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Yesterday afternoon, Tongchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, a team of police reports,http://www.91xiu.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the accident taxi driver named Mashuang Xi,http://www.huoshizi.cn/dz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=224345, Henan membership man, 37 years old, has 12 years of driving experience, a taxi driver has seven or eight years. Jetta car accident on April 27 this year, just update the car, ran a full three months.

According to the traffic police department investigation, before the accident, the car pulled up, two men and a woman engaged in the decoration of the passengers to the city's two Kenji rental station. According Mashuang Xi said afterwards, when he was to go the other way (Tongchuan two road), while two passengers said the park road can go a little closer, you can save money. Mashuang Xi confessed that the night before the accident,moncler outlet online, he did not sleep well.

Traffic police found the car's two passengers riding accident. They said that when a man sitting in the copilot position, woman sitting in the back seat. Crossing the railway track, the speed is not fast, approaching Park Road market, They hear the driver "ah, ah!" Whispered shout of the two, then. A look at a car accident, They scared clinging to his head, afraid to look. Until the car hit a tricycle stopped, they got off the train and started standing nearby did not dare to go, and later met a fellow man,moncler outlet,http://bbs.qq5q.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=42753, fellow persuade them to hurry away, and they left the scene. After returning home,moncler piumini, a friend heard about the matter, and advised them to get to the traffic police team to explain the situation.

After the accident, the traffic police department accident taxi drivers Mashuang Xi were related to technical tests, the tests Mashuang Xi indicators are normal, ruled out drink driving and so on. Currently, Mashuang Xi suspected Traffic Accident XingJu.

Local police have been entrusted the province of professional accreditation bodies of motor vehicles, on the brakes, direction, and speed of the vehicle at the time of identification in order to identify the cause.

Corrective measures

Operations carried out for a period of 10 days to rectify trucks

Yesterday afternoon, Tongchuan City Department of Transportation, called the city's Yunguanchu transport companies, taxi companies and other meeting, introduced the five corrective measures: First, a period of 10 days to carry out the operation of vehicles and rectification activities, comprehensive remediation taxi market; Second, request the owner of the taxi company where the northern rental business for rectification,moncler milano, to come up with reform proposals; the third is the qualification taxi practitioners conduct a comprehensive inventory discrepancies car license, no qualification of personnel and resolutely stop; four of the city's rental vehicle technical condition inspection, free of charge for a taxi, "examination", the failure of the vehicle, even if not yet reached the operational life, but also to force the replacement of a new car; five is requiring the owner to hire drivers to be filed with the transportation management, reporting details of the drivers , with or without bad habits,moncler piumini, there is no open pique car.

Public sightings

"Pedestrian and roadside stalls after another was knocked Zhuangfei"

Aunt Wang Ssangyong neighborhood near the scene talking about the time of the incident, is still a lingering fear: "I just left the park to go forward market,http://moodle.ndna.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, I heard cries coming from the front side, a green taxi from the south rushed over,moncler outlet online, the not far in front of me stopped a tricycle knocked down. I saw a taxi in front against a person under the tricycle is also pressing a woman, the situation is very urgent. I and everyone hurried to help lift the car, a man and a will two elderly women carry out the wounded. They were already unable to move. "

Sharon set up a stall in the market, said: "I saw a green colored car passing fast in front of me, the pedestrian and roadside stalls in the market after another hit, Zhuangfei was only heard 'tom tom' is. crash, car trails, you see people lying on a large variety of goods all over the floor. There are two women in front of me pushing a stroller two red and one green, the car quickly brought down by the will of people Two children were wounded. "

Mr Wu describe people,jordan pas cher, said: "It was the same car with the fly, and it would open up directly into the crowd too Exalted market, quite a few people are back to the car to be knocked down, there is simply less to hide.."

Wounded memories

"I got off the phone to his wife on the pain fainted."

30-year-old lying in bed, on the right side of his body collarbone, ribs and other multiple fractures. "When the accident happened, I was selling cloth, then saw a car driving too fast, when I seven or eight meters away, I shouted loud noise this car! Voice hardly ever went to the front of the car, I will be After the cloth stalls knocked, hit me four or five meters out, then I do not know what. I woke up feeling a headache, body aches. I hard climb along the road and saw lying on the ground everywhere people, cries one. I pulled out a cell phone to his wife called and, on the pain fainted. "

71-year-old Wang Guixiang recalls: "After my morning exercises every morning from Park Road market when the accident happened, I was ready to buy a cloth cloth stalls this time, a car came from the south, speeding,http://www.anglao.net/news/html/?43334.html, and me. has not yet had time to shout,http://www.cnnetech.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, they knocked dizzy after waking up, I still ask myself why it lying on the ground? see one up Laotai head Maoxue,abercrombie soldes, I will send her to an ambulance. car, The doctor said first pull seriously injured,outlet moncler, I got off the bus, you can walk a few steps, it feels to die. to the hospital after being diagnosed with rib fractures, etc. "

Wang Xiumei,http://woaixiaofei.com/apps.php?q=diary&a=detail&did=433818&uid=82544, 56, suffered multiple injuries. She said that in the morning in the market to buy food, go to the park below the wall, he saw a taxi rushing, and quickly ran away, did not run two steps was knocked to the ground. Her husband said they lived in community infrastructure companies, there are three or four people were injured.

Voice of the masses

This street market should be banned

Reporters in Tongchuan City Park Road market learned that the southern section of the road is less than 100 meters, with white paint and red paint on both sides of the separation of the dozens of plaid. Some stall in this business that they have to pay a dollar a day health costs and from 1 to 2 dollars Jeeves fees. And a lot of people doing morning exercises in the park, said the market design problems, the road itself is narrow,giubbotti moncler, let both sides of the booth one account, the road is more narrow. Has previously banned several times before, but after a while it will rebound. A wounded woman, said: "The best street market to put that banned."

According Tongchuan City Construction Bureau to monitor the detachment cityscape responsible person, street markets like Park Road, Tongchuan There Creek Mizoguchi, Bright Lane, Datong Road, Tower Lane, the geological survey the market and so on more than 20 companies. Although some market was repeatedly banned,http://www.fish8000.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=252824,piumino moncler, but still did not block the rebound.