Xia Guang did not come home on the street at night

This year has been in contact hundreds of similar cases from psychological experts said that this is due to work pressure and emotional loneliness caused

"Ghost spin" feature:

Cycling hit the railings: 32-year-old Zhang Gang, known enterprises department manager, stood a new car does not open, borrow a friend's electric car hit the guardrail,moncler sito ufficiale, within one hour, hit five times in succession.

Walk do not go home: A company executives Li,vendita hogan, work after dinner, alone between two units of the door to Chunxi Road Walk, silently calculating this section needs to go much further.

The day before yesterday morning, when members of the public from a friend Zhang Wang Gang (a pseudonym) hands to reclaim his bike,hogan scontate,http://www.xqnlm.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=411848, he was already knocked the broken body stunned. He will lend the car body intact Zhang Gang, Wang was surprised that "overnight, electric cars ye be Wang 'ride' pulpy?" Reporter survey found that workplace stress due to unbearable, the city has a group of white-collar workers like at night wandering the streets in the city to ride,http://old.feipai.net:8010/bbs/showtopic.aspx?topicid=3211486&forumpage=1, a few steps a way to escape home, they dubbed themselves "ghost spin family."

Hit the guardrail

His one hour night ride electric vehicles hit five times

After graduating this year,prezzo hogan, 32-year-old Zhang Gang University, has been working in a well-known enterprises in Chengdu. At a friend's eyes, Zhang Gang, very successful in their careers: Two years ago, Zhang Gang was promoted to manager of the company, on a monthly salary of million. He looks handsome, but so far no girlfriend,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,piumini moncler outlet online, never talked with the opposite sex thing. On the evening of May 29, around 6:00, Wang riding electric car on his way home, received a phone call, said Zhang Gang,hogan rebel outlet, to borrow his electric car. "More than 300,000 new cars stood not open, Zage want to ride the electric car?" Wang could not refuse. The day before yesterday morning, Zhang Gang door to further electric car, Wang found that the electric car "hurt" that even he could not know: Two car ears disappeared,moncler online italia, handlebar plastic case under a big hole knocked. "Good car gnaw into this look like?" Mr. Wang also found that Zhang Gang knees were injured, Zhang Gang said he fell cycling.

The day before yesterday morning, Mr. Wang spent more than 100 yuan just to fix the car. Unexpectedly, Zhang Gang last night came by car. Out of curiosity, Mr. Wang decided to borrow a friend's electric car ride, far trailing Zhang Gang observation. Last night around 9:00, Zhang Gang, riding electric cars appeared in Jinjiang side, while he will Juji too fast, while they ride slowly. After a while, Wang found that Zhang Gang accelerate the speed, toward the roadside guardrail collision. After Zhang Gang fall, stumbled to get up, after patted the dust, propped electric car and move on. After riding some distance, he began to hit the guardrail. Within one hour, Zhang Gang hit five times in succession to ride the fence.

Number of steps

Company executives walk the streets at night

See Zhang Gang drove his car several times deliberately hit the fence, Mr. Wang could not resist to ask Zhang Gang. Zhang Gang, Wang had to tell him to go home every night afraid secrets. "One night, the spacious room I am a person, I get depressed

Feel suffocated. "Mr. Zhang said he did not want to face a lonely life, Zhang had just come home as a psychological burden. Recently, Zhang Gang after work always walk alone on the street,http://www.geosistec.com/geoforo/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=2,outlet online hogan, tired of nightly walk,http://www.emr4u.net/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, Zhang Gang they seek new ways to spend, ride electric vehicles hit the guardrail.

Zhang Gang, a similar situation more than one person. Chengdu, a company Mr. Gao Guanli monthly salary of 7,000 yuan, married less than six months. It seems friends, Mr. Lee is also immersed in the sweet married life. In fact, Mr. Lee is also a fear of people back home. "Chun Xi Road from the unit to between about 500 steps,http://www.nsgj.com/news/html/?47310.html, steps go a little on the more than 400 big step." Lee said, after this period of time from work, he always went to the unit near a restaurant simple dinner, and then alone in Chun Xi Road unit between two doors to walk, silently count the number of steps need to take this section. If this section does not go, he would select the section of the road at the door, walked back and forth about 1 hour. "The whole family the burden of pressure on me, I'm mentally exhausted it." Lee told reporters.

"Ghost Rotary family."

There are a lot of people in the city

Reporter survey found that workplace stress because of the impact, a group of white-collar workers do not want to go home in the city life, they dubbed themselves "ghost spin family." Ho work in a well-known enterprises in Chengdu, said his family units from two kilometers away. The section of track from the unit home has two bus lines. Ho but never take the bus. Although Ho each work in about 19:00, Mr. Ho was in no hurry to go home, and sometimes around the way to go. Ho told reporters that he likes to walk at night while watching street light side, he felt only this time, in order to forget the family responsibilities and work pressure.

"Ghost Rotary family," Why did not want to go home, do not suffer from mental illness? "Chengdu,hogan interactive 2013, a psychological expert psychological counseling agency, said Zhu Wenbo, in Chengdu region" ghost spin family "is also a lot this year, he has been in contact with hundreds of plays such cases." Ghost spin family "is often the cause of successful people, is caused due to emotional loneliness, not a mental illness and only give them more social and family warmth, will allow them to extricate themselves from the "ghost spin family" in.

Reporter Wang Rengang photography Leiyuan Dong

┃ ┃ experts say

Warm Life Gang "ghost spin family" home

Sichuan Province Psychological Association chairman Li Rong said, "ghost spin family" is a kind of phenomenon of urban life, in addition to walking, there are a variety of expressions. For example,hogan 2013, deliberately fabricate reasons not to go home, and then some friends together to drink tea, K songs, etc., in order to escape the home. Li Rong believes that because of work,http://bbs.nyjyhq.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=32863, workplace stress,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, leading to escape family phenomenon.

Therefore, when faced with a serious work,scarpe uomo hogan, when workplace stress, must handle the relationship between the family and life, try to adjust their mentality to face family and life, which is currently advocated by Western countries "Back to Family Life" mode . Therefore, only the family together to create a harmonious,http://www.postyourshavedpussy.com, warm family atmosphere, in order to make their escape from the family gradually come out from the phenomenon, to go back home.