(Reporter Zhou Weihan) 8 o'clock yesterday morning, South Willow Road,moncler outlet online italia, a new community-based construction site not far from the door, a man aged about 40 years old wretched behavior, squatting on the roadside to see the past,hogan interactive blu, women,scarpe hogan outlet,http://yamaha-sdr.com/bbs/ASKA_BBS_/aska.cgi, regardless of young and old, rushed to turn pro and hold, within one hour attacked more than 10 women. According to knowledgeable sources,http://www.balibali.com/cgi-bin/bbs/petit.cgi,giubbini moncler, the man was gone strange behavior was due to his wife,prezzi scarpe hogan, "They often quarrel,stivali hogan," Fortunately, the woman was attacked after break open escape. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.


Men see women would rush to hold pro-

Nan Wang is a new community-based Willow Road construction site security. 8 o'clock yesterday morning,http://meguru.jp/cgi-bin/joyful/./joyful.cgi, the site about 100 meters from the door suddenly came a young man about 40 years old, the body dressed in a camouflage uniform, wearing a pair of shoes. The man crouched in a small corner of the street quietly,woolrich outlet, "did not pay attention to how I was."

6 minutes later, a young woman about 20 years old cyclist after Willow Road, when a passing woman with man,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, the man suddenly stood up,http://bbs.yunos.com/read.php?spm=,prezzo hogan, quietly jogging with the woman behind the man around with about 10 meters, then suddenly rushed to the chest and hugged the woman from behind.

Riding on a bicycle woman was startled by this sudden attack of man,scarpe uomo hogan, immediately release the front, continue to break free,spaccio moncler, but the man still cling, Wang found that the situation right, and quickly went over to the man to see something bad, immediately release the hands, the woman fell to the ground with the bike, the woman got up, even the bicycle,giubbotti woolrich, ignoring, and went straight to the direction of many people running.


They slipped into the alley to see people come

See the woman out of danger,http://www.enochnj.org/pagegen.cgi,hogan scarpe outlet, Mr. Wang in turn return to their posts,sito hogan, and the man did not leave, but returned to the original position and continue squatting there. Wang afraid of an accident, he called to his colleague Lee accompanied himself staring at the man, who spent no more than 10 minutes after unusual move,hogan maschili,http://bbs.tlbmw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=165649, they will go back to the security room to rest.

"Crazy!" 8:13, they suddenly burst of screams heard in the distance,hogan outlet online shop, they ran out and saw the man from behind to hold fast to a passing young lady about 60 years old,hogan online store, forced to turn his body, facing the old lady and pro hold, the old lady screamed cursed them and beat his hands with this man.

"What?" Mr. Wang and Mr. Lee both immediately ran over, the man once again let go, Sa Tuipao into an alley, to duty, Wang They had no choice but to return to their guard posts.

Bold a:

Initiative went scare passers

According to witnesses, Mr. Zhao said, because the bike left behind at the scene, 8:30 or so,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, the female owner called up a female companion a "collar car."

Unexpectedly, the man appeared again, he rushed to the female owner, female owner in advance because there is preparedness, ran away,hogan originali, but the man ran directly and pro hold.

Wang ran over and wanted to scare the man,http://www.biscuitrow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=198757#p198757, but the man was not only not to go, but went up to, "evidently very angry," Wang, who had to hide scared to go back.

At this time, pedestrians began to multiply, the man standing on the roadside just do not go to see the passing of the woman would attack. "From start to finish, he did not say a word." Lee said that until 0900,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, a total of more than 10 women after a section of track, "No, he is not subject to harassment."

Subsequently, local residents the police, the police rushed to the scene, the man still did not speak, "Let him where he crouched on squatting, taking his time did not resist."


The man was taken away to do research

Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Police Department, Alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, and the man was taken away, the man did not make any resistance, as to why their harassing passing women, the police is under further investigation.

According to the insider, the spirit of man and there is no problem, is from Henan, before the greening of workers in the vicinity to do, after the resignation has been wandering in this area, the reason for this,woolrich prezzi, "because of his wife earlier this month when it suddenly disappeared , two people often quarrel. "