[News Feed] discovered after the history of Changsha most careless drug traffickers, the brother left behind in the car was found drugs, reported to the police. Two drug traffickers reconciled borrowed capital for naught, when the stock again to Changsha in one fell swoop by the police, has been arrested.

Net Changsha December 31 (Xiaoxiang Morning roll correspondent correspondent Hu Ying Meng Zhihua Zhang Mingxiu iso) heard that drug trafficking money comes and Zhuzhou two guys move the heart. Borrow money from Wuhan into the goods, but, in Changsha, but the "goods" forgotten in a taxi. Lost on the lost, after all, is shady dealings,http://www.ini3e.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, they actually went to the traffic channel, to spend 200 bucks broadcast a notice to find things.

A few days later, the two reconciled money boondoggle, right again into some drugs, dreams of making a fortune, a guest house by police in Changsha, in one fell swoop. Recently, Yuhua District Procuratorate on suspicion of transporting drugs to the suspect Zhou Jun,hogan interactive 2013, Hu Yue (they were all a pseudonym) arrest.

Borrow money to buy K powder, packing boxes hidden in Duck Neck

22-year-old Hu Zhou Jun month and is a fellow, they often discuss how to quickly make money. September of this year, Hu Yue My friend said, in Changsha sell "K" powder to quick money, he told the news Zhou Jun, the two would hit it off, ready to drug trafficking money.

Because there is no money on hand, early October, they borrowed more than 10,000 around the block, Chenzheyese train from Changsha to Wuhan. 1:00 and more, Hu Yue find contact Amin (at large),http://www.wlqp.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=19908, met at a hotel chain. Subsequently, Amin contacted an on-line, holding two given 10,peuterey uomo,800 yuan,http://bbs.cityedu.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9531,vendita scarpe hogan, said help to purchase.

5:00 and more, Amin take back four packets K powder, each weighing about 50 grams,http://www.stpaulite.com/index.php?title=User:Guk0s1y9#zK53cb8jaq,sito ufficiale moncler piumini, on a good price 3000 yuan per pack. They spent 12,000 yuan to buy a four-pack from where K powder, weighing about 200 grams. Later, spend 500 yuan, from Amin bought two packages that end powder,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, used for adulteration.

For ease of carrying, Zhou Jun bought two boxes of cooked duck neck, the K powder and flour bottom two boxes were loaded in Duck Neck, and a magazine, a newspaper into a plastic bag, the day begins with Wuhan bussed back to Changsha.

Drug lost, to find radio stations playing material notices

To Changsha, the two wondering to buy electronic scales and plastic bags, good packaging. Thus, in the East Bus Station stopped a taxi to Takahashi big market. "Get off, we bought an electronic scale, only to find a plastic bag was gone." Zhou Jun and Hu Yue had come along the path around to look, "Finally, much deliberation is definitely off in the taxi . "

Watched borrowed capital lost,http://www.tjdl99.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=20265, the two distressed. In another taxi ride ready to go home,nike tn, the enthusiastic taxi driver told them to find objects lost something you can play telephone traffic channels, and the phone number and told the two men.

They wake up, the direct command of this taxi arrived at the traffic channel. They told the duty room staff, said one containing important documents,jordan pas cher femme, boxed duck neck, magazines, newspapers,http://pcbbbs.net/read.php?tid=468/read.php?tid=468, plastic bags thrown into the back seat of the taxi when you get off your own and leave a contact phone, pay 200 yuan money, require broadcast twice by two-way traffic channel hotline broadcast once every 100 yuan. The next day, the two men did not wait for any feedback, sadly leaving Changsha back home.

Reconciled money after bad,hogan uomo prezzi,http://www.ssyg8.cc/tianhuagong/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=493515, was arrested again purchase

After the home for a few days, they still feel reconciled money boondoggle, fishing capital trying to come back, so they discuss once again into the cargo. October 17 this year, the two went to Wuhan to Amin sent a large package "K powder" Come, co-payment of 8000 yuan. This time, in order to inspire both the "fighting spirit", Amin sent two specially underwrite powder to them. Around 17:00, Zhou Jun and Hu month with the purchase of more than 100 grams of drugs back from Wuhan, Changsha, Torch market in a guest house, the public security organs in one fell swoop.

Originally,hogan interactive, the drug lost day, the brother Zhu found that did not care about the plastic bag, thrown into the boot of the car directly to the stuff inside. Until the next night to go home, he cleaned the boot, only to find a plastic bag filled with boxes of duck neck, inside the box with four small plastic bags of white powder-like object, much like drugs. Listen to a taxi driver friend said, the day before the radio broadcast a notice seeking Duck Neck find things, so Zhu will take these things to the public security authorities reported the matter.

New Year's wishes, wish a lot Robber


Of the year, mostly to talk about New Year's wishes. Today, we do not wish, also late, so grab one pair Robber, chat to make this not escape move.

Robber is very cute, more Robber world, people will become more regained happiness. This time, happiness is not easy, in case the thief is a great misfortune in life, but it is unfortunate in the case of Robber great fortune. Robber said today, two drug traffickers: Zhuzhou have one pair Robber, to explore ways of how to make money fast after,woolrich italia, live frugally, did you get the principal amount together a patchwork of drug trafficking, they carried away the drugs forgotten in Changsha taxi.

Dreams of riches comes and go, a pillow to wake up two yellow beam, and saw more than ten thousand dollars for naught, unwilling heart as itching,http://www.ftcw.net/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=1538393&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=6451656, willing the hell fire, under angrily to a broadcast channel Hotline look for objects, widely advertised throw a duck neck, try to be smart with important file called a Packed duck neck, magazines, newspaper bags lost in the back seat when the taxi to get off, so they spend 200 yuan, and left a contact phone number. No material Cleverness wrong, look at the next taxi driver lost property, to see four bags of heroin, over and over again to find a friend talking about broadcasting Yabo of notices,air max 90 pas cher, hearts big doubt, categorically alarm for two dunce second arrested foreshadowed when purchasing.

Poor people do not necessarily funny place, life is not easy, but it is not the reason evil of birth. Both Robber's bold, depending on the vigilance of the masses of the people for nothing, the acting is not afraid of exposure to a large crowd under the normal state of mind, surprises aside,moncler pas cher, help to stand applause: Robber willing and more worldly, the ordinary people on more than one were peaceful, but also more of a staple of jokes. You know, in the previous quarters in a machine plant small people but was afraid of thieves, a household had at the door with chalk and wrote "Friends:! Someone had come before, you take one more step, thank you," like the true meaning of love cut Aiken words.

If you have stolen afraid, you have a total of a New Year with my desire: May Robber lot, jokes a lot.

This New Year's wish is for small people who live the most extraordinary demands.

Manuscript Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News