One is more than just a beautiful university student body president, one chemical plant general staff. Lack of a common language, character completely in tune, and she with him, to make this the perfect fairy tale like love?

The answer is no. This female college students experienced a seven month of love, and finally to break, but was her boyfriend refused. Eventually, the boyfriend took out a bottle of sulfuric acid from the factory, came to the school dormitory downstairs, throwing it to the girls in the face,chaussures tn requin, causing her severe disfigurement.

Recently, this person is throwing acid prosecution of intentional assault arrest.

Express correspondent Zhu Junjun Gu Jianbing correspondent

Poured a bottle of sulfuric acid into the face of Xiaohua

Acid great for skin damage

Quarters downstairs wail

May 24, 2009 8:45 pm, the Nantong Vocational College campus, calm as ever. Suddenly, in the north gate came the shrill cry: "! Sulfuric acid fast help ah!!!"

Shrill cries echoed over the campus. Many students immediately gathered around, saw the miserable scene. A girl's face scarlet, as if the skin was opened the same. A pungent sour spread out in the periphery.

120 students while playing next to for help, while helping these girls to help themselves. "Quick, the doctor said, looking for water to wash." So the girls were helped to the faucet, while according to the doctor's request,nike tn requin, wash your face with water splashing, while painful screaming, so that teachers and students around shudder.

This girls called Juan, 23 years old, is a junior fashion design major Nantong Vocational College, she stands 1.75 meters, looks beautiful and is a recognized school beauty in the eyes of the students. Because outstanding, very cheerful character, Juan welcomed by teachers and students, and last year was elected Student Union President.

May 24 evening around 8:40, Juan's classmates called me and said that there needs clothing contest tickets to her, because of the professional relationship, Juan is very concerned for this costume contest, so out of the dormitory. I did not expect a shadow trailing up.

Severe facial injuries

The shadow is none other than Li Juangang boyfriend just broke up - Bin. A saw Liu Bin, Li Juan apart from anything else, go out into the dormitory door. Bin go to catch up, stopped Juan, asked: "? Noisy enough that you do not"

"Why, I do not have anything to do with you!" Juan scold him a few words, ready to return to the hostel. But I did not expect, when the accident happened. I saw Bin carry out a bottle from the bag, opened his mouth to bite the cap. Juan thought he should drink plenty of water, once the results of the other "water" into her face upside down.

Juan did not feel pain at that time,http://trehack.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=69260, just feel hot on his face, as well as a pungent smell. However,http://guimishare.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=352782, after only a few seconds, the pain overwhelming. Juan knew Bin spilled out of the sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid stream down her face down, issued a "Chi Chi" burning sound on clothes and skin.

20 minutes later, Juan was taken to the police came Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University. Doctors found her face,air max tn, limbs, neck wounds have whitish, with features more in line with sulfuric acid burns. Due to the incident, Juan timely start self-help, and promptly went to the hospital for treatment, the injury has been minimized as much as possible, but still on the face,hogan olympia, neck, leaving a lot of wounds. According to Burns and Plastic Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, MD, deputy director Ying Pu if the diagnosis, Juan burn area accounts for about 7% of the area of ​​the body, mostly in the face.

At the scene, police found Liu Bin crime when using salt water bottles and plastic bags and other items on the ground still remained a lot of sulfuric acid liquid.

Wretched he fled in panic

Find the murderer on the Yangtze River ferry

Hurriedly fled cloven hoof

However,air max requin, Bin has disappeared. Nantong police immediately issued arrest warrants, requiring close attention to a check-stop 25-year-old man.

Just at the time of the incident, King Tong wins a taxi driver, was driving his taxi through the north gate of Nantong Vocational College. Huang Sheng did not know the tragedy of campus just staged.

North gate of the business has always been good,http://bbs.yapaifs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7177995, so Huang Sheng slowed down the speed. Just then, a young man wearing a black long-sleeved shirt men rushed out from the campus, hand stopped his car.

This man is Liu Bin, he asked the driver immediately rushed to Changzhou, Huang Sheng asking price 400 yuan, Liu Bin, apart from anything else agreed. Huang Sheng is a talkative person, likes and passengers to chat, but he found himself in front of the passenger preoccupied. Moreover, Huang Sheng Bin sat found a place,moncler outlet ufficiale, leaving a little something blue. Then,http://pslsxx.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=19722, Huang Sheng also found that passengers jeans have similar spots. "What is this thing?" Huang Sheng asked.

"I just sweat a lot, and my clothes are a bit faded." Bin replied. But Bin answer when a little flustered. So Huang Sheng left one eye. 20 minutes later, the taxi-stop through the sand Qidu investigation stopped a taxi out of the city were registered. Bin also be asked to register. At the time of registration, Bin no identity, but reported his name and date of birth, and home address: "Liu Bin, born in 1986, who lives in the Clock Tower District, Changzhou City Yonghong street." Police verification of the above is correct, their release.

