7 evening 9:00, Yang Lin Songming County town of 145 and 146 the first high school class 11 students back to the dorm after the next night classes,piumini donna peuterey, because with open blisters to eat instant noodles,woolrich cadriano,http://honeybadgerpress.ca/node/116#comment-18458511, respectively,woolrich italia outlet, vomiting and coma and other symptoms. After the news, school teachers and even more panic, and even the community also came the various versions of the rumors.

After the incident,outlet woolrich cadriano, many people speculated that the instant noodles itself toxic; who still wonders if that is a deliberate poisoning caused by man-made. After Kunming, careful investigation Songming county levels, public security organs to identify, turned out to be a student to the school "lessons" of his classmates who bully usually put in due to anticoagulant rodenticide in the dormitory kettle.

11 students

Eat instant noodles soak abnormal symptoms

Yesterday 20:00 and more, in Songming County People's Hospital pediatric ward, the reporter observed in the treatment room bed and see the student section also remain in the hospital for treatment. After gastric lavage, after injection of the antidote,http://www.383mov.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=435927,prezzi woolrich, the current student's condition has improved markedly. Some parents of students in the next bed to accompany their children, and a look of anxiety. The school teacher, also nervously waiting at the office door.

According to reports, around 9:00 the evening of 7, Yang Lin Songming County town of 145 and 146 the first high school class 11 students back to the dorm after the next night classes, a student from outside the store and bought several bags of instant noodles, so we bubble points together to eat,http://honeybadgerpress.ca/node/116#comment-18503408, but eat soon, a classmate began to appear stomach pain, accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting and coma.

Subsequently, those who ate instant noodles students,http://www.stpaulite.com/index.php?title=User:F5d3z4c0l#5vqcBFB1xo,costo woolrich, all of them have the same symptoms appear. Thus,moncler autlet, other students will report to the teacher quickly. Just as rescue therapy for these students,woolrich parka nero, in addition to a class of students, although not eat instant noodles, just drank a bottle of water points within a dorm room, but there are some students appeared in such symptoms.

Emergency Treatment

County hospital overnight rescue poisoning student

After receiving the report, the school immediately organized rescue therapy, while the situation was reported to higher authorities. City and county levels of government immediately after receiving the report, carried out rescue work and launched the emergency plan, set up a medical aid group, school order and stability of the Working Group,piumini woolrich outlet, the accident investigation team.

For the timely rescue these students, 120 emergency vehicles will appear abnormal symptoms students to Songming County People's Hospital for emergency treatment. After hospital admissions, student prima facie case of food poisoning. The doctor said the symptoms from the kids point of view, initially identified as food poisoning,woolrich spaccio, but the deterioration caused by food poisoning or expired foods contain toxic substances, the hospital could not be identified.

From the beginning of the evening,giubbotti uomo peuterey, schools conduct a comprehensive investigation. Until yesterday around 4:00, to the hospital for emergency treatment of students have 11 people. In the evening,http://www.gzrmbdw.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=41798, the students' vomit was sent to the relevant departments of health and epidemic prevention station disease control department for testing.

Reporters learned that,woolrich cordura, now more serious symptoms of poisoning a student has been sent to Kunming hospital for treatment, has not yet completely out of danger. The other 10 students now Songming County People's Hospital hospitalized in stable condition.

Incident investigation

Cities and counties two police officers to the scene

After the incident,http://swiftstep.gotoip4.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, many parents also suspect that the child is eating a "poison instant noodles' cause, it was also considered to be caused by someone deliberately poisoned. Faced with all kinds of speculation and try to figure out, so that should not calm the campus even more uneasy.

Thus,woolrich parka bambino, disease control departments of Health and Epidemic Prevention Station extracted samples were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department analysis of toxic substances.

After the incident, government leaders at all levels attach great importance. Kunming Public Security Bureau deputy director Yang Jinsong the first time, led by the Criminal Investigation Unit Liu Haitao Captains and Songming County Deputy Magistrate, County Public Security Bureau Hao Changsheng, deputy director of the country Wanyou police orders and Urban Ministry, Information Office and other relevant department heads and police rushed to the scene, immediately on schools and hospitals to carry out the relevant investigations.

Du Min,woolrich parka uomo, vice mayor of Kunming on the poisoning incident also made demands,giacca uomo peuterey, municipal and county levels, the power of the health sector to actively organize care for treatment of poisoning students enhance disease resistance observed poisoning of students,borsa woolrich, to prevent further deterioration of disease resistance; by EDB lead active organization of students and parents who do ideological stability; municipal and county levels, public security organs composed of a joint investigation team, and actively carry out poisoning investigation,http://www.xn--fhq71gdsi8ywc4yp6d.com/news/html/?634582.html, carried out simultaneously in the school food hygiene inspection, and resolutely put an end to poisoning happening again.

Successful detection

Students being bullied students poisoned lesson

9:00 yesterday evening,piumini uomo peuterey, the reporter from the Kunming Public Security Bureau spokesman's office was informed by the careful investigation municipal and county levels, public security organs of the criminal investigation police, Kunming police nine hours on the detection of Songming County Yanglin town in 11 students poisoned case, has been basically identified.

Police identified 6 pm,outlet online peuterey, Dong Moumou school students who started as a lesson usually bully his classmates in the street to buy a dollar of anticoagulant rodenticides back to school put in the quarters quilt. 7 pm, classmate Wu, Liu XX,woolrich saldi, Hu Moumou Dong Moumou after skipping to the hostel, Liu XX accidentally discovered in Dong Moumou quilt rodenticides, he remembered that he often is usually classmate Some students bullied, rodenticides can retaliate with classmates bullied him, let them diarrhea (diarrhea), ordered rodenticides put in the kettle on the dormitory, and Rodenticide rub the part in which two students towel ,giacconi woolrich uomo,http://www.xn--fhq71gdsi8ywc4yp6d.com/news/html/?633989.html, the lead poisoning case occurred after some students study up to the night school dormitory after eating boiled noodles.

Currently, 11 students by the hospital, except for a person with severe symptoms Kunming send rescue, another 10 people are still in Songming County People's Hospital for observation. The school has returned to normal teaching order, the relevant investigation is being carried out.

Reporter Xia body Leiwang Lei Wen Zhou Mingjia photo (Spring City Evening News)