Newspaper Jinan, January 28 (Reporter Dong from Zhe) caused a sensation,louboutin soldes, "" Case 28 pm court hearing in Jinan City. Trial, both the original defendant, whether the subject of proceedings eligibility to become the first round of the trial cross-examination of key debates, Source: Qilu TV station under the "Daily News" The defendant Lixia District Public Security Bureau, "In accordance with the North Yan cloud" without access to legal case registered,woolrich roma, this name can not sue.

On the 28th at 1 pm,moncler outlet online, a number of media gathered in Lixia District of Jinan City,woolrich sito ufficiale, outside the court, surrounded by a desire just turned one year old plaintiff with a little north of Lu Yan cloud according to court. Because the court does not allow minors to enter, aspirations dashed Lu daughter with the same litigation forum. Pretrial Lu told reporters on the Lord: believe the court will umpire the law,piumini moncler, according to legal protection Beiyan cloud name registration rights. If the case is lost here,nike tn, will always appeal sue down answers until China's highest judicial tribunals to. The plaintiff sued the agent Lu himself in court,parka woolrich, did not employ another agent or lawyer.

2 pm,moncler uomo, Court. First, the trial judge explained the north Ren Jun Yan cloud according to the case filed since last October postponed twice reason, as well as minors can not enter the relevant provisions of the Tribunal. "Whether the court or the defendant,giubbotti moncler,http://www.corelearningunit.nhs.uk/item/create_form/1, the plaintiff,http://www.hardlyapp.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=402908, we care for children is the same, on behalf of the court first blessing just turned one year old to grow up healthy and happy Beiyan cloud depend!"

First,http://bbs.xinxiang.ljia.net/thread-94738-1-1.html, the trial cross-examination of today's debate about the two sides of the main qualifications commence litigation. The plaintiff stated cause of action and the main request considers himself as the guardian of the North according to Yan Yun, according to relevant laws and the right to choose not to give their children the names of the crown surname, and these laws are higher than the level of the other alleged refusal to settle was based on provisions measures, regulations and so on. Jinan Yanshan agency accused police did not follow the statutory responsibility to the children settled,http://www.qfcc.org/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1430523&extra=, therefore requested the court judgment against the citizens of the other party the right name.

The defendant Lixia District of Jinan City Public Security Bureau sent a legal section of the branch staff proxy respondent. The defendant's agent made two comments: "North Yan cloud according to the" no access to legal name registration, and therefore can not be the name of the plaintiff to the court,http://www.100co.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1156892,moncler outlet, ask the court to consider. In addition,spaccio moncler, according to the 1958 publication of Chinese household registration regulations,http://www.weilaikejicheng.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the plaintiffs domicile jurisdiction in Yanshan police station,http://www.feifeng.cc/thread-1855434-1-1.html, the defendant should be Yanshan Lixia District Public Security Bureau police station. Thus the defendant asked the court to dismiss the plaintiff's claim.

Only the first day of the program review stage were more than four minutes,http://www.chinacase.org/?action-viewcomment-type-imelect-itemid-3437,piumini moncler, yet did not enter the substantive stage of the proceedings. The trial judge announced that the court adjourned collegial, and chose a referee or a retrial.