Most parents of migrant children taboo to talk about how you look at this phenomenon career?

Recently, the daughter of Golden Hill Road South Bank area where the school sent a request of some parents notice of the meeting, Mr. Huang was therefore depressed together - daughter firmly let her mother go to school without the consent of his brother when the force parents to attend. Daughter on the second grade, Wong went to school only once saw her daughter, however, the result of this visit, her daughter never want him to go to school. Why? The day before yesterday, Mr Wong told reporters,http://www.ebay.com/itm/aw-cgi-/180631681385?clk_rvr_id=399999103299, because that let her daughter go to school carrying a pole humiliated.

Put the pole into the school to visit her daughter

Wong, 35,hogan scontate, hometown in Sichuan Linshui, now the South Bank area two residential area when the force brother. Last year,hogan bambino outlet, he put seven-year-old daughter (red) is also connected to the main city primary school.

October day,hogan online, Mr. Huang was carrying a pole on the street looking for work, suddenly received a phone call red head teacher, and I hope he goes to school trip. Had previously been his wife to go to school, worried about her daughter out of trouble,http://www.acoh-re.jp/post_mail/postmail.cgi, Mr. Huang was too late notification wife, carrying the pole directly to the school.

Standing in front of the classroom, Mr. Huang carrying red pole shouted the name. Suddenly, a lot of students crashed looked over,http://www.xptsp.com/home/xptspn5/public_html/xptsp.com/500..php, stare stare Wong, eyes and placed his hands on the pole, and then look back on a red seat. Father appeared and students to reflect, let's face look red on red, her head down, quickly ran out of the classroom, with his father went to the head teacher's office.

A false alarm, the head teacher told Wong, red character became somewhat introverted, answer questions not take the initiative, I hope more concerned about her when Wong rest.

"More and very quiet." The teacher did not criticize red, Wong did not quarrel daughter, but he found that going from school, red becomes more silent, sometimes deliberately hide themselves.

Daughter thought their father was injured

Last week, the teachers also notify the parents went to school, my mother offered to go to the little red school.

Why red reluctant father to go to school? Mr. Huang's wife and daughter Cuxitanxin, only to find the secret.

"Bang Bang all know my father is." Little Red told his mother, since the last time my father to go after school, we always suppressed, the students feel somewhat strange to see his eyes, and even talk in whispers behind their father,hogan scontate, just like When they have a laugh at Bang Bang father.

Xiao said, afraid someone mention Mom and Dad are doing, recently bought a new home and something. She asked reporters why someone else's father can be the boss, her father only when the club do?

Informed of her daughter's mind, Mr. Wong was very sad, I did not expect to see their daughter went to school rush, but it hurt her.

Special classes organized team activities for her

Mr. Wong does not know how to do? His own daughter's story time with the little red head teacher,moncler outlet torino, Jinshan Road, Nan'an District primary school teachers Qinqiao Yu communicated. To this end, Qin teacher deliberately organized a class entitled "Thanksgiving parent" classes will be activities for the kids talk about their parents toil, to talk about the things they make their move to help the red out of the psychological shadow.

Upper class team activities, some students recalled after his sick father do not sleep at night carrying their own past infusion; some students said, winter, mother's hands covered with chilblains, but still standing on the street every day to polish shoes to earn money; Some students said their parents to help her into the city to go to school, at the construction site on a hot day under the scorching sun,moncler giubbotto donna, wind and snow in winter, to earn money to buy a house to move accounts ......

Some parents in the students ran sales, some restaurant staff, some shoeshine, and some also when immersed in one club ...... "Thanksgiving parents' story, red tears. .

"They also want to put on, did not want to live a sweat, you can for the children,http://web.thu.edu.tw/kudo/www/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi, for the family, they had to endure all of this." Finally, Qin teacher took the children sang the song "father," "mother," the child were immersed in feelings of gratitude parents.

Reporter Peng Yu

Investigation ""

Bacheng children of migrant workers

Reluctant parents to visit the school

Little Red teacher Qinqiao Yu said in class survey found that the class 48 students, of which only two students in the South Bank area of ​​domicile, and the rest are from surrounding counties, most parents are migrant workers, and some ran sales, some restaurant staff,scarpe hogan donna outlet, some shoeshine, and some also when the club ......

Qin teacher around "Are you willing and parents together? Your body sweat habits parents,spaccio moncler online? You can boldly tell your parents are doing the students a job? Are you willing to come to the school to visit their parents? Do you think your parents to proofread What is the impact? "for the whole class to investigate.

As a result, most of the students willing to work with their parents, half of the students who are not accustomed to the parents of sweat, 90 percent of students do not want to tell the students what their parents are working, only two parents are the boss of students expressed their willingness; 80% The students do not want their parents to visit the school, parents' occupations feel bad, let themselves in front of their classmates do not lift their heads.

I have something to say

As the saying goes,moncler official,http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~dh/bbs4/lightbbs.cgi, "children mother never too ugly,http://www.sgjy169.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, dog sees a poor family." In the end is what makes today's kids are too "ugly parent" of the? Had to ask the deeper social causes. "Labor is no distinction or distinction" has become a talk, even Huangkou children were branded with the stigma of hierarchy,http://www.dgco.jp/furima/b-parts25/bbs.cgi, How sad. - In Germany bluffing friends

I was born in the countryside, then to the city high school, but also because the parents are farmers,scarpe hogan prezzo, students fear ridicule. Later sensible, recalling only feel shame,vendita hogan, then redouble our efforts to make parents a better life. I want to persuade Mr. Huang, MO daughter thing personally, her children will naturally understand their parents hard.

- I'm not strong induced renal friends,http://mt.fresheye.com/ft_form.cgi,negozio hogan?

Everyone has to face, the child is no exception. Proud parents have with their children concepts, children must have their parents proud of hope. On the child's face or to appropriate care, but too much care about the children in their parents career, I feel no face, it should be noted guided. - Jia Ling housewives

With the social and economic development, the wealth gap appears, the child's psychological comparisons objective existence, it can be understood, but the most important thing is for parents, teachers, and how to guide their children overcome psychological comparisons.

- Xie Yulan China Jiangbei District Experimental Primary School Moral new director

People can not choose their parents, do not have to face perhaps Bang Bang, but the key is to understand her parents change their attitude, study hard, to change the fate of their parents and their own face and earn is the most important.

- He Xiaoyan early childhood teachers