Xinhua Black October 10 (Reporter Fu Yongtao) October 10, Hainan Frontier Corps soldiers home safe transfer of the six days and nights trapped Wen Ya urban water community one pair seventy old couple.

Reporters learned from the Hainan Provincial Border Defense Corps, on the 10th morning, Wenchang, Hainan Frontier Corps border detachment, maritime police detachment stationed in Wenchang qinglan 1003 ship duty point total of more than 100 officers and men,sito ufficiale hogan, carrying shovels,http://xw.wuhexian.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=754723,hogan junior outlet,http://center.snxiaowai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=780121, brooms and other tools,moncler online store, to flood-soaked Wen Wenchang town, clearing roads silt rubbish, and clear drains, helping people moving furniture, appliances, sliding driver roadside assistance vehicle broke down. 9 am, that the text of urban water Cliff Lang a building in a pair of seven-year-old couple trapped at home, frail urgent rescue, border officers immediately wade rush past.

According to the site of the frontier guard presentation, the old man 75 years old,hogan prezzi, hale and hearty, gray hair,piumini bambina moncler, but the body is very tough. 83-year-old lady, sick. Because children are not around,autlet hogan, they are trapped at home six days and six nights. I heard that they want to send out, the old man waved his hand, "do not go." No matter how soldiers persuaded the old man insisted that home. The old man said he was reluctant to leave this life for decades home.

25-year-old Wu Jianfeng frontier guards went to the elderly in a few days ago to send food. He pulled the old man's hand, bending his ear,hogan uomo prezzi,http://bbs.sciencenet.cn/thread-2036721-1-1.html, called out, "Grandpa", patiently persuade. 18-year-old recruits Fan Pengfei next to persuade grandmother in another, and two cans of rice pudding and mineral homeopathic handed. Some effort to persuade finally moved it to the elderly. Ten minutes later, the old man obediently climbed Wu Jianfeng Peng Fei and Fan back, was rushed to Wenchang City People's Hospital for treatment.

As at 20:00 on the 10th,http://mondoretro.com/activity/p/490752/, Hainan Public Security Border Defense Corps were deployed 17,529 police to passengers,http://www.metin2pvpkirala.org/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=93176,hogan interactive 2013, vehicles 2634 times,interactive hogan, boats 586 ships and 35,921 people transfer trapped people,http://waptm.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6654,sito moncler ufficiale, rescue people in distress 4857 people, for the people to restore the loss of about 34.75 million yuan, reinforcement fishing row 25,http://sofunz.com/forum/profile.php?id=5977, to assist local government in transporting 180 tons of rice,scarpe hogan in offerta, instant noodles over 3000 boxes of mineral water over 5000 boxes,hogan donna prezzi,http://baozangmap.com/chujingyou/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3417905, sent medical teams admissions affected people 1658, issuing a number of drugs.