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12 single content consumption axiomatic

At 22:00 on May 22, End of the World Zatan friends "towards corruption evening defeated" entitled "list from a group of Jurisprudence Consumer Qidong County, Hunan Province reception leading cadres", posts straight to the point,hogan 2013, said: "This is a group of very interesting pictures, welcome to comment and forwarded to other sites, take a look at some of our cadres exactly what kind of people? "quote shows the six consumer billing single picture, the picture in a total of 12 consumer statements.

As can be seen from the description, customer mostly Qidong County Hongqi Reservoir management (water company),nike air jordan soldes, service projects,moncler outlet ufficiale,http://engineeringtraffics.com/forum/profile.php?id=16879, Chinese, royal style, bath and plum type +50, bath +100, +50 imperial style, push water +50 and other people were the first odd, but not difficult to understand the meaning of things, the waitress is busy liter hotel leisure county health centers, such as "ZHOU Yan-ling, Xu Li, Li Xiaohong, Yoon Ju Heart" girl, from a few hundred dollars the amount of consumption to more than 1,000 per month,basket nike tn requin, who was lodging Li Guanghui (Hongqi Reservoir management, former secretary), Pengxu Yong (Director Yang reservoir full of drivers), Xiao Bing (reservoir Office), and several other people. Many people have been received for the "fiscal Bureau, the Council leadership, Council Director Jiang and other."

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Issued two weeks ago, but the response is not

Online search,abercrombie france, six consumer billing single picture first release from "CDC Chinese Heart" May 9 and May 20 on the Chinese forum. May 20, "read the know" on the Red Net forum posted these pictures, but a few posts impact is not large.

"When I saw did not know" is still in post wrote "Qidong County Hongqi Reservoir management, water companies are the best benefits in Qidong County Water Authority subordinate units ...... Wang l hotel leisure sentinel health centers is their consumer sites. "


Qi Dongcheng Li emergency task force investigation

After the event,http://weiliu.longhoo.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=885475, the CCP Qidong County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau Qidong County task force set up immediately. 23 afternoon, the county party committee concerned parties, the matter is still under investigation, the official said, after the investigation to be completed, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will deal with the results made public. Yesterday morning, the reporter published online by the Government some of the phone, trying with the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau contact, but unfortunately,moncler parka, perhaps because it is Sunday reasons, dialed the phone has been no answer.

■ Crazy thread

Netizen "Crow 79" Irony Road: Leadership worked day and night for the people actually have the money ...... relax ...... there is no justice ah ,hogan interactive outlet......

Netizen "Last night those things": the exposure of several documents that will be able to step down we get it? Childish, ridiculous, this is a normal phenomenon in official circles,requin nike pas cher, most will be suspended exposure, wages unchanged.

Netizen "Devil Sajia": all of the economic crisis if the disaster! Previously these penny how would billing ah,http://nathon.net/forum/profile.php?id=1018, now veterans compression finances. So let everyone laughed. Above comments and I do not have any relationship. Do not chase provinces!


23, 2009, around 12 hotels and consumer stakeholders statements appeared, the reporter conducted some research in Qidong. Wang rise hotel on the second floor of the health center walls,http://whl12300.evai.pl/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=141932, the reporter found hanging above "AAA integrity of law-abiding families," the plaque.

Women's Health Center a joke is online

Appeared on the Internet, said the settlement was busy single liter hotel relaxing wellness center. Wang Qidong county liter Hotel is located in the downtown area. 23 morning, the reporter Wang l hotel tenant identity to the second floor health center desk, where a middle-aged woman with a desk chatting online leisure and health centers from a single settlement. "You have known it, the Internet is full." Reporter said. Middle-aged woman "giggle" laughed and said: "Now see it deleted it?." When a reporter said that you can see, the middle-aged woman laughed,peuterey piumini, "you are also from the Internet to see our hotel name only to the bar "and then asked the reporters where you can also see the post.

"Green and still takes pride of place not?" Appear online statements "technician Name" column appeared in "green" and "powerhouse", the reporter pretending to casually ask. "Green is still here doing things, takes pride of place is gone." Middle-aged woman answered, "You do not point green? I'll give you a call." "Green technology how to cough?" The reporter asked. "Definitely good, how bad name will access the Internet? 'Middle-aged woman laughing.

"Mei is a Western-style health care,http://onigdesign.com/error.html."

Here are a busy desk liter relaxing wellness center hotels statements, reporters took the look a bit and found it and online statements appear exactly the same. Health centers appear online single service items in the settlement of "plum-style", "Royal style" words,http://qqbaiyin.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=407034&extra=,outlet scarpe hogan, they refer to what is? "Mei is a Western-style health care, royal style is the bath." Middle-aged woman said. How the bath? "The clothes are all off," said his behind a desk to do the same woman in red bathing services said. Some items behind the statements appear online also appeared the words "plum-type +50", and "+ 50" What does it mean? Middle-aged woman answered "yes tipping thing."

Hanging on the wall beside the lot attendant plaque, which has a particularly striking,http://bbs.qingwaquan.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=98002, it is Qidong County Administration for Industry and so awarded the "good faith compliance households" plaque.

"We are unable to pay wages."

Statements appearing on the Internet, "Li Guanghui" and "Xiao Bing" name appears more than once. They in the end is what people? Qidong County Hongqi Reservoir management branch secretary Chen Xuefeng introduction, he served as branch secretary from the beginning of March 2007, the previous branch secretary is Li Guanghui, while Xiao Bing was the Director of the Office, but Lee and Shaw are now not in the management of the Lee transferred, Shaw has been the retreat.

Qidong County Qidong County Hongqi Reservoir management and water companies are two brands, a team. "We are on the 20th in the afternoon before we know post things before I do not know." Chen Xuefeng said,http://www.h5ne.com/en/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1175660, now manages all 340 people, the benefit is not, a year gross income of less than 10 million yuan, "unable to pay wages."

"The post said things that I do not know." Chen Xuefeng said, "We are now fully cooperate with the investigation task force dispatched by the discipline inspection organs." Comprehensive "Xiaoxiang Morning News" and other

Recently, the End of the World Zatan Shang Yize Post became the focus of attention all the users, the quote shows the 12 consumer statements, shows Qidong County, Hunan certain units (individual) leisure hotel in the county health center Wang liter please the person concerned fun spending documents. As of yesterday, 18 o'clock, the quote nearly 220,air max pas cher femme,000 visits, more about 1800 users thread, many users will note the recent events in the disclosure popular "Deng case" Combining look, saying "this to look good to work on remediation official drink of the time! "