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New residential project is a livelihood project, but Miki Huanghua sheep sheep Mimura rural villagers face of popular project has a stomach grievances,http://www.changchunyewang.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=869, building cement a shape into powder,http://www.fanxiangin.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=6831, wall compressive strength of serious non-compliance. The villagers can not help but worry that by multiple layers of regulation of new residential sector works, do not become a "rubbish" project.

Video exposure: new residential projects cement a shape into powder

"A farmer wearing a straw hat, standing in front of a wall of brick and concrete wall structure, holding two pieces of cement blocks, hand pinch, cement block into a powder at once, falling rustled his hand and from cracks between the blocks plucked a piece of cement, hard pinch, or powder. "This video shooting location was located in the new residential buildings Miki Huanghua Township in sheep.

August 23, the reporter received villagers reported sheep Miki Huanghua township sheep three villages, said the new residential village, became "rubbish",piumini moncler, storage room, garage and floor,http://www.97tapx.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=87235, second floor of the building construction cement pinch will a powder, and nine buildings housing will all caps, the villagers are now panic, "On the floor,http://bbs.uxuew.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=61438, the mere mention."

The villagers said that last year they learned from the village,outlet moncler, a new residential project has passed the examination and approval departments at all levels,moncler piumini, will soon start construction, we are very pleased to have to raise money to buy. According to the price of 1,outlet moncler,300 yuan per square meter, the villagers have to pay 100,air jordan femme,000 yuan in advance about the book section, looking forward to the early completion of the building, moved into a new home. This spring, the ground-breaking new residential project started watching a day "long" high buildings,louboutin pas cher, the villagers hearts happily, looking forward to every day after the arrival of the scene. However, when the nine buildings in the main project has basically ended, on the top floor have been capped, the villagers were surprised to discover that part of the floor cement serious non-compliance. "Storage room, garage and floor,piumino moncler, second floor of cement, a look at the color is not right, all white, we pull it out by hand one,outlet moncler, then forced pinch turned into a powder." A villager said Japan night and think of new houses turned out to be such quality, the villagers could not help but worry.

Test Report: Wall mortar strength of only standard strength tenth

The villagers said that in May of this year, we discovered that the new residential construction cement strength is not up to immediately find a developer Henderson Construction Co. Ltd. Huanghua representations, but to find a local testing company for testing. Staff testing company's May 30 came to the scene, on the second floor of Building 2 new residential wall-site sampling. August 21, the villagers got the wall mortar strength test report. "Normal intensity level is 5Mpa,moncler outlet, actually the lowest test results for 0.5Mpa, only one tenth standard strength." The villagers said angrily.

Reporters look at the "sheep Miki new residential communities, Building 2, second floor wall mortar strength test report" and found 10 single component testing company extracted, the estimated value of the minimum compressive strength of masonry mortar is 0.5Mpa, also the highest However 1.3Mpa, did not reach 5Mpa standards.

Villagers told reporters that the face of the test results,http://youiv.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the developer has not responded, they looked for this village, the village contacted the engineering design unit --- Huanghua Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.,spaccio moncler, "but given the program design institute is the first and second floor of the building cement think of ways to pull out, and then in high strength cement supplement the original position. "A villager said that everyone on this" deal with "remedial measures can not agree," the foundation are to die, how can load above the floor?! "

Currently, the identification of the work of a new residential building on the remaining eight cement strength also underway. During the interview, the villagers biggest concern is that,http://bbs.52joy.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=310472, as the provincial key projects, but also related to the vital interests of the people popular project, from design units, construction units to supervision units, new residential construction described Cengcengbaguan, why would there is such a chilling situation? !

Site visits: hand pull the cement,outlet moncler, bricks with the shedding

August 24 morning, the reporter arrived at the new residential Huanghua sheep three sheep Miki rural village construction site.

205 new dwellings on the west side of the road, stands a giant display card that says "Sheng Mori Miki Village home is a model village in Hebei provincial new residential project, which covers an area of ​​200 acres overall planning, planning and construction of 40 Residents building a building of nine well-structured '5 + 1' residential building, which can accommodate 310 villagers living project design unit: Architectural Design Institute Limited and Huanghua Huanghua building housing the Bureau; construction units: Cangzhou City Tian Sheng Construction Group and Huanghua Henderson Construction Limited; supervision units: Huanghua Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. Huanghua Yongxing construction detect and Huanghua Xin Yue Construction Quality Testing Limited "in front of the building site on the sign, the words "safety first quality-oriented, popular project long-term goal."

Approached the building site, the reporter saw a nine residential buildings basic cap,http://t.acnw.com.au/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=58623, some construction workers shuttle which intensely busy. Reporter walked into the storage room from south to north, the number of residential buildings in the second, with a key to poke inside the cement along the cracks between the blocks immediately to the whereabouts have had powder. Reporters saw a mosaic in the wall where the bricks missing a corner, trying to sound out whether the cement around the firm, and do not want to shift the entire brick pull down.

Reporters also randomly around several residential buildings in the garage walked around and found the exposed concrete of the same color white, and the intensity is very low, forced to pull the pinch can be dropped into powder.