23, 2 pm, West Second Ring Road, Xi'an,hogan uomo outlet,http://moodle.ndna.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, four men attacked a couple holding an iron bar. Her husband lying on the ground dying, his wife head injuries. Police suspect the victim initiated the establishment of the industry committee concerned, the perpetrators have been identified.


Sponsor couple battered streets

These days, the West Second Ring Road near the "million strong artist" residential property owners are to spend time with the establishment of the industry committee. 23, 2 pm, 41-year-old left Hong Wei and his wife Zhang Na linked to the community, specifically the establishment of industry advisory committee to do.

"We found out from the community, on the road a white Dipper parked car,moncler prezzi, there are four young men gathered around the vehicle, one man,http://www.baimusic.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=879348,basket tn nike, holding an iron bar." Zhang Na Alliance, said the car from time to time and it seems that there is a man They talk. Four men three bald, the rest of the hair is very short. "A few minutes later, we crossed the West Second Ring Road. Suddenly, several men rushed behind him, said nothing towards my husband hit with an iron bar." Recalled the circumstances of the incident, Zhang Na associated shock. When she realized that things just turned around an iron bar putting the call. "I was down, they were still directed at my husband Cookin." Zhang Na United struggled to get up when, three men had run away, and finally the iron bar hit a man turned and ran after her.

Zhang Na-linked head to see her husband out of a lot of blood, blood flow to his head has been neck between, when passers-by have onlookers. Witnesses said four men take a taxi and headed north, someone wrote down the license plate number. Zhang Na Alliance said: "The batterer is just seen that four men."


Owners rushed to the hospital to visit the injured

23, 5 pm, Xi'an Medical College Hospital. One medical staff walked out of the room from a serious illness, through the glass, "declined to visit the" gap between the words, see the injured left Hong Wei bevy of doctors, a ventilator to maintain a weak life. "You are the owners of all the things he has been labeled as such ...... you can not no matter ah ......" left Hong Wei's sister went to the front left Shu Yun stumbled owners have arrived, broke down in tears. "How the? People matter?" Residential property owners an older one to the hospital, they grabbed someone else's trembling sleeves asked. "I'm afraid ......" a women business owners if not finished, the tears flow. Doctors "brain death" diagnosis, so that they feel "Hong Wei dying."

Corner stairs, came the cries of grief left Shu Yun, one of the owners hastily Bobo just came from work. "How will be labeled as such? Could it be because he has to initiate the establishment of an owners' committee?"


And the establishment of an owners' committee concerned?

Wang Wei, left,http://www.guwanyishu.com/thread-30772-1-1.html, and his wife were all laid-off workers, he has to run transport to feed their families, living and working in a smaller circle. Suddenly this, many owners have to think Hong Wei, who recently left to initiate the establishment of the industry committee thing. One day before the incident, Wang Wei,nike air max pas cher, also left the company a conflict with the property.

Some owners report that they have more than 360 owners of residential. During this time,air max requin, Wang Wei, left, and some owners are preparing to set up an owners' committee. QQ group owners, this topic also attracted the attention of many owners. They also posted a special notice, so that we set in the district,jordan pas cher, but soon they notice posted on the stairwell was ripped up. Paste, has been torn.

Yesterday afternoon, the district where the notice has been difficult to find, only occasionally seen to be torn residual marks. In the trash, a torn "inform" reads: "To all owners Wanqiang Artist: According to" Property Law ", this residential occupancy rate of over 70%%, fully in line with the national committee on the establishment of the respective owners requirement in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of owners, this district on April 25 at 8:30 am in the community garden set to discuss matters relating to the establishment of an owners' committee, the owners hope you participate. "

Zhang Na Union recalls the day of the incident, said: "21 at noon, a property officer also came home and said someone let us be careful when you go these days someone will pick us ......" This is the name of the property staff said, This thing with the lead up Owners Committees.

After the incident, Lianhu police investigation immediately. 23, 6 pm, several police rushed to the residential property company looking for relevant personnel. Apart from a property management company at the time of female staff, the relevant person in charge did not present. At noon yesterday, a police said, the police suspect that the case is with the developer or property companies. Night by the police investigation, has been preliminarily identified the assailant.

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Industry Authority was established Difficulties

Status quo

Owners mess touch a surface is immune

Regardless of whether the perpetrators and property companies concerned, in many district of Xi'an, the contradiction between the owners and the property has always existed in the individual district also intensified.

Reporters in some district in the western suburbs, northern suburbs and other places survey found that every evening after work, each cell underground parking and parking spaces in the hospital, full of the owners of the vehicle stopped. The owners are usually back home, rarely deal with each other.

Yesterday afternoon, the northern outskirts of a residential landlord Zhang got out, got into the corridor toward the house and walked straight. The age difference is not great owners, was built in a tall pile of reinforced concrete barrier. "I do not know how many people live in the district where an estimated 700 bar." Zhang said, usually go home at night and found that the vast majority of households in the house lights are lit. "Developers say you can buy a house to live after the completion of more than 700 residential households."

