By the American people like the Chengdu Giant Panda's first offspring living in America, "Meilan" will take the Boeing 777 plane on February 5 back home in Chengdu. And "Meilan" together to return there at the Washington National Zoo's male giant panda born four years and a half of "Tarzan," and it will be sent back to China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya'an Bifengxia base.
Source: Oriental TV "Look East"
It is reported that, accompanied by medical staff, breeder, courier special delivery on a full-time staff members and many other machines. Two pandas courier company also ordered a thermostat two Plexiglas container, the giant panda can move back and forth within the container, the box is also available bamboo, water and other nourishment.

"Meilan" in Chengdu Panda Base is a single-family new home quarantine Pavilion. Due to quarantine Hall quiet environment, where you can very well avoid outside interference, reduce the "Meilan" stress response, to help it adapt to living in a new home. There are two indoor ventilated, dry room, in the case of climate are not allowed to go out, "Meilan" can enjoy life indoors; connected with the interior of two suites are two supporting outdoor activities, games,spaccio moncler milano, allowing "Meilan "free activities to ensure good health. In accordance with the quarantine requirements,outlet hogan on line, was admitted to the quarantine after Meilan museum, it is necessary and like its Panda fans say goodbye to the period of time for quarantine.

HUANG Xiangming Minister Chengdu Panda Base moving pipe section describes, in order to allow "Meilan" better to spend the adaptation period, the panda base has contacted the United States with some of its favorite biscuit back home, and then gradually replaced by the Chengdu Giant Panda eat The buns. At the same time, "Meilan" will enjoy the variety, very fresh giant panda eating bamboo. And soon accompany "Meilan" through quarantine period is also the Chengdu Panda Base has a wealth of experience raising breeder.

Chengdu Panda Base also invited panda fans around the world, according to scientific recommendations paired-age male panda appearance, personality, habits and Chengdu Giant Panda experts, via Internet voting from a male panda in the alternative, for returnees sister, "Meilan" pick a boyfriend.

Base staff revealed that due to the Meilan his childhood living in the United States on Chinese unfamiliar, returned to his hometown of Chengdu, Sichuan dialect to understand there should be a lot more difficult. To this end,hogan originali, the panda base will recruit volunteers for the world --- Meilan Chinese teacher. Volunteer Requirements: good health, no infectious diseases. Degree in college or proficient in English, have enough time and energy to as Gu Meilan.

Work includes, as an assistant breeder, breeder of Meilan help clean indoor and outdoor activities in the field; for Meilan clean body and so on. Eligible panda fans can be returned by Sina Meilan mini-site registration applicants.

However, the giant panda, "Tarzan," the spokesman said, "Tarzan" is not afraid not understand Sichuan dialect. Reporter Yu Wenlong

"Tarzan" is not afraid to Chengdu in Sichuan did not understand the words

"We knew this day would come, but still feel heartbroken. Only we looked at the National Zoo cute little guy who grew up going back to China." --- "Washington Post"

"'Tarzan' since birth, play multiple roles it with the Chinese mountains of the same name, by many Americans prefer." Tarzan "and getting to know China." - National Zoo Panda curator Stevens

"I love you, 'Tarzan', I'll miss you go home you find a girlfriend, baby panda have more points, and then come back together." - 7-year-old little girl Jessica

February 4,moncler outlet it, four and a half years old male panda "Tarzan" will take the U.S. FedEx cargo plane to return to China Sichuan. The reporter interviewed yesterday by the National Zoo "Tarzan" of life, to understand the "Tarzan" readiness return.

Days of the American people and a number of media to carry out various activities farewell, expressing "Tarzan," the regret and love. As China's "panda diplomacy," an important one,http://www.facebrave.com/en/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=46275, "Tarzan" witness the friendship and cooperation between China and the United States.

Returning to the main task is to breed

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the National Zoo Connection "Tarzan" life. Zoo spokesman said that after two giant pandas arrived in China, "Tarzan" will be receiving the China Wildlife Conservation Association zoo, and settled in the Wolong Panda Protection Center. The "Meilan" will return to the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base.