21:15 or so, is Huang Sheng saw the ferry on the Yangtze River taxi GPS screen flashing a bit. Huang Sheng look, which is issued by the police Xiechatongbao Nantong, listed above suspect information and around these people exactly the same.

Crying in the car suffered

At this time, the police investigation has also been reported by the station, knew Bin Huang Sheng was sitting in the car. Soon, Huang Sheng received a pass sand-stop duty police investigation Qidu phone,http://www.flora16.de/index.php?option=com_blog&view=addpost&itemid=0, asking him to Liu Bin "hold."

"Well, young man, you committed a crime?" Loquacious Huang Sheng directly to questions thrown out.

Bin hesitated to open the door wants to go. But outside is the Yangtze River, running no where to go. Huang Sheng said: "Or take my car right outside the wind." Bin had no choice but to obediently sat down car.

"What make life difficult for the Hom ah, why do such a wicked thing?" Huang Sheng said, "I do not call 110, you and I talk to you things right."

Bin suddenly began to cry. Depressed mood for a long time been a catharsis. "She and I met seven months, I have been to accommodate her, I give her what she wants something, but she was also so!"

Bin crying, while his own love encounter to the taxi driver said it. Etc. Yangtze River ferry dock when Bin has not finished his own story. The other side of the Yangtze River,peuterey outlet, the police had long been waiting.

At 1:00 on May 25, the police escorted back to Liu Bin from Nantong, Zhangjiagang, so far, this vicious sulfuric acid disfigured successfully solved the case.

Recently, Liu Bin, Nantong District Prosecutor's Office was intentional assault arrest.

Nie Yuan stir consequences

Love is only 7 months

Ever love

After the incident the next day,parajumpers jakke, Juan's parents rushed to the hospital from rural areas in northern Jiangsu. Because Juan was placed in a sterile ward, they only looked to the inside through the glass. On one occasion, the police are using DV entire injury filmed Juan,http://www.xahuadong.com/news/html/?84495.html, Juan's mother through the glass to see it all, and when she saw her daughter's face has been lifted gauze moment he collapsed down, dizzy in the past.

"My daughter, so beautiful, so obedient,http://www.elmorron.com/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog, now it has become like this!" Juan parents in the eyes of the future is to do a fashion model's daughter, the result has become like this now.

Juan 1.75 meters tall, stylish, beautiful, is a student council where the department. Juan rural home in Xuzhou, not rich, so the three-year tuition fees are basically on their own work-study and scholarships. Such children have been so sensible outcome, how to prevent parents sad.

Juan was in 2006 admitted to Nantong Vocational University. Bin also university students, but in 2007, when Liu Bin had graduated college.

Liu Bin awareness at a community event when Juan, Juan still ignorant of freshmen, like singing, like theatrical performances, sunshine and lively. Bin suddenly in love with her. "I feel her character is particularly good, steady."

Bin began to pursue Juan. But Juan has not been promised. Later, after graduating from Bin into a chemical plant work. His pursuit of Juan more intense. October 2008, the two finally determine the relationship.

"What she wants, I'll give her anything." Liu Bin said he to Juan, to pay a lot. But gradually, Bin found that personality between the two of them completely out of step, "She is a relatively rational kind of person,nike tn pas cher,http://bbs.taohaoba.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=27120, but I was very emotional, so time together often quarrel." With the escalating dispute Two young men young and fit each other with verbal stimulation,hogan interactive 2013, emotional seesaw battle also depleted.

Scary ending

In Juan's eyes, Bin is a very high-handed person. So, after dating for a few months, Juan break. However, after the break Juan, the nightmare will follow.

"He often took the knife to threaten me." Juan said, there are good times, and even took some dubious Bin people come to threaten her. Juan had to choose the alarm.

Early May of this year, Juan determined completely sever ties with Liu Bin. This time, Liu Bin react more aggressive, even to Juan under house arrest. Juan alarm again in Nantong Chongchuan science field station of mediation, the two sides reached agreement broke up,nike tn requin pas cher, from between each other.

After the quiet of the days, Liu Bin also came to the door. He texted Juan, threatening, said:. "If I ignore it, do not let me find you, do not let me hit you at school, met with sulfuric acid spilled on you after you."

See this message, Juan does not believe, that just scare yourself only. What to know, to work in the chemical Bin already ready, he takes advantage of work, steal some concentration of more than 98% of sulfuric acid.

In the envisaged Liu Bin, the first after Juan disfigured themselves then swallow sulfuric acid suicide. But when he saw the horrors Juan immediately after hesitation,hogan prezzo, chose to flee.

(Text characters are not his real name)