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8 o'clock the night before,moncler piumini, in Jiaozhou Jilin working man riding a motorcycle carrying sister-in-law home. Passes near the Colombian town Zhou Chen Li Tun cited Diversion river, motorcycle out of control,http://www.rabotavmeste.com/blog/view/1041013/w9peace8yj,louboutin pas cher, people and vehicles plunged headlong into the river more than two meters deep water. Their families find "trouble", it will float on the water's female relatives salvage up to the hospital,peuterey outlet, but eventually died a death. Local police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to rescue the drowning man yesterday morning recovered the body up. Police are currently investigating the matter.

Motorcycle headlong into the river Shusao died

Yesterday morning,http://www.biscuitrow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=480274#p480274, the reporter went to the Jiaozhou Ligezhuang Town police station, the family contacted the woman died, Mr. Wu, he told reporters about the trouble. Wu told reporters that he was in Jilin,http://www.xinhelan.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, killed man was his uncle, 31-year-old, never married. His uncle came Ligezhuang Town has four or five years, and has been in town a hat factory workers. Death of women was his mother, 43-year-old. Before the Spring Festival, a good uncle and father said, after New Year,moncler sito ufficiale, let them come Jiaozhou piece of work. After discussion,http://baiugou.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=7470&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=282618, they finally agreed to move the family a Jiaozhou.

"After we got home, I found my uncle and my mother did not keep up. We went out to look for, and ultimately in the river found my mother ......" Wu said, the day before yesterday morning,http://www.qfcc.org/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1430022&extra=, he and his parents by train from his home in Jilin, after 15 more than an hour bumpy night 7 pm, arrived at the village train station Jimo blue. After the train station to see his uncle, he and his father riding a tricycle, uncle rode a motorbike trailer carrying the mother, a brother back to his uncle in the town Zhou Chen Li Tun rental places. Back in the village, he found his uncle and his mother did not keep up. So for a while,http://www.flora16.de/index.php?option=com_blog&view=addpost&itemid=0, or did not see the two men,giubbotti moncler, then back along the road looking for, and ultimately lead Diversion of the river near the village near where found floating on the surface of the mother. He immediately call the police calls, and launching the mother of fishing up. Unfortunately, the mother in the hospital died a death due to drowning.

Everyone rescue man whose body was found

8 o'clock that night, police and more than 10 firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue. Police divided into two groups, one to start looking at the incident to the shore around, another group took Flashlight looking at the river. 20 minutes later, the first group searched within the range of 1 km around and did not find trouble man.

After analysis, the police identified the man in the water a great possibility. In order to be able to promptly find this man,spaccio moncler, two firefighters got a length of nearly three meters big hooks, the water came again to continue searching, but not until 0:00 pm,http://www.healthcarehall.com/viewnews-44061.shtml, after more than three hours to salvage, or did not find the man trail. Poor depth of cold light scene,http://youiv.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, plus the man is unlikely to survive, the police had to give up the search, ready to dawn before continuing salvage. 5 o'clock yesterday morning, police and local firefighters once again came to the scene to continue fishing. 10 am, finally in a place not far away from the motorcycle fell into the water to find the man,moncler piumini, unfortunately, is too long men have died due to drowning.

"I hope his mother all the way."

Yesterday, the reporter at the time and Mr. Wu call, the phone he repeatedly burst into tears. "Originally, the whole family came to Jiaozhou intend, to work hard. I did not expect my mother came Jiaozhou gone ......" Wu told reporters that his mother is very straightforward character of this man, in Jilin home, because the villagers are willing to work forthright and her contacts. Most can not accept the reality that his father, in the hair and now his father did not Chiyikoufan did not speak, no matter how to persuade his father, his father but he kept tears. "I hope his mother all the way, I will take good care of his father." Wu said.

Incident to the accident-prone

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the scene to see, the river is very steep sides of quay,moncler outlet online, was a "V". "In this place, the occurrence of similar incidents is not the first time. Shore without any protective measures, it is prone to danger, usually during the day and we are cautiously through here." At the scene,moncler sito ufficiale, Zhou Chen villager Zhang told reporters Tuncun , had the lead in building Diversion this river,spaccio moncler, to facilitate the travel of the surrounding residents, authorities on the incident in the distance near the river built a bridge. Since the bridge is very narrow, plus there is a road on the shore below the slope, so after the villagers here are very careful. But even so,outlet moncler, a few years time, where villagers drowning incidents have also occurred. "We hope the relevant departments to add a berm on the river bank or find a way to control it, do not let dangerous happened." Mr. Zhang said.

Yesterday, reporter learned from Ligezhuang Town police station, through the crime scene, the scene was not on the scratches, roads and other vehicles leaving the inner wall of the river, leaving only traces of the motorcycle, initially identified as a unilateral accident. Currently the local police have launched a further investigation on the matter.