Two nights ago, a pregnant woman about to produce Duran belly swollen, living on the streets of Nanjing police for help, saying she was pregnant has been 10 months, and now Ungrateful Lang was abandoned, no money hospitalized children, enthusiastic people to help her request Otherwise, the lives of the unborn child may not be secure, but she did not want the baby to be born, and hope to find a good home for adoption. Yesterday, the reporter Ro get in touch with their boyfriend, but Ro deny Duran unborn child was his. And Duran said that if Ro blindly evade responsibility, such as the child was born she wanted to find the biological father of the child through DNA.

Pregnant women in labor for police assistance

"I want to be born, please help me ......" Around 22:00 the day before yesterday, this year 30 years old pregnant Duran, a bulging belly looking Ungrateful boyfriend, while walking to a nearby Nanjing Shimonoseki Bridge Road, it is gone not move, slumped on the ground in tears after the police, 110 police arrived on the scene quickly, and with the police to be sent to a temporary residence.

Duran claimed to have been pregnant more than 10 months, and now are looking for missing boyfriend every day, hoping that he would look at Wang Riqing surface quickly stand out, but a bottom in so she was very disappointed, seeing the birth of the child would she could not find it, even more afraid of unborn children have a mishap. "Since yesterday morning, I am going to the unborn child was born, and sometimes severe stomach pain, no money hospitalization. Want to have enthusiastic people can help me, or the unborn child may not be secure life ......" Duran cried,hogan da uomo, she is currently staying in the Qinhuai District in rented rooms and the bridge area, as soon as possible in order to find a boyfriend, she almost every day early in the morning bulging belly off.

After the flash from the flash marriage, recognizing a new boyfriend

Qinhuai District and bridge a simple rental, temporary accommodation is Tulane, which is a rough room, indoor abnormal hot,http://newluan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=5417,hogan italia, house, in addition to the mats spread on the ground and two fans, almost no other items. Because going to have a baby,negozio hogan,http://www.languiren.cc/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1596335, and did not go out to look for yesterday Duran "missing" boyfriend,http://fenghuanglou.funbbs.me/viewthread.php?tid=11881&extra=, but lying quietly in an old wooden bed straight away tears. On the bedside table, stood a half-eaten bread and eaten with plastic boxed remaining dish, whole house messy,moncler outlet roma, and exudes an odor.

Duran said she was originally Baoding people,scarpe hogan prezzi, four years ago and moved to Nanjing to work from home, in an insurance company salesman, three years ago, she met a man with Pukou, and soon the two men have feelings hastily busy busy to do marriages. Be married less than four months, because her ex-husband had a girlfriend outside their divorce agreement.

Duran said that after the divorce about a year, at a gathering of friends, she met a man named Ro, Ro though 10 years older than himself, but she still can, plus Ro in She keeps confession before he had divorced,outlet piumini moncler, the two sides will soon rent cohabitation.

Later found to be pregnant, her boyfriend "disappeared"

When a reporter asked about their boyfriends when Ro where Duran could not help crying, claiming that her boyfriend Ro is this occasion, leaving her alone to run, and now do not know his whereabouts.

Duran said in her cohabitation with Ro three months later, she suddenly felt some physical discomfort, a start reaction is not intense and did not seriously, but then every day large response, she went to the hospital for a check, discovered she was pregnant. She said he must leave this child, because after all, is the crystallization of the two men love. Duran said that when she thought of his age so big, and I think one day earlier, when his mother, so also determined to the child. I did not expect, a few days, Ro actually leave her disappeared.

With the growing belly, Duran has been inconvenient to go to work, but it also means that she began to lose the source of life. Duran said,outlet piumini donna, because all these years in Nanjing, home to people with no contact. After Ro left, she would rely on friends and neighbors live aid,scarpe hogan online, life is very embarrassed.

Bulging belly looking Ungrateful Lang

After Ro secretly leave, Duran had two men can not live in the nearby Nanjing Hanzhong Gate Street house, and had to find another place to live. But this time her little money, no money to rent an apartment to live, but to live on the streets looking for Ungrateful Lang. From Shimonoseki,http://car.ycen.com.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1827215, Qixia, Qinhuai some friends became her temporary residence temporary home.

Duran told reporters recently with the help of her friend, temporarily rented this rental. Some well-meaning people often walk here to see her pathetic, she occasionally some help,hogan 2013 uomo, some well-intentioned woman also specifically through the previously showed her maternity wear, and often told to say pregnant women should pay attention to maintenance, so she was very moved .

Man said the child was not his

Duran said he and her boyfriend more than three months, she only knew Ro is Nanjing, claiming in Qixia Maigaoqiao opened a factory, but what is the factory, who lives where,http://www.qujingzhou.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=31522, she knew nothing.

Yesterday afternoon, lying in bed, his hand touched his bulging belly, Duran dazed,http://www.forever-giving.org/index.php/component/blog/comments.html?pid=893381,prezzi scarpe hogan, "I can not afford to raise him (her), hoping to have good people to adopt this poor child, now I have enough to eat, simply too poor to feed their children. "

"Pre-production period yesterday, a stomach ache every time, I am very afraid, more afraid of the unborn child may not be secure life ......" Duran said that now he was eating under the Dayton Dayton worry, no matter how tough she says she can , but do not want to let the children a birth followed her suffer. Consider for a long time, for the future child, she decided to mind to give birth away.

Fury said paternity tests prove innocence

In order to be able to find Duran said Ro ruthless boyfriend, a better understanding of the situation Duran talk,http://bbs.x.haohaowan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2243149,scarpe hogan scontate online, after twists and turns reporters yesterday finally made contact with pregnant women Duran boyfriend Ro.

Phone, the reporter an opening Ro immediately admitted he and Duran had sexual relations had occurred several times, as he was leaving her current is mainly because, he says Duran repeatedly haunt her unborn child was his. "Duran too many men on the outside, Who knows for sure who her unborn child is, anyway, certainly not me, would I want to help her,http://tw-politics.info/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=6245341&extra=, it seems that I can not more things." Said Ro . And when a reporter asked him to do the work, what say Duran when too many men outside, he hastily hung up the phone.

"He is too rogue, and obviously he is the child's biological father,hogan interactive 2012, he does not recognize, still out nonsense, it seems I have to do DNA paternity testing for children, I want an explanation for his innocence!" Reporters will work with Ro conversation after convey Duran, Duran said angrily.

"I do not have the slightest ambiguity!" Duran said that time not only to hold the child she looked for Ro, but also to find his house, for the children to win a place in Ro home, led to his reputation discredited.

Lawyer: No civil affairs department permission

The child away secretly suspected illegal

Yang Chaojiang Jiangsu Yangtze law firm lawyers said, according to the "Adoption" requirement, if the biological parents belong to the special difficulties of life, can not afford to raise a child, you can search for adoptive parents for the children, with special difficulties mentioned here refers to a disability and severe disease. If you want to find adoptive parents for the children, we must go to the civil affairs departments above the county level apply only after permission for adoption formalities. Jiang's lawyer believes that the present situation, if not get permission from the civil affairs department, Duran secretly gave the child to others, will be arrested for the crime of abandonment. (Text characters are not his real name) (please rebellion person to receive information costs)

Author: Lu Bin / Source: Nanjing Morning News