Because many young owners are busy with their own thing during the day, residential mostly elderly and children. If the district where the tree is dead, or leaking pipes at home, are also old people go to the property company. "Now there is more awareness of rights owners, but the exchange is very little we know definitely set up an owners' committee is a good thing, but now, the owners of disunity, have courage faces are difficult to set up industry, the Commission, the lack of organization and sponsors. "one owner said.

"Committees are responsible to the streets bitch; industry, the Commission is accountable to the owners, but the owners are unable to effectively organize, industry, the Commission has almost become a motherless child ......" Liu quoted Guangzhou owners a humorous analogy CPPCC members said, "Many community groups have built a chat to discuss the establishment of the industry committee thing,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, but in fact, they are mostly lip service to the critical time, the total can not find sponsors and organizers."


Owners and property contradiction "inherent"

Real Estate Xi'an rapid development in recent years, but due to not properly handle the relationship between property companies and property owners, management did not keep up, there occurs a cell dispute. The more in this case, the role of the owners' committee set up is crucial. However,hogan italia, it is regrettable that, at present, the vast majority district in Xi'an have not established the industry committee.

"Some real estate developers, property companies are actually subordinate units, the interests of the intricate relationship between them, some people call this phenomenon called 'parent-child soldiers'." Yesterday, an unnamed industry sources, the developers if public facilities district wants rental owners certainly do not agree. But because of this special "father and son" relationship, the property is consistent with the developer's interest orientation,http://sexyou.me/activity/p/354472/, it is easy to shield developers, but with the owner opposition. "This Yuyan serious opposition, the developers and property companies, and even evil forces colluded to brutal intimidation of owners."

In addition to "his soldiers" phenomenon, some do not belong to the developer's property company stationed district, developers often encounter commitment to public facilities, hardware design is unreasonable and other issues, these issues often lead between owners and property companies friction.

"In the residential management, property companies also have difficulties." Insiders say the name, and now the owners have become increasingly demanding, frequently through the network will link together, also made posts that property ill, had some small friction, and therefore tend to amplification. "Between the management and the administration itself is contradictory set of contradictions, owners, property between innate."


Industry Authority established what Difficulties,hogan donna prezzi?

In 2007,http://www.danhuolang.com/thread-113225-1-1.html, after eight times considered "Property Law" after the official implementation of the October 1, the establishment of the owners' committee, for the owners of the property provides a new way to resolve conflicts. But in fact, the owners of many of our cities, the establishment of an owners' committee has also been the owners of unspeakable pain. There is a set of figures show: 2005 Beijing has more than 2900 property management area, just over 400 established the owners' committee, representing less than 15%%. And including Xi'an, including some capital cities, this phenomenon is widespread anomalies and aroused concern.

"Individual rights owners with property companies, equal to take , simply can not fight, rights owners only way is to set up the industry committee." China University of Political Science Professor Yang Yusheng had said. So,http://sj.145hao.com/?action-viewcomment-type-news-itemid-3108, the establishment of the industry committee's ready to come out, what Difficulties?

"If the cell you are in compliance with the industry committee set up conditions, but did not set up, and what the main reason would be?" The unit had for this subject in Beijing conducted a survey of 12,533 people. The results show that: the lack of competent authorities to support 28%%; developers, property companies set up obstacles 26%%; 18%% difficult to organize elections; owners do not know how to set up 14%%; no owner-led 14%%.

Industry Authority needs government support

"Property Law" Article 75 stipulates that the local people's governments shall establish the owners 'meeting and election of the owners' committee to give guidance and assistance. However, in the specific operation,air max pas cher homme, many of the industry committee of Xi'an are also the owners of the establishment of voluntary organizations, government guidance and assistance situation is not prominent.

In 2006, a district in the western suburbs, previously set up an owners 'committee and served as a staff member, "said government intervention is very important for the establishment of the owners' committee, or even play a leading role if there is no government support and assistance, establishment of the industry committee will be very difficult. "

Establishment of an owners' committee, needs authorities, legal professionals, owners of the sponsors, organizers and actively work together. Currently, Xi'an real estate industry more than ten years before the rise,moncler femme pas cher, the market is not very mature. In this context,nike air max pas cher, the establishment of the owners' committee, also is in a difficult exploration.

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What is the owners' committee

Owners Committee,tn chaussures, is produced by the owners of the property management refers to the region in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Assembly elections owners, representing the interests of owners of the organization.

Owners can set up the owners 'meeting, election of the owners' committee.

Local people's governments shall establish the owners 'meeting and election of the owners' committee to give guidance and assistance,http://sanyechong.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=63757. ("Property Law" Article 75)

Decision of the owners or the owners' committee of the General Assembly, the owners are binding.

Owners' meeting or decision made by the Committee against the legitimate rights and interests of the owners, the owners that the victim may request the court to revoke.