It is reported that, "Tarzan" and "Meilan" The main task of this return is paired to reproduce.

"Meilan" and "Tarzan," the home journey performed by Federal Express. The spokesman said that for security reasons, Panda departure "boarding" process will be closed to the media, but FedEx will be available online "news.fedex.com/pandas" real-time information updates panda to leave. FedEx also be customized for two pandas home thermostat two Plexiglas container, the giant panda can move back and forth within the container,hogan offerta, the box is also available 40 pounds heavier bamboo, water and other nourishment. Machine will be accompanied by medical staff, breeder, and several other members of the courier special delivery full-time staff.

Some netizens had been worried that the "ABC" panda keepers can understand Mandarin Chinese instruction. For this question, the spokesman said, no need to worry about. "We have already taken into account this situation, 'Tarzan' fully able to adapt to international life, because it is no breeder usually speak English, they are relying on gestures instructions to its 'communication'."

"Tarzan" is the only American National Zoo panda, American favorite. After the "Tarzan" leave, the National Zoo panda again whether it plans to adopt another? The spokesman said that everything is under consideration,http://game.myrules.cn:8080/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=799541, "the moment the most important thing is the 'Tarzan' safe back home."

Media is its front page photo

"Tarzan" enjoys high popularity in the United States. U.S. NBC to "with" Tarzan "farewell moment came" in the title, the zoo announced the most popular star is about to be sent back to China's news.

"Washington Post" on January 29 will be "Tarzan" pictures posted on the front page, the report said:. "We knew this day would come, but still feel heartbroken only we grew up watching in the National Zoo's cute The little guy go back to China. "" Washington Post "also through the website to solicit public their film" Tarzan "pictures.

Panda Zoo curator Stevens said,giubbotto donna moncler, "Tarzan" since birth, play multiple roles. It is the Chinese famous namesake, is a glamorous friendly messenger, but also the United States and a symbol of cooperation and friendship. Many Americans through like "Tarzan" and get to know China, said it was "Friendship Ambassador" worthy of the name.

People braved the snow to say goodbye

January 30, the National Zoo in Washington, specifically for the "Tarzan" to hold a public farewell ceremony, hundreds of "Tarzan" fans braved the snow to come and "Tarzan" farewell.

Panda fans crowd parting conceal feelings of their hearts. From Buffalo,http://www.zhongwangpz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2238946, New York City, Susan? said that from "Tarzan" since birth, she has been concerned about this little guy. "We wish it happy! Hope it like it's new home! Hopefully one day we could see it go to China!"

? Emily Yar from Maryland said: "I remember when I first university, 'Tarzan' daily newspaper appeared on the front page, it is so lovely, each photo is very popular."

7-year-old girl from Virginia,hogan outlet, Jessica and her mother come with "Tarzan" farewell, farewell card on her, wrote: "Hello, I love you, I will miss you go home you find a girlfriend. bar, multi-point panda born baby, then come back together. "farewell audience to write cards, will be accompanied by" Tarzan "with the shipped back to China. (Newspaper reporter Xu Wanling)

Chief keeper Nicole Meese?:

I will accompany the "Tarzan" to Chengdu

U.S. National Zoo in the afternoon, indoor giant panda museum largely abandoned. Most tourists passing by, did not notice a man in a gray sweater coat, holding a shovel and broom, sweeping petite women are behind the glass floor observation deck.

Her name is Nicole? Meath. She wore a blue frock gloves, the waist with walkie-talkies and a bunch of keys. She methodically to work with --- a hand shovel in one hand and a broom --- sweeping the bamboo and other residue left listless dead panda. She is probably the best understanding of "Tarzan" that person, because she is the "Tarzan" the chief breeder.

Dismay,http://286dj.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=231120, "I do not want to imagine, and it will separate"

"Tarzan" was born that morning, Nicole is present. She witnessed it from a small,http://hewoba.com/viewthread.php?tid=211319&extra=, almost no hair long naked newborn panda into a lanky precocious teenager panda. She witnessed its four birthday, it's the first time for outdoor activities --- "very beautiful," she said --- as well as its first time to eat bamboo.

