene in full swing,moncler usa, here it is very quiet. Residential electric door closed half,woolrich logo, leaving only one person through the gap, the district where there are few shadows.

A man claiming to be a cell guard refused reporters enter the cell. "It is now in the demolition of the windows, the doors split in two days, and then there will be a forklift to Chaifang Zi." The man said,moncler parka, while North Korea refers upstairs.

Reporters saw two buildings apartment on the street, the windows of four or five families have been torn down. "The media has exposed, the province, the city has required leaders to do the work,http://www.s8c.org/forum/activity, and here it must be demolished,piumini peuterey donna, nothing to see." The man said,moncler rivenditori, now let tenants removed the windows, doors, also able to recover some money.

When was speaking, a woman pushing a tricycle out from the area where the car stood a security net. See reporters take pictures, female tenants said: "What shoot shoot." Then who ignores reporters.


Water Authority today announced the demolition plan

Yesterday,woolrich outlet on line,http://wswms.com/discuzx31/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=184416, the reporter contacted the Zhengzhou Municipal Water Authority Chief Economist, spokesman Xu Xiaoping. She said Jiangang Reservoir Management Office staff apartments will be in accordance with the Zhengzhou municipal government's call for the dismantling, these days leading Water Authority leadership and Jiangang Reservoir Management Office workers go all out to do the work, from yesterday, apartment tenants relocation and demolition has begun doors.

Currently, the council is developing the demolition plan. "This program must be scientific, not simply blasting, fear of affecting the safety of reservoirs." Said Xu Xiaoping, Jiangang Reservoir Management Office will contact the reporters today, informed apartment demolition plan,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, schedule and progress.

Reporters asked whether the Water Authority before applying to the construction of the apartment building before, Xu Xiaoping said Jiangang reservoir cover their workers apartment Water Authority approval is not required, it should apply to other relevant departments for approval. As to whether the Water Authority will be held responsible person, Xu Xiaoping said that first and foremost is now demolished apartment building, then say other issues.

People's housing

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Lake Holiday residential moving busy

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the Lake District holiday,parka woolrich outlet, the owners are nervously moving, the district where most of the house's doors and windows have been removed.

On the second floor, Building 5, Unit 2, one of the owners of the room stood a basic evacuation reluctantly. His house has a side of the reservoir towards the tip of the post, he was standing in the room,outlet ufficiale moncler, watching the water, said: "This house torn down, what a shame ......"

In the cell door, several staff members are waiting to move those formalities home owners,giubbotti peuterey outlet, tenants have to strip them from time to time receive acceptance.

Mr. Gao, who lives in Building 4,outlet woolrich online, 6 units had just obtained the acceptance of,http://www.wpjewco.com/news/html/?6850.html,peuterey giubbotti uomo prezzi, he said he chose the three years before the completion of the resettlement housing,giubbotti woolrich prezzi, and Ma Zhaizhen government has signed a settlement agreement,woolrich roma outlet, secured by two seven. He also received the government to the more than 4000 yuan, including 10 yuan / square meter of moving expenses, as well as 6 yuan / square meter? Half month transition costs, he said, the car is also called the move by the government pays the bill.


96 has to move those submitted

Reporters in the area saw the Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister of twenty-seven District Kangding silver. He said that currently the demolition work is progressing very well. A total of 177 residential buildings Lakeside Holiday House,http://www.lcjdwxw.cn/wxw/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1297151,outlet woolrich cadriano bologna orari, sold 148 suites.

As of 15:00 yesterday, has 133 suites signed relocation agreements, move those turnkey acceptance has 96. That is to say, will soon be officially demolition.

16:00 yesterday, not far away from an ABC Ma Zhaizhen government operating room, several residents in the Lake District holiday pick up the money.

They holding identity cards,offerte woolrich, checks, and moving acceptance bar staff to sit at a table after the operating room. Stood on the table to move the acceptance of a stack of white,woolrich outlet barberino, as well as a register,http://hegrata.com/activity/p/11989/, the above record has signed an agreement collar households over the check information.

Resident inspection staff had brought the information to find the corresponding household information, to make a hook, residents will be able to pick up the money from the counter.


The town government write a check to pay the owners

Reporters from a number of owners say that the compensation payments they receive this, and is given by two seven Ma Zhaizhen government.

Yesterday afternoon,peuterey altopascio, in the district reporter asked a staff member Ma Zhaizhen government headquarters site, he said,woolrich rosso, Lake Holiday residential housing construction is illegal, according to the provisions should not be given compensation. But this demolition "above" very seriously, with the owners living really difficult, February, the district government decided to give them a reasonable compensation. "This money is Ma Zhaizhen open government checks."


About bill mayor "unclear"

Developers to illegal construction, why pay money by the town government? This is not equal to take taxpayer money to developers,http://bbs.qingwaquan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=81269, "wipe" it?

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Ma Zhaizhen mayor Ma Shifeng,http://bbc.cqyg520.com/showtopic-652889.aspx, asked why the town government compensation payments is open checks. Mazhen Zhang said, "do not know" and then hung up the phone. Reporter once again call their phone, refused to answer.