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You've heard out the tiger, lion and ostrich to an area of ​​thing? Yesterday, this novelty occurred in Zhengzhou, animal army was dispatched by the Zhengzhou City Zoo, aimed against the north side of an adjoining 50 acres zoo treasure land. Users of the land is now under the Provincial Sports Bureau bicycle Modern Pentathlon Management Center.

Zoo says Sports Bureau Jiede not yet twenty years, they want to be forced out of animals; Sports Bureau claimed that the land had indeed a zoo, but then the government has allocated to them, the zoo should not look for them to be land.

"The two sides disputed piece of land next to the Agricultural Road, Zhengzhou City Bar Street,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, high cost of land." Near the masses,hogan outlet online, the two sides dispute resolution should be made by the Government to solve the year, zoo animal protection should be carried out of the practice is questionable .

Lion Tiger rebellion midnight occupation training ground

3 o'clock yesterday morning, the reporter received a tip lines, said: Zhengzhou City Zoo has just dispatched hundred people out, Chenzheyese the Provincial Sports Bureau bicycle Modern Pentathlon Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Transportation Management Center") Ferry Bicycles training venues fence torn down, with steel and barbed wire fence off a site, put in cages mounted a tiger,tuta moncler, two lions carried, also ostrich put this site on the south side, to occupy the land.

When reporters arrived, Li Jian, secretary of the Transportation Management Center has been in the field. He said: "After we heard that intercepted the zoo nor the leadership to come forward, we had to call 110, the police rushed to the scene to stop the 3:00, but they also continued construction to 8:00, the zoo again forty or fifty. old comrades,offerte scarpe hogan, they took Mazar and a small bench, sitting in the field do not go, claiming to recover 50 acres of land the zoo and we fear the situation and then go out of control,http://dp-archeage.ga/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=38934#p38934,hogan uomo prezzi, they called 110, and to make a report to superiors. "

Lions Tigers live out due to land disputes

8 o'clock in the morning, reporters at the scene saw a police car parked outside the West in the Transportation Management Center. Transportation Management Center in the southwest of the training ground, welded wire mesh has been just up the fence in the middle there is a large iron cage, which has a positive tiger walking back and forth, and another two lions housed in two cages placed next. Tens of meters outside the south, is another new welded wire mesh, inside a dozen ostriches kept running.

In the vicinity of barbed wire, 79-year-old said he was zoo retirees,http://www.beninprofessionals.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=27852#p27852, transportation management center piece of land is by the zoo, after two years when the 1984 return by saying, can so far not yet. Now Transportation Management Center was built in bar street frontage room, ready to rent, "No place to put our animals,hogan outlet milano, but they engage in business development, we are trying to put the land back to wildlife." Several elderly people also hang out a white banner that read "return my garden occupies 50 acres of green space, but also green to the people."

Tickets to watch the old dig seeing tigers lions were carried out of the zoo, many people have come around to see rare, "It's too dangerous, if the animal ran out Zenong ah." One people ask.

said: "Wildlife disgraceful,http://www.xinyindao.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=20506, say bite the bite but the security problems we have rules,http://banmuhuat.cn/news/html/?3985.html, we are responsible for our problems that disinfection sterilization, the feeding feeding, have the person responsible.."

14:00 yesterday, the reporter once again came to the scene and saw the tiger cages are sleeping. "Tiger is toss a night, it is estimated too sleepy, the good sleep." Next to a man said with a smile.

Lion in cages restlessly around. Staff said two lions are a year old, the tiger is one year old Siberian tiger.

Recalling the zoo Jiede to Speedway who have been opposed to twenty years ago,vendita moncler online?

6 o'clock yesterday afternoon, reporters came to Zhengzhou Zoo in Zhengzhou city government in 1984 to the provincial government's "urgent report on the First National Youth Games Velodrome venue problem."

Twenty years ago, this report says: "To meet the convening of the First National Youth Games,hogan store, we according to the provincial government leaders build Velodrome on land no longer views from late April to determine planning zoo set aside 50 acres, was built by the province committee Velodrome, after two years of 50 acres of land back to the zoo, after reporting to the province, the provincial leaders agreed,hogan collezione 2013, however, recently the central, provincial, some units to call us, issued a document, put forward different views .5 March 14, learn province garden, Forestry Society, the Environmental Protection Society, the Zoological Society jointly issued a "green Zhengzhou Zoo occupation can not call" .5 May 19, the Provincial Urban and Rural Construction and Environmental Protection Office of Henan Building Regulations (1984) on the 17th "on the Zhengzhou City Velodrome siting letter," pointed out: 'should not be allocated land for Velodrome zoo' .5 March 26, the National Afforestation Committee Zhengzhou municipal government to make long distance calls, proposed 'accounting zoo built racetrack thing,https://www.jnjvisioncare.co.uk/index.php?item/create_form/1, we thought not to occupy'. "

Data provided by Zhengzhou Zoo: 1984 Urban and Rural Construction and Environmental Protection Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction in Henan Province Environmental Protection Bureau to send a copy of the letter, said:. "Central has always stressed that the relevant provisions, urban green space not occupied by the study suggests that bicycle racing farm land occupied by the zoo is inappropriate. invite you to the relevant provisions of the provincial authorities reiterated the country, asking them to consider carefully and do not take up. "

