Express News (correspondent Guyuan Sen) Yesterday, 6:00 and more, in Jiangning hospital's 60-year-old Wei old man sudden shortness of breath,basket nike tn, a dangerous situation, and ultimately died from. "

Wei said the old man's daughter,, on the 27th of this month, Wei old man came to the Jiangning hospital due to high fever treatment, doctors initially diagnosed a viral infection and the medicine prescribed for Wei old man infusion. That night,chaussures tn pas cher, Wei old man was lost after you go home the next day woke up feeling burned Wei old man is still not back,, but there is diarrhea, so once again came in, accompanied by children under Jiangning hospital. Doctors again Wei old man opened the medicine,,vendita scarpe hogan, and for him infusion therapy. The same day, the hospital arranged Wei old man living in the hospital.

Last night,, Wei old man accompanying her father in the hospital ward,abercrombie femme, found his father several times, difficulty breathing, so she called the doctor on duty by a nurse, look what happened in the end. Wei old man her daughter, said: "After that night the doctor came to see that my dad's situation is normal, it does not matter." Let her think that, to the more than yesterday 6:00,outlet moncler, Wei old man presented to the toilet,tn pas cher,, she helped his father on the toilet When his father shortness of breath,,hogan uomo outlet, sudden shock. After hearing the doctor, the old man carried out the rescue of Wei. But more than 10 o'clock yesterday, the hospital said Wei old man did not come to the rescue,abercrombie france,, announcing the death of the patient.

Yesterday afternoon,air jordan 5 pas cher, the son of Wei old man told reporters that his father's body has been no problem,soldes jordan, "kidney function,,scarpe hogan interactive, blood test results are normal after admission, the doctor said he may be enteritis, and now his father has gone, we do not know him What is the specific cause of death is! "

Jiangning Hospital Medical Service official said, the hospital is working with the families to negotiate, if the parties can not reach agreement, the hospital recommended that bereaved families deal with the issue through the normal channels medical malpractice,woolrich prezzi, or through legal channels.