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Evening News emergency physician at Chong Qing wound sutured to the patient is not in place, even in the injured right thumb thenar muscle residue at the bottom of a glass foreign body tooth size, although wounded wound surface long is good, but not could get right things,woolrich uomo, but painful. Four months later, the injured in hospital for a second surgery other residual glass was only removed. Zhao complained to the newspaper readers this absurd things.

According to Zhao Jieshao small, mid-August this year,http://club.xhams.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=111454, late one night, he accidentally cut his right hand bottle burst, its palm,giubbotti moncler, middle finger, ring finger and so many cuts and bloody. He then fastened with clothes wound, at friends and relatives escorted to a nearby hospital emergency room. The doctor asked the situation and let him shoot the X-rays,http://www.zhchtxh.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=44115, and then be sutured wound with cotton balls to clean up after the right hand wound total of 19 sewing needles. More than 10 days after the removal of stitches,http://www.yx-pet.com/news/html/?425494.html, Zhao wanted, stitches after a period of rest can go to work, but can not get something right,moncler uomo, it's still pain in the wound.

Zhao hand to gently press the wound, always felt something hard drums with,http://509421.tw/news/html/?41470.html, when you touch the pain is more intense. He told colleagues and friends of these cases, we believe that, when doctors could not take out the glass,louboutin soldes, the pain may be the new meat in long, over a period of time will be fine. However, Zhao's right hand more and more pain, he suspected bone damage, then went to the hospital to see orthopedic clinic, the doctor said that after watching,woolrich donna, even if a foreign body, is also not surgery,http://baishou.1.web1269.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1002454, meat long to wait after a good talk.

50 days later,moncler outlet, Zhao still does not work,spaccio woolrich, then went back to his hometown of Lianyungang accomplishment. It hurts too much, and Zhao find a local hospital, a medical examination found that his right thenar Department has a hard object,giubbotti woolrich, surgically removed under local anesthesia when the suture was residual glass block, such a large foreign body let doctors shook his head. Zhao returned to Shanghai to find that the hospital performed the original negotiations, the results due to the prevailing medical card and invoice information such as Zhao has been lost, so the negotiations blocked. In desperation, he turned to newspaper readers hotline, insisted to have a say.

Reporters had to communicate with the relevant hospital, the relevant person in charge explained that after shattering glass lumps,woolrich donna, in the X-ray shadow is very light,http://www.hse123.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1464713835, it may be ignored doctor,air jordan pas cher, but so chunks of foreign matter,moncler outlet, the doctor should be able to detect. Doctors in existence during debridement negligence, they will make a deal for the responsible person,http://www.ayouyu.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=593653,louboutin, the hospital will also alert doctors to regulate through this operation, to avoid similar problems.

Yesterday morning, the hospital responsible person with Zhao of communication, loss of these foreign residues resulting from the glass, the second surgery and other expenses were compensated. For safety reasons, the hospital pledged to Zhao's right hand again film, carefully examined,http://www.postyourflasher.com, and further exclude the possibility of residual foreign body.