"It sounds familiar to me," she said, "and my appearance, it would hand signals sent me to respond and I talk to it,hogan 2013 uomo, call it 'sweetheart', it will respond softly Miejiao forward."

35-year-old Nicole will work with "Tarzan" with the machine in order to come to China --- it has a companion. She'll be on in China for some time, and then with it separately. "This will be a very painful thing," she said. "Really, I do not want to imagine it."

Memorable "hissed cubs then quickly grew"

Nicole said she will always remember the day that Sunday in July 2005 --- the Tarzan born. She is enjoying the early morning Woodbridge dream home. "I was at home sleeping," she said. "Not to five in the morning I got a call, and then I call back up. One breeder told I had arrived at the zoo as soon as possible, because we have a panda cub."

"It is very good from the first day move," Nicole said. Staff from the monitor after a few days to see it:. "It looks like a hairless mouse when the panda cubs born yet opened his eyes,store hogan, ear did not open, so they twist to twist go screamed. "

She remembered the first time she took a few weeks after it. "I was very nervous," she said, "because all the people around the world are concerned about Tarzan. Time high just picked up this little life treatment, I was incredibly nervous, but just a blink of an eye,store moncler, it grew the. "

Blessing "It may be able to panda family of childbirth."

"Tarzan" will eventually be shipped to China Chengdu Panda Base. Nicole said she was doing this row two schedules: one for himself and one for "Tarzan." She will sit,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, Tarzan and a 3-year-old panda Mei Lan from Zoo Atlanta will be packed separately in crates in the United States FedEx plane, the same plane sent to China.

The voyage about 14 and a half hours,http://0771r.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, 8642 km, local time at 11:30 on the 4th from Dulles International Airport, will arrive in Chengdu late afternoon on the 5th.

After the plane landed, Taishan Chinese regulators will accept. Nicole will be suspended its breeder duties, their identity becomes a guest.

"For Tarzan for (returning) is a good thing,hogan interactive," she said, "it will be paired feeding, might be the favorite for most people in this world but also the most endangered species in the family import of childbirth." (Wu Han)

Tarzan is already "Washingtonians"

'Heard' Tarzan 'returning this news feels weird smells and we love it and we love it to stay here. "U.S. National Zoo Erika Bauer said.

Tarzan was born in the nation's capital, so the Americans called it "the Washington people." As a half-year-old panda,saldi hogan, the Tarzan had entered from early childhood to adolescence, but for the majority of its fans, Tarzan will always be their darling children.

Usually such a statement, to Washington not to the zoo to see "Tarzan," the trip is not complete. And many years, some people claim that the first number Taishan Washington residents --- his top ranking even higher than the president. Bauer also understand the "Tarzan" returning to the line,http://howtosmile.org/wiki/index.php/User:%C2%B7%C2%A2%C2%B2%C2%BC0f2s#2Rrr7hmqnR, she said:. "Let Tarzan conduct panda breeding and protection of this species in this sense too great for Tarzan, the return to China is also a great start to the day."

Speaking of "Tarzan" status in the eyes of Washington, indeed called "heavy as Mount Tai." Since the "Tarzan" was born, the Washington National Zoo Panda average monthly real-time video page hits to reach one million times.

Washington National Zoo in Washington as a whole, have to have "Tarzan" proud. It is the flag icon on the zoo park, the zoo is the best-selling souvenirs on the pattern. "Tarzan" image appeared frequently in the media, documentaries and stamps, American folk also spontaneously set up a large number of members of "Tarzan" club.

July 9, 2005, the giant panda "Mei Xiang" at the Washington National Zoo gave birth to "Tarzan." Originally agreed by the two sides, "Tarzan" will be sent back to China at the age of 2. At the request of the United States, the Chinese government in 2007 agreed to "Tarzan" America prolonged two years. 2009 summer again should the United States requested an extension of six months again.