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Southern News reporter Wei Xuejun concern Sentenced to five years, her husband and three elder sisters both refer to "sentence too, considering an appeal." 19 o'clock yesterday, Han group phoenix to represent the Third Sister, "the family after consideration decided not to appeal,moncler outlet,, but I hope the relevant departments arrange Han group phoenix in Dongguan prison. "

The family had considered "heavy sentence"

Han group phoenix was a bank manager in Dongguan in the lobby, for the care and cerebral palsy due to premature twin sons, depleted family wealth for child medical treatment, even resigned to concentrate on care. 13 years even rent this house almost unaffordable. Two sons life can not take care, we can not stand up and walk. The evening of 20 November 2010,giubbotti woolrich, she drowned after twin suicide by taking poison desire is to save the doctor to manslaughter be held criminally liable. In the case of the investigation stage, there are nearly a thousand villagers plead for the Korean group phoenix joint. After the case was reported by the media,, it is hundreds of thousands of users of its plea.

June 28,piumini woolrich, Han group phoenix to manslaughter,, was sentenced to 5 years. The same day, the Korean group phoenix husband and Third Sister interview,piumino moncler, made it clear that "sentence too,,moncler sito ufficiale, considering an appeal." Korean group phoenix Third Sister said that for Korea suicide rescued this man, sentenced to five years and sentenced to death Korea makes no difference "could eventually accept three years."

"No appeal" the decision not know Korean group phoenix

Just when many of the media that the Korean group phoenix families will appeal yesterday 19:00 Han group phoenix family members to contact the Southern reporter,piumini moncler, said, "My family said they did not appeal,piumini moncler, but I hope she can serve their sentences in Dongguan." South Korea's third sister, said the judgment day,, the whole family has through deliberation, discussion of whether or not to appeal, yesterday officially decided not to appeal. "The possibility of obtaining a lenient sentence appeal is very small,moncler sito ufficiale, as families,, and certainly hope that the lighter the better. But if you can spare to the perspective of the community, will feel sentenced to five years in the light."

Korean group phoenix Third Sister told reporters the South, decided not to appeal the matter have not told Han group phoenix, nor with the Korean group phoenix defense lawyer to discuss the families of their own decisions. "I played a judge calls, but not on the contact." Third Sister Feng Han group hopes to help the judge make the Korean group phoenix in Dongguan prison, so family visits more convenient,giubbotti woolrich, but also want her to take out the transformation for commutation of sentence.

Han group phoenix is ​​December 8,moncler outlet online,, 2010 was in custody, she will be released from prison if there is no remission December 7,outlet moncler, 2015, when she was already 42 years old.