Yangcheng Evening News reporter Yang Hui reported: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province CPPCC members Caiai Dong,hogan stivali, trapped in the prison in order to save his brother, Liang Ming own online identity CPPCC members, the majority of users request forwarded solidarity. After the event, many people did not understand, such an "identity" of the people, how can ordinary people like huh "Network innocence"? CPPCC members is how to come to this step?

Questioned miscarriages of justice

To reveal the identity of the CPPCC members

Caiai Dong's brother Cai Aifeng originally Changzhou Wujin District, editing a television program, deputy director of the center,prezzi hogan, contracting sector business, which I was a news reporter. January 2009 on suspicion of corruption, was sued Changzhou Wujin District People's Court prosecutors. The indictment says: will Wujin Rural Commercial Bank 21 units of 41 pen paid to Wujin District Radio and Television Council (Taiwan) advertising, promotional expenses not accounted for nearly 2.8 million yuan, of which more than 170 individual actually gets million, all for personal purchase of real estate and other expenses.

November 13,outlet ufficiale moncler, 2009, Wujin District Court sentenced 14 years in prison Caiai Feng six months. Subsequently Caiai Feng appeal, the case is sent back again Wujin District court for retrial,http://bbs.qingwaquan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=107662, "Cai Aifeng corruption case," the second trial result: reduce the amount of corruption from 1.7 million yuan to 750,000 yuan, subtract one year imprisonment,outlet piumini moncler, confiscation of property from 300,000 yuan to become 200,000 yuan.

After his brother incident, Caiai Dong felt his brother "has been unfairly treated," as he is determined to "seek justice." August 6,spaccio moncler milano, 2010, Cai Aifeng filed a complaint,interactive hogan, this will be the final, in order to prevent miscarriage of accomplishing his brother's case, the CPPCC members Caiai Dong thought of as a brother innocence through the network channels.

June 2010 work reasons but had opened Sina (),http://www.mfimarketingsystem.com/forum/profile.php?id=29899, "just opened, less likely to use micro-blog with my blog just linked in Changzhou,hogan rebel outlet, and later appeared on the news on the forum Caiai Feng cases, Internet microblogging friends saw my brother cases, the CPPCC members encouraged me to debut as a network. "Caiai Dong recalled. When the September 29,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, Tianya a responsible person on Sina Weibo introduces "media people Changzhou corruption case" will Changzhou Caiai Dong CPPCC members to introduce to you, slowly, CPPCC members' network to save brother "is well-known.

October 10, posters will be holding their own photos uploaded networks with ordinary petitioners tantamount to holding posters that read "CPPCC members called on the network to save brother --- justice" on the poster. Many people reply and forward "network to save brother" articles, both on the case itself concerned, but also on the "CPPCC members' identity so people who are interested to network innocence.

Denied the "right to private use of public"

Thanks fans for support microblogging

"I have in Changzhou local 'China Changzhou net' on a blog, but also small local celebrity celebrity blog,hogan scarpe outlet, I am a CPPCC member, is also a member of literature and history, often doing research proposal I wrote primarily about health care reform proposal , educational equity,http://www.scizone.tk/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=29593,hogan outlet,http://bbs.cosplay8.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=58482, environmental protection, urban management,hogan online, etc. I always thought that the majority of users within the system and CPPCC members are not the same. "Caiai Dong claimed to be a" sense of justice for the people of CPPCC members speak of. "

After Liangming CPPCC members own identity, some users worry that he did not do it long. There are users questioned Caiai Dong Liang identity for themselves brother innocence, the "public right private" is suspected. In this regard, Caiai Dong said,http://forums.fire-bombers.com/profile.php?id=3340, "CPPCC members evaluation system is the ability to participate in politics, and I make no contradiction between rights and political participation. Seems to be my brother a person experiencing a miscarriage of justice, is actually related to many people. One community only have respect for each individual, society is a good society. "

The original case retrial in October 25, Changzhou Intermediate People's Court recently postponed the case to trial. Yangcheng Evening News reporter on the 22nd call Changzhou Intermediate People's Court hearing the case of a judge, the judge said in the hospital related, they do not accept the CPPCC members' network to save brother "regarding the interview,http://www.mygenesisstars.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=38847, but said there needs to contact Changzhou Intermediate ISD. Reporters then contacted Changzhou Intermediate ISD phone has no answer.

Flashed "CPPCC members' identity

Is upset?

"'CPPCC members network to save brother' title is really eye-catching enough, but for the purposes of the parties, and perhaps this is an upset in the existing relief channel is not smooth case, he in such a unique way of expressing the For cases challenging program. "associate professor of China University of Political Lawsuits accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter,hogan uomo outlet, said," If the issue is just an ordinary citizen voices for the same thing, perhaps public opinion would not have such a big reaction,hogan timeactive, because people often think they (CPPCC members ) has a certain social resources, without going through such a helpless way appeal. "

Lawsuits that, in fact manifestations "CPPCC members network to save brother" is just an event,http://bbs.trrwx.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=162141, what really matters is whether the case itself injustice, and whether access to rectify this injustice through the proper procedures, "This is a problem throughout the judicial proceedings, not a problem of individuals or cases. "