Yesterday,air max pas cher homme, around 9:35,, a middle school, a high Jintan suddenly jumped from the rear window of a student teacher's office. Fortunately, the student fell from the fourth floor fell on a pile of dirt,nike tn homme, no injury to the point. Currently the student is accepted,, Changzhou First People's Hospital for treatment. The reason for the student jumped, his mother said that the children themselves jump,prezzo hogan, you can not blame the school.

□ Express correspondent Wang Jing Chao

Students jumped in the teachers' office

"High A (E) Class of Cong (a pseudonym) jumped up." Second class yesterday morning recess, while the students play the rest of the time, the teacher office Cong never jumped on the fourth floor of the rear window. After the event,parajumpers jakke salg, the school immediately sent Cong Jintan Hospital of rescue, after the parents request should go to a hospital for treatment of Changzhou.

Yesterday morning, the reporter received a reader after the rebellion, immediately rushed to the Jintan this school, the students were still whispering about it. Reporters asked several high school students, they said they did not know to hear all shook his head. Two girls under questioning by reporters, they said shyly: "The teacher let us say, the teacher said that we do not know the specific circumstances should not say." While another girl then told reporters: "He is himself accidentally fell down. "

An equally high and one of the boys told reporters Cong in Internet cafes playing games previously discovered by the teacher, the office called to endure the criticism, "I heard that his parents also said to him, maybe he can not stand it . "

Jumped out of the heap of mud fell on the fourth floor

Yesterday afternoon, the high school,, the official told reporters, around 7:10 am, Cong's mother sent him to school breakfast,air max pas cher femme, but Cong refused to dine, and then his mother took breakfast to the teacher office, let the class teacher advised Cong breakfast. Cong in the second quarter after school teacher burst into the office, and jumped from the rear window of the office. Later,outlet piumini, the school immediately took him to the Chinese medicine hospital for emergency treatment. As Cong jumped reasons, the school is now working with relevant departments for investigation.

The responsible person surnamed Jiang told reporters that after the event, the school immediately notified the parents of Cong, "his parents heard about this reaction is not large,,prezzo scarpe hogan, they seem to jump off the upstairs Cong not surprised, says it does not blame the teacher. "

Under the guidance of responsible person surnamed Jiang, reporters came to the site of the incident, This is a new teaching building, because of the construction is not yet complete, so the teaching building behind a large pile of dirt, plus a few days just been approached Rain, foundations are more soft. Responsible person surnamed Jiang said,, when Cong jumped from the fourth floor, right on this pile of dirt on the ground, it did not cause serious injury, or really disastrous.

Parents: do not blame the school children do not accidentally

Yesterday around 14:00,, the reporter in Changzhou, a hospital rescue indoor saw Cong and his mother. According to doctors, Cong lucky, no injury to the vital parts, but the heel and lumbar fractures, minor lung contusion,tn nike pas cher, there are some soft tissue injuries. Brain and internal organs were not injured,louboutin homme, has been in a sober state of consciousness, and is currently in the bone two inpatient treatment.

Emergency room, Cong Cong's mother stood beside the bed,tn pas cher homme, feeling very stable. Why Cong for injuries, she did not want to talk about, only that they do not accidentally fall is Cong to go, do not blame the school.

Reporters trying to find together the hospital, accompanied by Cong homeroom teacher, but has not seen any sign of it. An emergency room nurse told reporters,woolrich milano, obviously still just a teacher,, an instant of people do not know where to go. When a reporter asked another, accompanied by school staff to come when he would not disclose any information,,scarpe hogan in offerta, trotting disappeared in the corridor.