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"Waste oil" To cover

Yesterday, the Chengdu Municipal Food Safety Office held a news briefing to announce: Recently, Chengdu Food and Drug Administration Joint Municipal Water Authority, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other six departments,hogan outlet, the 20 district (city) County issued a "clamp down on illegal fishing." waste oil "and regulate food waste collection, transportation and disposal of notice." Notice that the water sector without permission of any unit or individual strip sewage covers unauthorized salvage "waste oil." The "notice" since August 10 purposes,peuterey uomo, valid for 5 years.

Whatever can not be privately exposing covers fishing

In order to put an end to salvage the waste oil from the source, strengthen the supervision of sewage covers, the "notice" that: water sector without permission of any unit or individual strip sewage covers unauthorized salvage "waste oil."

Director of Chengdu Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Coordination Office, Bo said that after all you want to uncover the manhole cover salvage conduct, whether salvage something,, have to go through the water sector permission. Otherwise,moncler piumini, the Ministry of Public goalkeeper conduct deemed detrimental to the public facilities in accordance with law. This can to some extent, for illegal fishing "waste oil" behavior plays a mandatory warning.

He warned that if catering units and residents residential property services company, if it is found there has been clogged sewage pipes or sewage spills should be promptly reflected in the water sector, water sector arrangements by a qualified drainage facilities maintenance management unit responsible for solving.

Food waste collection, transportation and bright certificate shall be filed

In addition, the "notice" for food waste collection, transportation,, disposal and make the relevant regulations. Catering units and residents of residential property services company,,moncler uomo, you must ask for the food waste collection, transportation and urban management department who issued the record food waste collection, transportation and proof of filing shall not filed by the collection and transportation of food waste collection and transportation units and individuals; collection and transportation must be on file for future reference in the urban management department, and bright card collection, transportation,, collection and transportation of the vehicle must be clearly marked on the origin and destination of food waste must be recorded; waste oil production plants may not purchase,, processing,outlet moncler,, refining without filing for future reference collection, transportation units and individuals collection and transportation of "waste oil" (waste oil), prohibited the use of "waste oil" (waste oil) in food production, food distribution companies engaged in sales of non-use of "waste oil" processing of counterfeit cooking oil products .

Subsequently, the Chengdu Food Safety Commission will publish a list of entities and individuals can receive transportation of food waste.

Special legislation 9 people in administrative detention

In the briefing, Chengdu Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Department informed the recent combat illegal fishing "waste oil". June 23, Chengdu Public Security Bureau to crack down on "waste oil" violations will convene a special deployment and administrative regulations formulated specifically remediation. Since June 23,moncler outlet, the city's public security organs have been discovered and investigated six cases of illegal fishing "waste oil" behavior, the administrative detention of nine people.

For privately exposing illegal conduct covers and other relevant departments according to "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law", "People's Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment Law" and other laws and regulations for processing or punishment; constitutes a crime, be held criminally responsible. Tianfuzaobao reporter Dan

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Pry covers fishing "waste oil" They caught the existing

When Morning News (reporter Chen Qiong Jin Xuan public) June 24, a man and woman are secretly pry open the manhole cover fishing "waste oil",piumini moncler, was caught SG Road police station, the two due to "undermine road safety facility "was sentenced to administrative detention for five days.

June 24 morning, SG Road police station in the temple area when Jingju patrol discovered a roadside hotel door, a man and woman are fishing "waste oil" and saw manhole covers have been forced to pry the two holding a homemade bamboo spoon is long dig out "waste oil",moncler uomo, parked next to a van, stood on top of a vat filled with oil have been going.

According to the account, they scoop up the waste oil has been half a year, basically in the middle of the night action, driving in all the deserted streets of Chengdu,, specifically looking less sewer hotel door,louboutin pas cher, forced open the manhole, prompt action,piumino moncler, and after fishing finished, there are special people to collect.

[Remember that these hotlines]

Briefing announced the six departments of supervision and reporting telephone. Chengdu Water Authority: 61882800; Chengdu Urban Management Bureau: 12319; Chengdu Public Security Bureau: 110; Chengdu Food and Drug Administration: 61882880; Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau: 12315; Chengdu Bureau of Quality Supervision: 12,365.

Exposing the public to report unauthorized covers and catering units make no qualification units acquired, processed junk food waste treatment plant is not the case in accordance with the relevant provisions of the above may apply to the relevant units to report.