Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Zeng Ni) long a "star face",http://godsavethenerd.com/forum/profile.php?id=8987, for many people, perhaps is a proud thing. However,http://www.isanya.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=830422, young men from Nanning but because he resembles a star with a long face and asking this question,scarpe hogan prezzo, even to go to the hospital plastic surgery. Because he looks like indecent photos of actor --- Edison.

Yesterday morning when reporters came to Guangzhou City,hogan uomo 2013, a plastic surgery hospital, Tan Xiaodong is working with several doctors for consultation. Tan Xiaodong told reporters: He is 25 years old, back in high school,http://ca.316.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=518703, when students around to say he looks like Edison. "I went home look in the mirror and found that it really is quite like was quite proud of." Because of this "star face" in the university, Tan got a lot of pretty little girls of all ages, even the teacher sometimes intentionally or unintentionally take care of him. For more like Edison,woolrich giubbotti, small Tan also spent a lot of time to imitate Edison demeanor,hogan outlet roma, his appearance already has a similar service three and Edison,requin tn nike, through deliberate imitation,outlet piumini moncler, it is like,http://www.contourcn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=54096, and that walking on the road have often been Edison mistaken.

But the "indecent" event occurred in 2008 so that small Qin life reversed. People around the right view indecent photos projected onto a small Tan body, he became the object of a joke everyone. Some people often ask him: "Recently there are no new photos ah?" There are people just call him "crown Xige", and some even looked after his QQ space picture message?: "How the recent changes do not shoot a single person took a photo of the ? "Little Tan said:" Although I know they have no malice, but it really made me uncomfortable. "

Small Tan most troubled or girlfriend attitude. "I can endure the ridicule of others, but because I am so much alike Edison, my girlfriend left me." It is a small Tan said his first girlfriend because he looks like Edison would think he there are "flower" gene,chaussures tn pas cher, and he said he is not a "flower" person. Second term girlfriend's parents because of his looks,http://www.corelearningunit.nhs.uk/item/create_form/1,louboutin soldes, that he "appears on unreliable" and even forced her to break up with his girlfriend felt very ashamed to go out with him,woolrich parka, strongly urged him to shaping. Small Tan said: "A lot of people want cosmetic face into a star, but I'm super tired of this has seriously interfered with my life,http://www.shujuquan.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, I could become a 'scapegoat', I thought back to my own life."

Small Tan is responsible for doing counseling Hiromi Hospital Dr. Tian told reporters,http://www.yixuanba.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=9303, from the doctor's point of view, small Tan handsome enough, his main problem is psychological distress. They plan to conduct a small Tan "micro plastic" that is,http://www.51linux.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=25278, in the face of local injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen. Tian said the doctor,requin air max, micro-shaping effects can last a year and a half or so, a year and a half later, the injected material will be absorbed by the body, small Tan can also reply to their original appearance. During this time small enough Tan psychological testing,hogan donne 2013, the people around him and Edison distinguish the hope that through this period of time, small Tan's heart can be strong,hogan olympia donna, to get back their lives.