Express News (intern reporter Wang Lu Bin Long Han) the day before 5 pm, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine University City, a 09 freshmen, while participating in football,woolrich uomo, extreme sports suspect sudden death.

According to the school student Li introduced the day before 16:30,woolrich milano, the school held a "three-ball league," the football program. Half an hour after the start of the game, on the court after a boy kicked kick the ball,woolrich milano, suddenly fall to the ground,outlet moncler, convulsions. "We all thought he was cramping, did not care too much. Surprisingly, he pale blue,moncler milano, constantly twitching, we immediately call 120." Li said ambulance soon arrived, medical rescue more than one hour, declaring that boys died.

According to the students said, inmate,, surnamed Lai, Guangdong Meizhou, 19-year-old, is the second group of 09 clinical medical college freshmen. Several students said,nike air max pas cher, depends on the students together with more than two months,, heard what his body disease, but students still rely football team, usually does not appear unwell during training, "everyone suddenly from his go very surprised, very sad. "

Zheng,, vice minister of the Propaganda Department of the school, told reporters that the forensic, initially confirmed Lai students for sports excesses sudden death, but the exact cause is still to be investigated. "Out of such things,woolrich roma, we are very sorry." Vice Minister Zheng said freshman through senior year of intense study,woolrich uomo, physical decline, the school has been very concerned about the student's physical condition, the students in the classroom, especially in physical education And if any discomfort can be made to require rest.

Currently,woolrich prezzi, Lai classmate's parents have arrived in Guangzhou care of things. (Stringing people: Wong Bonus: 50 yuan)

Cardiovascular Expert: regular checkups to prevent sudden death

Guangzhou Military General Hospital of Cardiology expert Dr Jianxin for the tragedy,, said the sudden death of the deceased is usually due to congenital heart disease, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy or malignant arrhythmia and other diseases. "Undergraduate enrollment physical examination without ECG testing, plus medical doctor may not professional cardiovascular physicians,spaccio woolrich,, it is difficult to find the problem." He Jianxin Advice on coping freshmen a more detailed and comprehensive physical examination, take precautions.

He Jianxin said,abercrombie soldes,, sudden death may occur family set secret cases,, people usually have to look carefully. In addition, usually healthy people,jordan pas cher,, we must do a detailed physical examination regularly. "The statistics, the majority of sudden death in people who are not usually do a detailed examination."