Zoo Sports Bureau tenant does not have

Yesterday, Zhengzhou City Zoo,piumini outlet, a staff member surnamed Li to reporters issued a formal "note": "To meet the First National Youth Games held in Zhengzhou, in 1984, the municipal government decided to temporarily borrow the zoo 50 acres of public green space to the then The province committee to build a bike track, and promised to return after two years, 50 acres of green space in Zhengzhou City Zoo, or shown with the return of land next to the zoo,hogan uomo 2013, the public nature of the land is still green, but after a lapse of twenty years, Speedway had not of the event, became the automobile driver training schools, shops, companies, still occupy 50 acres of green space to borrow, refused to fulfill the original promise, severely restricted the sustainable development of the zoo. "

"Note", said: "Over the years, several rounds of consultations with the provincial zoo bicycle Management Center to reflect their superiors to require repayment shown with my green garden of 50 acres, but so far unsuccessful .2010 April 5, I received a garden retired workers questioned the book, reflecting the ongoing real estate development province Bicycle Race, which, again, I park immediately communicated to the Provincial Sports Bureau, demanded the return of my garden green, but the Provincial Sports Bureau have been disregarded, its own way. "

"Zhengzhou City Zoo 430 acres (including occupied 50 acres) of land in Zhengzhou City Planning public green space, its share ownership of 50 acres of land in Zhengzhou City Zoo, has no right to any unauthorized processing unit; provincial bicycle management center for development in this land construction, a serious violation of "Town and Country Planning Act" and other laws and regulations. "

Lee said: "To protect the zoo and the whole community of public green space are not infringed, we had no alternative had to resort to this measure and hope that the provincial bicycle Management Center and the higher authorities of the Provincial Sports Bureau secretly develop green to give instructions regarding my garden, and more give the general public a reasonable account of the masses. "

Zoo to return the land to do what purpose it? Staff member surnamed Li, said: "We will build a youth science education center in this place, to show the diversity of what is guaranteed is the case if the expenses incurred, will be free and open young people."

Provincial Sports Bureau, the zoo should not come to us

Provincial Sports Bureau Hanshi Ying told reporters:. "When the Zhengzhou municipal government allocated 50 acres of land to the zoo Sports Bureau, is the result of the then Provincial Planning Commission, Zhengzhou municipal government of Zhengzhou City Planning Board approved the consent of the year, although the Zhengzhou municipal government Indeed approval with the words 'after two years at the zoo next to the land shown with repayment' is, but this is the Zhengzhou city government's commitment, and we have nothing, and is re-sign 50 acres of land to the zoo, not the bike has been built sports center demolished returned. zoo Zhengzhou municipal government should reflect the exchange of thing should not be to the Sports Council should be, because this is the government's unified deployment of behavior, rather than private transactions Sports Bureau and the zoo. "

Subsequently, Hanju Zhang presented to reporters May 31, 1984 in Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government Municipal Government Wen Zheng (1984) on the 15th, "the zoo on the allocation of land for the construction of bike venue approval." On approval,hogan outlet, said: Municipal Utilities Authority: You bureau communal garden Zheng Zi (84) No. 08 "Report on the construction of bicycle racing venue in Zhengzhou City Zoo" received. In order to meet the First National Youth Games held in the city government to allocate 50 acres of land to build a bike zoo venue. Venue built by the province committee responsible, responsible for managing the physical culture. After two years at the zoo next to the land shown with repayment. Make your garden a good job at the bureau, the zoo, and help build the province committee Bicycle Race.

Hanju Zhang said the person in charge of the zoo was made, the two jointly developed Agricultural Road Bar Street (the dressing room), which was denied transportation management center, as Transportation Management Center is a training unit, engage in Bar Street will affect the athletes training . Transportation Management Center is now part of the land leased to engage in Bar Street commercial development, but this is to support the Government's "Agricultural Road Bar Street" plan, boutique Street building to support the government. Transportation Management Center to rent out to build a bar street, to receive more than 50 million per year.

In Transportation Management Center North, agriculture Ke Lunan's one on the ground, dozens of workers are digging the foundation. According to migrant workers, but here is to build a bar street dressing room.

For the part of the status quo Transportation Management Center site leased Driving, training institutions to engage in business development, transportation management center, said Li Jian, secretary, business development revenue each year there are about 20 million, to engage in business development is intended to compensate for lack of funds .

Tiger affect public safety against the majority carried away

Reporters at the scene interviewed a number of onlookers. Mr. Meng believes that the zoo is a place where animals are kept, no right to zoo animals carried away as to the chips. And the lions and tigers carried out, but also constitute a hazard to public safety, this method of resolving disputes is wrong.

Another Zhengzhou people say that the lions and tigers at midnight carry out, toss one day, this is not abuse animals? Who gave them this power?

Liang Zhou Wenhua Road police station, said: "The zoo tigers, lions carried out, is not appropriate, mainly unsafe, it is not civilized."

Yan Yan Bin, director of the East Law Firm, the last century, around the 1980s, China's state-owned urban land regulations are not very standardized,http://www.xsnt.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=4381, nor is perfect,hogan elective, and sometimes, a government meeting minutes to put certain parcels of land allocated to a unit of. General state-owned land ownership dispute, the proposal by the Government for the land management department should determine who owns the land use rights; who owns who has the right to use, but also by the planning department planning. Both departments are in the public interest, government land management should combine the two departments as soon as the land status and comprehensive conclusion of the land property ownership. Land dispute, the two failed to reach a consensus through communication, it should be reflected in land management department.

Professor, School of Public Administration, Zhengzhou University sociology discipline Deschamps believes that from the location, the land will bring considerable land use social and economic benefits. When departmental interests conflict, should be subject to the overall sector interests and public interests. For departmental interests should not take prejudicial to public safety practices. Disputes two units by the level of government departments should coordinate the resolution, but not without taking action. □ reporter intern Zhang Yingying Zhang Wenzhong Hao / text reporter Du Xiaowei Wang Jianli / map