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Yesterday, a patient from Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (hereinafter referred to as the Big Five Cheng Affiliated) 11 floor fall dead. Family questioned the hospital did not make the appropriate protection work,store moncler, should bear responsibility; hospital said that the deceased was an adult, they have done to the best of responsibility, the hospital has no responsibility.

Patients with early morning falls dead

2 pm yesterday, Zheng Big Five Affiliated 11th floor ward, 23-year-old FOREIGN woke up on the bed suddenly found his father disappeared. Because North Korea has recently been nursing his father Yang Ying, FOREIGN and mother are too tired, accidentally fell asleep. Yang Ying towards gone to see his father, and mother looking FOREIGN quickly,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, corridor, bathroom, they searched every corner of the 11th floor, I could not find Yang Ying DPRK.

FOREIGN and mother went to the ward floor downstairs to find, finally found the Ying Yang toward the front of the flower beds in the ward. Yang Ying head south towards the north lie foot flower beds. Flower beds than the soft soil, Yang Ying toward the mouth and nostrils have minor bleeding. Yang Ying lying towards the top position in front of the 11th floor ward toilet,woolrich sito ufficiale, toilet windows wide open.

Yesterday morning, the area police station to build a new street scene investigation after initially ruled out homicide that North Korea might be Yang Ying hospital ward building from the 11th floor window,hogan 2013, jumped in the toilet.

All ward windows fully open

FOREIGN said yesterday, his family Xinye Township in Nanyang City. Yang Ying toward his father in April this year, the body numbness and other symptoms began to appear,http://www.sgjy169.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, May 31,hogan uomo 2013, the People's Hospital of Henan Province,vendita scarpe hogan, was diagnosed with brain blood vessel problems,moncler official online shop, they go to the Big Five Affiliated Zheng. After June 1 surgery done, father emotional instability, mental and sometimes not normal. "My father, when these symptoms occur,moncler usa, doctors, nurses are not suggesting the need to strengthen my father's care, the hospital did not strengthen management. Hospital such a high floor, the windows can be fully opened, the patient if you want to commit suicide, it is easy to jump off if the hospital preventive measures well in advance, or the families of my father there to remind us that the disease must be intensive care,hogan scarpe outlet online, and certainly will not happen. "FOREIGN said.

11 o'clock yesterday morning, reporters at the 11th floor Zheng Big Five Affiliated ward survey found that the toilet window from the 11th floor of the floor 102 cm, 100 cm high windows,tute moncler, width 67 cm, can be fully opened, adults can easily from Here jump over the windows. Not only that, the entire 11th floor,http://bbs.yapaifs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6196992,hogan uomo outlet, multiple windows can be fully opened, including Yang Ying toward the inside of the windows where the ward.

Hospital says that he has no responsibility

Yesterday morning,moncler online store, Mr. Zheng Big Five Affiliated security department spent believes Yang Ying falls towards the issue, is likely to commit suicide. If it is suicide,hogan rebel prezzo, should bear responsibility for themselves and their families, without any relationship with the hospital. "Hospitals should be responsible for the patient's personal security? Whether hospitals should set protection facilities outside the window,http://www.52maichun.com/thread-60798-1-1.html, or let the windows can not be completely open?" FOREIGN questions.

Mr. Flowers said that the patient is an adult, responsible for their own actions, the hospital can not be located in the windows plus protective equipment, such effects of firefighting. He acknowledged that the windows should not have been fully open, under normal circumstances,hogan outlet italia,http://jtsg.dylsw.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2307279, the windows only open more than 20 cm seam,piumini moncler outlet, but may have been damaged and the windows of individual hospitals are not promptly repaired.

Lawyers said the hospital should bear some responsibility

Days Zhengzhou branch of the right law firm lawyers Shaochun believes that the above incident, the hospital ward building high-rise buildings, there is no protection facilities on the windows,hogan store,http://www.icewen.net/zhidao/question.php?qid=1042588, regardless of Yang Ying toward suicide or homicide, the hospital has a certain responsibility. "Even suicide,,scarpe hogan scontate online, jumping themselves to be responsible adults, but the hospital should have protective equipment, and each floor hospital should have surveillance video,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, once patients had abnormal situation,http://www.axzgaxzj.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=453447, in time to prevent." Shaochun said the patient from the hospital to start,hogan online store, the formation of a contractual relationship with the hospital,store hogan, the hospital should be responsible for the safety of persons and property on the patient, therefore, Yang Ying falls toward the hospital should bear some responsibility.