BEIJING, April 24 - According to Canada, "Ming Pao" message,air max pas cher, Toronto police recently arrested a 29-year-old Canadian man Dixon, I believe he and York University case. Dixon has now been charged with one count of murder the police, but his defense lawyer indicated that his client would "definitely not a hundred percent pleaded guilty," he will also be presented a strong defense.

At the same time,moncler sito ufficiale, there are friends, said the 23rd saw willow stem parents in a group of people surrounded, into the center of a multi-dining restaurants, everyone seemed a heavy heart,, where willow stem mother crying swollen eyes,woolrich donna, sitting not eat in restaurants.

Dixon is currently being held at the Maplehurst Correctional inside. Chris Dickson's lawyer,woolrich sito ufficiale, said the deceased accident what exactly happened that night is still a mystery heavy. Police so far have not announced the cause of death of Liu dry. Dixon will be held April 26 and then appear.

According to the "Toronto Sun" reported that a suspect Dickson often said to bar pastime,, Dixon was arrested the night before, had its bar drinking.

Dixon then acts weird,,moncler piumini, asked about the situation in prisons more proactive,moncler uomo, when Dixon's friends do not complain. When the bar customer once the dry willow digressed case,, Dixon's behavior more strange.

Unexpectedly,giubbotti moncler, the next day when he saw Dixon's photo in the media,,moncler sito ufficiale, and that he is a suspect Liu dry case,, he was very surprised.

The understanding of Dixon's friends said the other was arrested the night before, two people had been drinking together in a bar, the other did not initially strange. But then Dixon suddenly asked whether he went to prison,piumini moncler, then Dixon said, they were going to spend the rest of his life in prison. At that time,piumino moncler, he also joked with each other.

The bar owner, pointed out that Dixon was slightly tipsy,moncler outlet, but still behave politely. Dixon also admitted that he visited one or more of the bar pastime.

And after? The bar someone will turn to the unrest in the case of dry willow communities,, the bar owner mentioned that the police have locked the suspect in mind, and has to search the suspect's residence,, in this case, Dixon looked suddenly become nervous,mulberry outlet, and said: "You are not the police!" Then he turned to leave.

In addition, the local Beijing Association will organize together with other students, as Liu dry memorial service will be held in April 27.