Reporter correspondent Ling Wang Zhen Quan school,hogan uomo outlet

16-year-old boy Wusheng Wang, has been in Xiaoshan District People's Hospital in a coma for two days and nights before he was taken to hospital, has been in a coma for two nights fellow home one day, and today morning, Health Wang full coma for five days and more.

Wang was born in Hunan after the little fellow with four drink unconscious.

Xu Tong tone physician said that the situation is very optimistic students busy, any time of danger.

Yesterday afternoon, Wang's father to accompany students at the bedside.

Father four years ago to Hangzhou,http://lt.luckv.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2434935, Xiaoshan said Town dig seedlings do work, there are seven or eight hundred a month salary. Wang was born in Hangzhou in the first month of this year,prezzi piumini moncler, and his father live a rental. Wang read the fifth grade students do not read,http://longbai.info/longbai_info/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1691096&extra=, because the still young do not work, discuss his father 20 dollars a day to go to Internet cafes, and sometimes did not come home all night.

Health Wang lie down on the bed, his face pale, his eyes slightly closed,moncler italy, can hear the sound of his teeth, occasionally coughing,hogan uomo, kicks.

Father shook him from time to time, "you look at me, you wake up ah, I would like you to feed it!"

The doctor said, students are busy now moves unconscious reaction, does not mean he will wake up.

Father only knew his son is now a fellow at Xiaoshan xinjiezhen Hunan village along the river to drink, probably four or five young men, there is a primary school classmate Wang is raw, but do not know the name, but without his phone,hogan scontate, others who do not know. "After the accident,http://www.117l.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=22319,spaccio moncler milano, I have not seen them, are not all run?" His father said, "Then a fellow village along the river looking for me, that my son's bike has been parked in the village, called me to see, we only son sent to the hospital. "

According to the villagers who provided the name of the father of Health Wang (only know the pronunciation), the reporter asked the local police station to help find, but there is no clear message. Health Wang father said:. "Fellow seems to live across the police station,http://tancet-exam.com/forum/profile.php?id=9406, across the river in"

We asked the police with several native Hunan, in the village along the highway near the entrance to the place, found a couple off the grocery store, the wife brother's brother, is the day with the students busy drinking together four individual one.

He called alloys, Hunan Phoenix man, 23 years old, two years in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan, a furniture factory workers. Drinking that night, alloys and colleagues after work to go to Internet cafes to play, hit a few small hometown in Hunan, 18 years old, 19 years old, over 20 years,moncler official, of which there are students busy, but he and Health Wang unfamiliar.

A group of people five men and two woman, playing to more than 23:00, the villagers asked alloys: "Do you really put me to sleep there one night?" 'Sleep a night and sleep one night, "Alloy said. We went to the alloy of rental housing.

Rented room has a single bed, a bike. We are hungry, peel peanuts drinks.

Bottle of "a drop of fragrant", plastic bottles, 450 ml, a large bottle,http://www.my419.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9865, 40.5% alcohol,http://www.sxsylsh.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=168024,hogan stivali, a bottle of "rice flower", 500 ml, a small bottle, alcohol 45%. "Two bottles of wine add up to about a half kilogram look,http://bblistings.nmdprojects.net/activity/p/160030/, we drank five men, woman did not drink." Alloy said.

"Health Wang drink very refreshing, with a large brush cup pour half cup, an estimated half a catty, he drank one time, did not say anything to lie down to sleep. Later, we drank, and lay down to sleep. Seems born Wang got up and said bed too crowded, take a few steps on the ground, 'popping' sound fell ...... 6:30 the next morning,scarpe hogan uomo outlet,http://www.shixuepk.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1365&extra=, I got up to go to work, I am the only one up, other people are sleeping.

"Health Wang had been sleeping been sleeping, we thought he was sober enough ......" said alloy.

Grocery store boss said, "I went to the room and saw a boy lying on the ground, dead, panic,scarpe hogan outlet, quickly found his parents and later by the villagers finally find his father. Kids to do things not measured, middle of the night drinking What wine ah, my brother was a good scolded me. "

Health Health Wang Wang's mother died at age 4, born father, a prosperous man to earn money to feed a family of three, a year older than raw Wang's brother suffers from cerebral palsy and heart disease, medication every day.

His father was worried, hospital and now has spent more than 9,000 yuan, it is money. Health Wang said the father, dying notice also opened, the most worry is that if there is no son in the hospital,moncler outlet, can not take the train to go home, even chartered to send home money to his son did not ah.

Attending physician, said Health Wang glycemic index is low, only 1.3, normal is between 3.9-6.1. Under normal circumstances, low blood sugar coma caused by more than six hours gave bring irreversible brain damage, Health Wang woke probability is very low.

From a medical theory, and drunkenness, and can not lead to low blood sugar. Health Wang pancreas itself may be a problem with the stimulation of alcohol so that pancreatic dysfunction,scarpe hogan uomo outlet, leading to lower blood sugar coma.