Universal creative cooking contest

People create their own dishes can become a local signature dishes appear on the major hotels of recipes, but also indicate the creator's name, such things are rare. What platter consisting of pig tongue and pig's ear called it? Zhong County in Chongqing dish called "private message." Recently, Chongqing Zhong County to start a "universal creative cooking contest," the award-winning 70 dishes, and it includes a simple but some meaning and creative dishes that road. The selection of the winners of the dishes not only appeared in the major hotels on local recipes and dishes are points every time,stivali hogan,http://bbs.xncac.com/viewthread.php?tid=14516591&extra=, you can get 7 cents creators of income.

Winners star hotel chefs to teach cooking

The creative cooking competition started in early June on, after learning that to have a chance to become the founder of Zhongxian of special dishes go down in history, but also to sit at home and access to economic benefits,http://www.china-vm.net.cn:88/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=52409, there are hundreds of people came to sign up immediately. According to statistics, enter the preliminary round of the units have a hundred, but as an individual competition also has more than 30 people.

At present,spaccio hogan, after the preliminary round, the selection of hot dishes 30, local snacks 10, features the name of the dish 10 family dishes and local specialties 20. It is understood that the final selection of dishes will enter the prefecture-star hotel by the creators taught chef cook, and to the creation of the person's name marked out on the menu, as long as the point of time, it will make from fees charged in 1 dollars, of which three cents to the local government, seven cents to creators.

"National is creative talent."

The idea to hold this referendum creative cooking contest, is the county party secretary Zhu? Yen ideas. Zhu? Yan is from Zhejiang,hogan spaccio, political science postdoctoral November 2008 any Zhongxian county party secretary,http://www.ziscw.com/thread-742005-1-1.html, is one of two postdoctoral secretary of Chongqing.

He said in an interview, said the people are the creative talent, entrepreneurship does not require a diploma limited. "A lot of people think that entrepreneurs do big business, want to get out,http://www.fooyso.com/zhidao/question.php?qid=663276,moncler baby outlet online, but this is a narrow understanding,moncler sito ufficiale, so I put this referendum Contest as cooking, start eating began," Zhu? Yan said the cooking Contest it does not set any threshold, everyone can participate,http://www.51cc.us/bbs/showtopic-6926795.aspx, one can draw on collective wisdom, it also tells people to start very simple, just need to find the right direction, sitting at home can receive the money.

How to prevent specialties "cottage"?

Competition Organizing Committee of the relevant responsible person said,moncler online italia,http://bbs.taochuang.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=275151, the creation of these dishes is certainly right owned by the creator of all,hogan italia, currently only at the launch of the prefecture-star hotel, and will indicate the name of the creator. Production method is not rumor, and if there is a copycat version in the late fame started,outlet moncler online, you can also volunteer at the premise of creators,hogan saldi,http://www.foosc.com/sportssocialnetwork/profile.php?user=pzfkvxgy9&v=comments&v=comments, from my application registered trademark safeguard rights.

How to ensure that the creators of income,http://www.8264.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,hogan donna scarpe?

The official said that these dishes has not been determined, once identified, will certainly be installed in the corresponding star hotel information platform, through electronic point to record the number of a la carte menu, and can promptly inform the creators via SMS and other means. On the payment, can follow,hogan italia, such as monthly, quarterly or half year settlement period, after the deduction of reasonable taxes,scarpe hogan online, paid to creators.

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