Core Tip: ad a few words wrong, wrong words, ranging from fines attracted thousands of supremacy million, while causing serious damage to corporate image, market crash. For ads that appear when there is an error, Recently, a specialized born to do this "correction Company" appeared in Nanning.

"Correction company" appears, whether stated in accordance with its propaganda philosophy is "demining" mean? Insiders do not think so, they said, the existence of such as error correction, such as the risk of leakage of the design concept, and therefore the transaction to be Cautious.

Origin: one word, fined nearly a million

Yang school of law (a pseudonym) is a "correction company" responsible person. Two years ago, a chance experience, so Yang had created a "correction company" idea. This year, he will be the idea into reality, officially created a "correction company."

Speaking of that experience, Yang Bin fresh. At the time, his friend A A specifically for a pharmaceutical company responsible for doing propaganda work. In an outdoor ad, do not understand the law A A use of the "Advertising Law" provision can not use the language, and afterwards reported by competitors. In this way, A Jia fined nearly 10,000 yuan only, but also lost a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan.

After the incident,hogan outlet, A A holding used for outdoor advertising alone to find Bin. Yang found that, in fact, as long as the correct one leaflets word, from a legal perspective, there is no any flaws of. At this time, unwilling to let Yang A A on the proposal to open a professional "correction company." Subsequently, Yang and his friends together, find open such a "correction company" should have a market.

Thus, Yang began his "soft opening" state, her friends start to their correction. One to two to go, Yang found that the potential demand on the market in this regard. This year in November, Yang officially opened a "correction company."

Progress: charge 300 yuan, excluding promotional risk

Set up a "correction company" after Yang and soon received the first single business. A company ready for promotion,, promotional activities, there is a set of lottery sales, where the one-time order for its products over 1000 yuan who sent a raffle. Events set five awards,air max pas cher, including first prize in one,peuterey uomo, ultra-thin LCD TV a prize (worth 6000 yuan), and in the month against the prize for the winner.

Yang received a promotional program provided by the company after careful review, soon found its setting on lottery sales do not meet the "lottery-style prize" Anti-Unfair Competition Law "Article 13 of the third Sales highest award an amount not more than 5000 yuan, "the provisions of the sale of raffle prizes offense behavior. Accordance with the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law" Article 26 provides that if the implementation of the program could be fined 10,moncler outlet,000 yuan to 10 yuan. To this end,hogan interactive, Yang review comments,air jordan 5 pas cher,, suggested that "the value of 6000 yuan" to "value of 4999 yuan," while clearly prizes brand,, size, model, ensuring its market value is not higher than 5000 yuan.

"Later, the other party to pay a $ 300 reward for me." Yang told reporters that the current general large companies have professionals responsible for advertising, but not necessarily all such persons knowledgeable about the law. At the same time, even if the company has specialized legal counsel, not necessarily experts in advertising-related laws. Therefore, with the first single business success,requin air max, Yang more firmly their entrepreneurial decisions.

Preview: "correction Company" business, what is the

According to Yang provided "correction company" advertising, the reporter saw, Yang Bin, aimed at correcting the company released a variety of advertising and corporate promotional program for correcting, correcting a problem every charge 100 yuan. However,, whether it is released or the introduction of a variety of advertising promotional programs, have to go through layers of review, "correction company" appearance as well as its value?

According to Yang's argument that he is the use of specialized knowledge to give others "mine." He told reporters that each get an advertising program, they will be in accordance with relevant national laws in the text of its program and the concept a "correction" is not the ordinary people stare typos or some low-level errors, but these errors are is often easily overlooked advertising design personnel problems. He gave reporters cited a simple example: a real estate agent in the absence of audited premise advance showings inkjet car advertising, the business sector was finally out of 20,,000 yuan in fines. He said that such a thing is actually a relatively simple matter, as long as their "correction company," one sees that it is illegal,peuterey giubbotti,, this is the difference between professional and amateur.

Although Yang Binxuan said his correction behavior is professional, which can, Yang admits company currently correction and recession, mainly engaged in the business of surrounding friends. 100 yuan, will be able to drain a "land mines", why business is not booming it? In Bin view, this is mainly the public and currently has not accepted "correction company" relevant. In other stakeholders opinion, not a professional company performs error correction, because you do not see "correction Company" and "ad proofreading," What's the difference, there are businesses, says that correction is supposed to be advertising producers proofreading program only.

Reminder: there is a risk of error correction,air max requin, the transaction should be Cautious

Nanning an advertising company as a planner Lee told reporters that spend 100 yuan, you can drain the ad in the "land mines", literally speaking, is indeed a very cost-effective, in this correction process, but there additional risk.

"Before, I had this experience,, I design a good one scheme after handed over the Internet a 'correction companies' help correction. Can not wait for the other to correct the mistake out of a similar design philosophy has been in the provinces appear. "Lee told reporters, an advertisement, first talking about is the idea of ​​a design. However,, the program delivered to the "correction company,jordan soldes," no guarantee "correction company" will not sell their designs. Meanwhile,hogan donna outlet, Lee also said that even if the "correction company" can keep a secret, but in his view, would have been a lot of advertising time are "walking a fine line," is simply not the layman's "correction company" can understand.

If you really need to design delivery to the "correction company," Mr. Lee believes that at least needs and "correction Company" signed confidentiality agreements and other contracts,outlet hogan on line, not just to design their own good program delivered to the other party.